Recently I have been using an application called Visme for doing most of my web graphics online. To be honest I am pretty familiar with Photoshop and other graphic design application but I wanted to try Visme because I was hearing that it was an all-in-one application that takes care of your entire web based visual content especially for non-designers. After getting myself familiar with their app I must say that I am pretty impressed with what they have done so far. Today I am going to write my unbiased review of Visme because I know that there are a lot of newbie blogger reading my content as well as visiting my YouTube channel on a regular basis. I will also eventually do a video review of Visme in case you don’t like reading text.

visme review


What is Visme?

Visme is geared towards the wide base of non-professional designers who wants to create content that are visually attractive and engages their audience than regular text. In the last couple of years we have seen a massive overhaul of how people perceive content online. Instead of text-based blogs, companies & small businesses are trying to capture the attention of their target audience using HTML5 banners, informative infographics, interactive presentations and much more. Now, if you are a big company then you probably would outsource all the content to a design firm. However, small businesses cannot always afford to do that because these firms charge a lot of money and it’s not economical. So, one solution would be to start learning Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3 and figure out how everything works. This is where Visme comes in and allows anyone to create interactive visual content using their in-built editor. Visme is really easy to use and I mean it because I have been using other similar services (especially infographic makers). Of course there is a bit of a learning curve but it’s minimal compared to the ordeal you have to go through when learning to hard code animations using CSS3. Right now Visme allows you to create animated banners, presentations and infographics. The app also allows you to create something from scratch (blank canvas) where you choose your own custom dimensions and you are free to add anything that suits your needs.

Visme Content Editor

Visme is powered by their own web based content editor that allows you to control each and every element on the canvas. The editor is simplified into different sections so that you can control each element like photo, vector images, text etc. with their own set of specific controls. I found the editor to be super simple and effective. I mean if you know how to use Microsoft word and a bit of PowerPoint then you can easily play around with Visme. The app also offers a wide array of stock photos for every possible topic. You need to search them on the photos section and you can even drag and drop your own pictures inside Visme. Before talking more about the content editor let me first state my objective for using it in the first place. I wanted to create some banner advertisements and test out the versatility of Visme.

I am a big fan of simple vector images and this is where the Shapes section kicks in. Using the shapes control panel you can search through hundreds of custom vector shapes and use them right onto your project. Visme also categorizes these items under distinct sections allowing you to find what you want more quickly One thing that I think they could improve upon is the ability to change the position of some text embedded inside a shape. For Example, I was trying to get my own custom text for a pre-built 50 percent off banner but I couldn’t play around with the individual text. Speaking of text the app features numerous custom fonts for all kinds of visualizations. I believe all these fonts work perfectly on the web so that is something you don’t have to worry about. I tested the editor on a sample infographic and I was really amazed to see some features that truly help you to create them. The infographic editor allows you to create custom charts, people counts and lots of cool stuff that represents number. Seriously, the Visme infographic editor is one of the best on the web.

Once you are done with everything you can publish your project and this is where I want to talk a bit about their free vs. premium plans. If you are a free user you can export using an iframe but the premium users can get full HTML5 version of their work. The pricing is pretty affordable too at just 14 bucks for the complete edition. Also, in order to use all those infographic widgets you need the complete edition as well.


Visme is a great application and it caters to a wide group of webmasters who are not so proficient with designing skills. They offer a wide range of templates so you can use them rather than creating something from scratch. The app is very user friendly with little learning curve whatsoever.  You should definitely try Visme since it’s free to join and you can upgrade to a premium subscription later.