Top 9 Best In-Ear Monitors for Drummers

2020-12-21T08:59:22+05:00By |Earbuds|

In-ear monitors (IEM) aren’t new inventions. However, these seemingly unassuming devices are creating a buzz nowadays. Health professionals, particularly those who specialize in ear care, emphasize the impact of earbuds on the users’ sense of hearing. The buzz about the impact is amplified because presently, a lot of people use [...]

Best Bookshelf Speakers on a Tight Budget

2020-12-22T00:39:49+05:00By |Speakers|

If you are thinking that in order to enjoy surround sound or high fidelity music, you must purchase expensive home theater speakers worth thousands of dollars, you need to reconsider. Technological advancements have allowed companies to make smaller sized speakers that create great sound. We narrowed down the numerous products [...]

Best Portable Basketball Hoop

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To become skilled at the game of basketball, a commitment of your time and energy is needed. We’ve all heard the saying practice makes perfect – and this is particularly true for competitive team sports. Some of us are blessed with basketball court in the neighborhood or a local gym [...]

Best Headphones for Mixing

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Music mixing is an art and to completely captivate the truest essence of your tunes and sounds, and to do so, you need the right pair of mixing headphones. Not any random pair of headphones will do. We have observed the headphone market become populated with famous brands and the [...]

Top-Rated Best VPN Router – Complete Reviews

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What is a VPN? VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. It refers to a technology in networking that permits a user to create a secure connection (a private network) across another network. The network over which a VPN is created may be public (the Internet) or private (owned [...]

Sky Broadband the Fastest and Most Affordable Service in UK

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Sky broadband often leaves customers satisfied, whether they are merely taking broadband or any of Sky’s great packages. Sky is common throughout the UK for their high quality service and many good money-saving deals. Sky broadband will come in packages including broadband, phone and digital TELEVISION (sometimes in combos) for [...]

FIFA 14 Controls Tutorial for PC

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Check out: Top 10 Best Gaming Headsets Ultimate Guide Best Gaming Keyboards Top Picks   I had the privilege of downloading and playing FIFA 14 demo for PC and I must say that the gameplay has changed quite a bit from previous year’s release.  Every year I make a FIFA [...]

Why OLX is my Favorite Classified Service

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Online classifieds evolved quite a lot over the past couple of years. These days millions of user prefer classifieds posting in order to buy or sell products. One advantage that you get with classified portals is that you can user their apps on the go on your favorite smartphone. In [...]

TV Technology Companies Upbeat on Digital Media

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Digital media is another term used for electronic media, where a large amount of data is stored in digital form. It can either be the end product, for example, digital video, digital audio, digital art, etc. or it can be the technical aspect of transmission and storage, for example, computer [...]

A Guide to Google Advanced Image Search

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Google is truly the most popular and powerful search engine on the internet today. People from each and every country access Google every day to search for something. Apart from the traditional web based text results the search giant is also one of the largest providers of image results. Whenever [...]

5 World Maps That Showcases More Than An Atlas

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World Maps are a big part of the history and culture of our human civilization. It is because of the early mapping geographers that strategic wars, trade routes and efficient methods of transportation were developed. Over the years, we have seen a lot of advancement in technology that ultimately led [...]

GoDaddy goes down after attack from Anonymous

2017-02-28T01:00:54+05:00By |Blog|

GoDaddy is considered one of the most popular domain registration and hosting service on the web. Today, GoDaddy reported on their twitter profile and later through multiple sources that their DNS Servers are hit by an intrusion that affected millions of websites. Pretty soon Anonymous the famous hacker group claimed [...]

Microsoft Announces New Office 15 for Windows 8

2017-02-28T01:00:54+05:00By |Blog|

Monday marked a surprising keynote event where Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer unveiled the new Office 15, the company’s brand new full range Office suite. Office 15 is designed and optimized to run with the upcoming Windows 8 devices. Ballmer said. “It is one of the most exciting time in Microsoft [...]

Yahoo Voices Hacked: 450000 Passwords Leaked

2017-02-28T01:00:54+05:00By |Blog|

The popular Yahoo Voices service that showcases some of the best articles, videos etc from the yahoo community was reportedly hacked on thursday morning by a group of hackers who updated the whole List on their website called (now appearing offline). The hackers claimed that their main motive for [...]

Google Drive New Features and iOS App Announced

2017-02-28T01:00:55+05:00By |Blog|

Its day 2 of Google IO 2012 and today Sunder Pichai Vice President of Chrome announced some great updates to their browser, Google Drive and unifying experiences across all your devices. While there is a lot to talk about, this post is essentially going to cover some of the major [...]