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Body wash is one of those essential products that is part of everyone’s daily routine. While it may be an ordinary household item, not all brands and varieties are made equal. As anyone who’s ever had a bad experience with a body wash should know, the quality of your body wash can make a difference that affects your entire day. The good news is, you don’t have to break the bank in order to get a body wash you love. The list below features 10 different options that can be affordable as well as satisfying.

Body Wash FAQs

While body wash should be a product that you are already very familiar with, there can still be a few important questions for you to ask when thinking about purchasing a brand that you are unfamiliar with. These questions can help you to narrow down the options on the list and find a product that meets the standards important to you.

1. How Moisturizing Is It?

It can pay off to choose a body wash that includes nourishing ingredients such as shea butter or other moisturizers. Body soap that leaves your skin dried out can be a huge disappointment. When trying anything new, it can be good to know what to expect as far as moisture goes. Will the product leave your skin extra smooth, or does it fall short where moisturizing is concerned?

2. How Gentle Is It?

Many people have felt the consequences of using a body wash that is too harsh. Some soaps can even cause allergic reactions to people with sensitive skin. If you’ve struggled with this then you should look for a body wash that is gentle as well as effective. Hypoallergenic options can be something you might want to consider.

3. What Ingredients Does It Contain?

Similar to the question above, asking what ingredients a body soap contains before you buy it can be important to preserving the health of your skin. Many body washes can contain harmful ingredients that you are better off without.Some things to avoid can be:SulfatesParabensPhthalates

You should benefit from choosing a body soap that mostly contains recognizable, natural ingredients. If you are interested, you can also spend a little extra time to ensure that the ingredients in your body soap were ethically sourced and that animal testing was not used in creating it.

4. How Strong Is the Aroma?

While the right scent potency for a body wash can be a matter of personal taste, it is clear that not all soaps are made equal. You should think about whether or not you prefer a powerful aroma that will last all day or something simple that washes away with your shower. Either extreme can be off-putting depending on your preferences, so it can be important to get something that will be pleasing to you.

How We Chose the Top 10

This list is meant to be an unbiased compilation of some of the best all-around body washes that don’t run an outrageous amount of money. When reviewing different options for this list, several sources were used. Amazon was a major resource and many of the top 10 items on this list are also top Amazon sellers that have been highly praised by many loyal customers. Beauty websites and the manufacturer websites of the different body soaps were also used to gain additional information and insight.

Expected Budget

Body wash may not be the most expensive product out there, but it can still be helpful to get a good idea of how much different options can run you. Since it is something that you will be buying regularly, the expense can add up over time, so making sure that you get your money’s worth matters.Many of the options below are available in sets of two or more from Amazon. By buying them in this form, you can maximize the amount of money you save and get enough body soap to last you for a good while. You shouldn’t expect to spend too much on any of the body wash listed below. When you look at the amount of soap you’re getting for your money there can be some pretty great deals available.

The Top 10 Body Washes

Body wash can be something that is subject to a lot of personal opinions. Something that works great for one person’s skin may leave another’s dried out. That being said, the 10 body washes on this list are all considered some of the most popular options out there and any of them could be your next favorite. It can be helpful to consider the FAQs above when reading through the descriptions to help get a better idea of which options will work best for you.

1. Dove’s Deep Moisturizing Body Wash

An affordable product that frequently holds the number one slot for bestselling body wash on Amazon, Dove’s Deep Moisturizing formula should leave your skin lusciously soft and refreshed. One of the best traits about this versatile and satisfying product can be its affordability. As one of the creamiest body washes you’ll find, it can feel almost like a lotion. While this may mean it can be a bit heavy, it can also be incredibly soothing.

2. Old Spice Lasting Legend Body Wash

Old Spice Lasting Legend, 16 oz

  • You will receive a Pack of 6 Old Spice Hardest Working Collection Dirt Destroyer Body Wash, Lasting Legend, 16.0 Ounce
  • 30% thicker + 20% more perfume + 15% more surfactants = 100% more awesome! (vs. Red Zone Body Wash)
  • The Hardest Working Collection brings together more odor-blocking, sweat-defending, and dirt-destroying power

Old Spice’s body wash can rank high on Amazon and be a very affordable option. Old Spice has been rising in popularity and has released a variety of new products, including this men’s body wash. Powerful while still being nourishing, it can give very satisfying results and even claims that it makes skin look younger.

3. Neutrogena’s Rainbath Shower Gel

Although it can look somewhat basic from first glance, Neutrogena’s Rainbath Shower Gel can pull off minimalism in style. Perhaps one of the most compelling arguments for this body soap is its loyal following of customers who have used it for years. Simple yet fulfilling, it can be a good choice for anyone who wants something that is nourishing without being overwhelming.

4. Aveeno Positively Nourishing Purifying Body Wash

Aveeno Positively Nourishing Purifying Body Wash with Seaweed &…

  • 16-fluid ounce bottle of Aveeno Positively Nourishing Purifying Body Wash with Seaweed and Soothing Oatmeal to gently…
  • The daily body wash is designed to cleanse, nourish and revitalize skin so that it is left feeling softer, smoother and…
  • Its unique formula combines seaweed and soothing oatmeal, and is the first of its kind to combine ingredients from both…

If you struggle with body washes that dry out your skin or cause irritation, then switching to this gently formulated wash by Aveeno could be one of the best choices you’ve ever made. It’s hypoallergenic and extremely moisturizing, with oatmeal as one of the main ingredients. It can be one of the best choices out there for all the cleaning power of a normal body wash without the painful side effects.

5. NIVEA Men Platinum Protect 3-in-1 Body Wash

Another great body wash for men, this option can be more expensive than Old Spice’s but can give you a more powerful odor-preventing effect. Perfect for an active lifestyle, it should give you strong, refreshing results that last much longer than your average body wash.

6. St. Ives Purifying Sea Salt & Pacific Kelp Exfoliating Body Wash

Made with natural ingredients and extracts, this refreshing body wash made by St. Ives can be a simple but satisfying choice for everyday use. With a strong, pleasant aroma and natural minerals including authentic sea salt that lends it an exfoliating effect, it can be a practical cleaner as well as a wonderful refresher.

7. OGX Extra Creamy + Coconut Miracle Oil Ultra Moisture Body Wash

OGX Extra Creamy + Coconut Miracle Oil Ultra Moisture Body Wash, 19.5…

  • MOISTURIZING BODY WASH: Envelop your body in moisture with this creamy, ultra-hydrating blend. Massage generously all…
  • INDULGE YOUR SENSES with this ultra-hydrating blend from our Extra Creamy + Coconut Collection, enriched with coconut…
  • OGX BODY: Let OGX help your skin find the nourishment and hydration it craves with our body washes, exfoliating scrubs,…

If you crave the sweet lusciousness of a tropical smelling body wash, then this option by OGX should definitely be on your list of body washes to try. This luxurious moisturizing body soap contains vanilla extracts as well as coconut oil for a pleasant scent and moisturizing power. As a good option for dry skin, it should help to restore softness and health.

8. Purely Northwest Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Foot & Body Wash

Purely Northwest Tea Tree Oil Extra-Strength Antifungal Foot and…

  • 3-STEP FOOT CARE: Purely Northwest is here to be your natural foot care remedy. This set includes tea tree oil body…
  • PEDICURE FOOT SOAK: This foot and body soak uses essential oils and Epsom salt to wash away your troubles. It can…
  • BODY & FOOT WASH: This tea tree body wash is formulated to be a deodorizer and banish odor. It can help soothe skin…

Another top seller on Amazon, this product may initially seem like a less than ideal choice because of its comparatively expensive budget, but it can come with a unique benefit. The oils in this body wash have antifungal and soothing effects that can make it a great choice for athletes or other individuals who are suffering from ringworm, athletes foot, eczema, or other skin ailments. It also has very strong deodorizing effects to give you a clean scent that should last for hours.

9. Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash

This extremely creamy body wash could give even Dove’s luxurious formula a run for its money. Ideal for everyday use, it will give you lasting improvement and softness that increases with each wash. The thick formula stays on until you actively rinse it away, giving you time to enjoy the smooth moisturizing effects similar to a good lotion. While it has many great attributes, one big downside can be that this body wash is usually not available from Amazon.

10. Puracy Body Wash, Citrus & Sea Salt, Natural Bath & Shower Gel

Puracy Natural Body Wash, Citrus & Sea Salt, Skin Softening Bath &…

  • The Puracy Difference: Join the 10+ million enjoying our award-winning, plant-powered personal care, baby care, and…
  • 99.3% Plant-Powered: Vegan cleansers create rich, luxurious foam; fruit and vegetable-derived moisturizers hydrate; sea…
  • For Men and Women: A daily full body cleanser for all skin types; Leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, soft, and…

Puracy Natural Body Wash is an option that has worked well for a lot of people. It’s a good choice for both men and women, as it is made to be nourishing for your skin. It doesn’t have many of the harsh ingredients found in some body washes, and it will give you a deep clean without making your skin feel stripped of nutrients or dried out. A good all-around choice, it can be a straightforward option that’s good for daily use.

Comparison Table

Tips for Shoppers

Since body wash isn’t an especially expensive product, you should feel comfortable experimenting a bit. If you want to try something new but aren’t sure if it’s you going to work out or not you can test it by buying a single bottle first. While it can be more affordable in the long run to buy your soap in bulk, a test bottle can ensure that if you don’t like the product you haven’t wasted money, and you don’t have a lot of extra soap to deal with. Before buying anything, you should make sure that you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients and that it will be safe for use on your skin.

Final Overview

Hopefully there were several options that caught your eye as a great potential body wash to incorporate into your daily routine. By using the frequently asked questions list in addition to examining the products featuring on the top ten list, you should be able to narrow down your choices to a few that you think would work especially well for you.

While the body washes were listed in order of first choice to last, you may find that any of them could be the perfect option for you. If you want a quick answer for which body wash to try right now, then we recommend Dove Ultra Moisture Body Wash as the best all-around choice for an extremely affordable budget.

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