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Infographics are gaining massive popularity these days. What started as simple ways of teaching important stuff to school kids are now in the mainstream new media thereby attracting a lot of new readers to various blogs and website. What makes infographics so appealing is the fact that you can browse through a great deal of information that is explained not with traditional black and white text but colorful photos, graphics etc. Some of the most popular social media sites like Mashable are well known for their implementation of such images in a wide range of their articles. Now let’s come straight to the point. If you are a webmaster or you ever wanted to create a stunning infographic that will boost the readership of your site, then grab your best headphones or some good earbuds, turn up the music, and then I am going to tell you everything you need to know.

There are two general methods of creating infographics. First, you think about your topic and research everything. Make short notes or bullet points about the key information that you want to convey through your image. Once everything is planned out, you simply start building the graphic in software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. This is the so called “hard working method” but the images are 100 percent unique and you own the copyrights to all those designs.
If you are like me who wants to enjoy the credit of a great infographic without doing much work then you are in the right place because in the second general way of creating these graphics I am going to show you the top 5 website for generating a pre-programmed graphic based on your custom statistics and information. A major disadvantage in this type of infographic is that the styling and design is not unique as the content only differs from user to user. Anyways, if you are still planning to chop in some graphics for your site then, below are the top 5 Infographic Generation Sites

If you are looking to create a quick little infographic specifically related to social media then look no further than Their quality of design that you can choose for your base template is marvelous. You simply need to connect your Twitter or Facebook accounts and the stats are automatically inserted for every infographic without any hassle. While this is great for some quick fact sheet, many of us feel that lacks some customization features. Whatever the case might be this service is currently ruling the world of Infographic Generators. is another great simple and quick to learn infographic generator. This can be compared to but the advantage with is that it offers you full customization over each and every element. You can add text, pictures and custom backgrounds in case you are bored with lots and lots of presets that are already present on their site. If you are looking to design a truly unique infographic then you probably would like to start from a blank canvas. also provides a great collection of presets that can be used as a reference point to create your own designs. I love the way this web applications works and gives us the impression of a desktop software. I can recommend for anyone preferring advanced customized graphic illustrations.


Piktochart is one of the best designed infographic creators that allows users to opt for either a free or a pro subscription pack. The pro version allows you to work with a larger canvas and a wider range of templates, fonts, shapes etc. However the free version has sufficient content for any professional looking design. The main design area feels much like a website editing application. The options are explained well and it took me about 2 minutes to figure everything out. Sharing capabilities are well integrated with Piktochart. I would only recommend the professional edition to anyone who has infographic creation as their main occupation.

If you are looking a high level of customization and designing then the simple styles of Infogram are probably the best choice for you. You can set the width of your infographic and add elements to your design much like a WSIWIG editor. Then there is the library which stores all your media for later usage. The styling and interface of Infogram is very sleek compared to some other services. One thing which I didn’t like is their lack of basic templates. Infogram also allows you to create and share customized charts with your own data set.


Whenever I wanna clutter a bunch of words into a nice looking illustration I look no further than Wordle. This website truly offers the most simplistic way of creating word cluster art which can either be used as an independent infographic or inside a larger one. The method is pretty simple where you need to add some text or you can even paste links from a webpage or RSS URL and Wordle takes care of the rest. The designs can be randomized to get a fresh look. If you are looking for further customization you can use the menu bar on top to change the font style, size, style fine tuning etc. If you want control over which letters should pop out then you can define it under the language menu. Once your word pattern is ready you can save it in public library and extract it from there.

I hope that you liked this list of the top 5 infographic generators. I am very interested in knowing about your thoughts for the favorite out of the above mentioned services.

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