Hands Off: 10 Robots To Help You Clean Your House

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In recent years, robots have become such a big part of normal life that one can only imagine what life is going to be like as technology continues to advance in the next 20 years. In the past, robots were only confined to military and industrial environments. Now, under threat [...]

13 Helpful Tips To Keep Safe When Buying Online

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It often seems that every good thing on the internet comes at a price. Internet shopping is simple, convenient, and provides access to merchandise that may not be available to you otherwise. Nevertheless, the inevitable downside is that shopping on the internet makes you vulnerable to online thieves looking to [...]

Improve Your Smartphone Photography Skills

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Smartphone photography is becoming one of the newest trends in photography. Today, almost everyone has a smartphone and there’s a high probability that their phones are equipped with a fairly powerful camera. The technological advancements from the past few years have turned regular smartphones into very powerful digital cameras. [...]

Adidas: 3D-Printed Shoes

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Adidas, the company currently leading the sportswear industry in Europe, has recently announced that it has plans to deliver the first shoe running shoe with an integrated 3D-printed midsole. In their effort to deliver this state-of-the art shoe, Adidas is partnering with Carbon3D Inc., a US based 3D printing company.Similar [...]

4 Tips That Will Help You Prevent Warping

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Warping is the result of material contraction that occurs during 3D printing. The material shrinks from the corners and edges, causing the object to eventually detach itself from the printing bed. The most common situations that cause warping are long prints and the use of plastic filament materials with a [...]

Does Playing a Musical Instrument Make You Smarter?

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Many smart people are said to have played musical instruments as little kids. But is that enough evidence that playing a musical instrument will make you smarter? A closer look at the facts will show you that there is a point in the arguments. The fact that musicians are known [...]

Build a Home Gym For Your Budget and Space

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Sometimes the time it takes to reach a workout center near your home can be so much that it affects the length and quality of the sessions that you get in each week. At the same time, it can get quite expensive renewing your subscription every month for facilities you can [...]

Importance of Windshield Wipers and Washers  

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A clear windshield helps you to drive safely, yet you may find yourself tending to overlook the windshield wiper blades that keep it clean. Not until you get caught in a rainstorm or snow falls on the windscreen while driving. Or when your car is swallowed up in a cloud [...]

What Does Creatine Do and How Does It Work?

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The body produces creatine naturally from amino acids. Its main role is to help in the supply of energy to all body cells, especially muscle cells. The body’s active transport system transports creatine through the blood to be used by sections of the body that demand high energy. Examples are [...]

Yoga Mat Exercise Ideas

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Nowadays, an increasing number of people are purchasing yoga mats. The reasoning behind each purchase is different, but the goal is the same: fitness workouts. So you bought yourself a new yoga mat. Congratulations. But what are you going to use it for? Naturally, the first answer that comes to [...]

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: A Cause For Concern

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The Endocrine System The endocrine system is a sophisticated network of neural, glandular and organ tissues, which are responsible for maintaining homeostasis and the regulation of many vital bodily functions, including: energy metabolism, tissue growth and repair, cognitive development, osmoregulation, immunology and reproduction. Communication between the different parts of the [...]

14 Things to Consider When Buying a Projector

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As projector technology improves and prices become more affordable, more and more people are getting a chance to enjoy big screen experiences in the comfort of their homes. However, to have the best experience, you still need to pick the right projector. Here are 14 things that you need to [...]

Car Washes Are More Important Than You Think 

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Regular car washes are very important for the performance of your car’s exterior. The first thing that comes to mind when we think about cars and performance is the engine, exhaust and the other vital parts. The exterior almost always comes last. What we forget is that it is the [...]

Do-It-Yourself Home Repairs

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Owning a home is a dream come true for most people. You’ve probably worked hard to get to this point in your life. However, you may soon come to realize that there’s more to home owning than meets the eye. In order to live a happy life in your new [...]

Learn to Play the Guitar in 10 Hours

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I always wanted to learn how to play the guitar but always ignored it because I thought it was too hard. My reasoning was that you need to take guitar lessons at a young age in order to master your skills. But I was wrong. Even for an adult, it [...]

10 Ways That 3D Printing Will Change Our Lives

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With 3-D orienting technology advancing at an amazing rate, it is almost difficult to comprehend how radically different life will be in the next few decades with 3D printing getting so advanced. In fact, some observers are predicting that life will almost be completely different from how we know it [...]

10 Things to Consider When Buying a Router

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There are many things that come into consideration when setting up a home or office network but without the router, it is almost impossible to get a good internet connection. Buying a good wireless router can be the determining factor in having a good experience when using the internet. Here [...]