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Digital media is another term used for electronic media, where a large amount of data is stored in digital form. It can either be the end product, for example, digital video, digital audio, digital art, etc. or it can be the technical aspect of transmission and storage, for example, computer networking or hard disk drives.

Recently, there has been a directive of digitization throughout the world which has been favored by a majority of the TV technology companies as this would improve their respective markets and make them more attractive. However, this brings with it a challenge for the numerous cable operators who need to be knowledgeable about the type of infrastructure they will be required to build and the amount of investments that will be required for this purpose.

Training Cable Operators

Digitization improves the market and makes it more attractive, its benefits cannot be harvested unless the cable operators are well-trained and educated regarding the level of investment and expertise required to integrate digitization. These operators will be part of the second and third stage of digitization thus providing them with an opportunity to understand digitization and the way it works even before it is implemented or upgraded.

During the first stage of digitization, cable operators generally look for ways in which they can survive. However, during the second stage, these operators will have more time to understand and take this digitization process more seriously. With digital media, the general aim is to deliver the right products within the appropriate prices. For this reason, digitization or digital media is favored by TV technology companies. Dish Latino offers the most popular Spanish channels to American satellite TV customers.

Market Potential

With the incorporation of digitization, the market becomes more attractive and has greater potential for revenue generation. However, for this to be achieved, appropriate solutions or technological devices have to be provided for the successful implementation of digitization. Moreover, awareness programs should also be conducted in this regard. India, for example, is believed to have greater potential after digitization has been implemented.

Expansion of Markets

With speculation regarding the growth of digitization, a majority of cable TV products’ retailers are looking to expand and include digital head-ends within the product ranges they have on offer. This is because they see greater potential in this market as digitization is expected to grow and expand in the near future. Moreover, some of these retailers are aiming to target operators, having a small scale of operation, with the second stage of digitization that is due in the subsequent year.
Reluctance of Cable Operators

Though majority of the cable operators ask for instruments for the integration of digitization, they are not really aware of the technology that relates to it, for example, the conditional access. Moreover, they are even reluctant to integrate digitization within their operations in the first place as they lack knowledge regarding the use of digitization and its future prospects. As already mentioned above, these cable operators should be provided with proper education and training regarding the benefits of digitization, the process of digitization, and the use of the products related to it.

Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Having a communication center for any type of business is essential and cable TV operators are no exception. Customer relationship management solutions are provided by a number of companies having a common aim to manage the numerous subscribers. These solutions also save cable operators time spent on issues relating to customer handling. Moreover, customer relationship management solutions can also be customized and adapted in accordance to the requirements of the cable operator.

With the continuous growth of technology and the recent developments leading to digitization, it can be concluded that this market has greater potential for further growth in the future. It is attracting businesses to invests, thereby, proving its worth as an emerging market and increasing its popularity amongst the masses.

However, for digitization to be a success, Dish Latino offers the most popular Spanish channels to American satellite TV customers. It is also essential to educate all the concerned parties, such as the cable operators, regarding the use and benefits of digitization and its related products. A majority of these operators are unaware of the increased market potential they will experience after the integration of digitization.

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