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Easily one of the coolest brands of earbuds on the planet today, Skullcandy has gained steady support from the free-spirited younger generation through their collaboration with celebrity artists Jay-Z and Metallica, as well as by working with famous athletes in extreme sports like skateboarding and motocross. While Skullcandy offers practically all headphone styles, this review will focus on the best earbuds in the manufacturer’s lineup.

Skullcandy carries a wide variety of models for every need. This easy reference guide hopes to make the process of selecting the best product that will meet your requirements and preferences.

Things to Consider

Budget – Skullcandy earbuds to fit various budgets. The most expensive models are those that are in the limited edition category or those that are used for multiple applications. Each product, however, carries the distinct Skullcandy quality and signature style.

Style – The brand is known for its wide selection of graphics and colors. The units likewise have cool-sounding and unique names, and allow you to express your support for your favorite artist or team. You can also come up with your own personal look.

Sound – Just because all the products reviewed here are from the same brand, it doesn’t mean that they will all sound similar as each model has its own distinct soundscape.

1. Skullcandy Method Review

Skullcandy Method Bluetooth Wireless Sweat-Resistant Sport Earbuds…

  • This Certified Refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes…
  • IN EAR COMFORT: Advanced DualLock technology and flexible around-the-neck collar keep the earbuds in place even during…
  • SWEAT RESISTANT: Secure, water-resistant construction with advanced materials keeps your earbuds safe from perspiration…

Ideal for use when exercising or working out, the Method is resistant to sweat and other forms of moisture. It has an intense low-end that is balanced by sculpted highs and high-mids to prevent veering too much to the lows. This will definitely appeal to bass lovers. If you are a purist looking for a flat response, the Method is not for you, but it is for bass lovers on a tight budget.

The Method is available in gray, light blue, or yellow. It has a simple overall design that puts a premium on secure in-ear fit, instead of flair. Moisture-resistant and snugly fitting ear tips are included. The entire unit is actually designed to be moisture-resistant; thus, the internal components will be able to endure sweaty workout sessions.

There is only one button on the inline remote. This means the device is highly compatible both with iOS and Android devices. The unit can handle the basic controls of playback, and answering and ending phone calls. However, there are no volume controls. You need to directly adjust the sound levels on your tablet or smartphone. Only two different-sized pairs of ear tips are included in the package. There’s also a small drawstring pouch and a shirt clip.

The Method offers a lot of deep bass response for tracks with powerful sub-bass. It may seem like the earbuds are ready to give into the top, unsafe-to-listen-to distortion levels, but this is unlikely to happen. At softer sound levels, the bass response is subwoofer-like, and still extremely intense.

The product is definitely for the great majority of bass lovers who prefer serious low boosting, but not for those who want the sound signature to be quite accurate. It will also appeal to the budget-conscious who will appreciate the quality they will get for a product this affordable.

2. Skullcandy Wireless Smokin’ Buds 2 Review

Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2 Wireless In-Ear Earbud – Black/Red

  • LIGHTWEIGHT, LOW PROFILE, AND FLEXIBLE: Unlike other bulky and stiff products on the market, this low-profile…
  • SUPREME SOUND: Experience attacking bass, crisp vocals and precision highs, so you can hear your music with the highest…
  • DESIGNED TO FIT NATURAL EAR SHAPE: No ear canal is a perfect circle, so why should your buds be? The Smokin’ Buds 2…

Because of the dearth of decent-sounding and affordable Bluetooth earphones, Skullcandy came up with the ridiculously-named Smokin’ Buds 2 Wireless. In its budget, it is easily among the better options – if you are serious about your boosted bass response, that is.

The bass does not distort and is powerful, although it somewhat compromises the overall balance between the highs and lows in the mix. Nevertheless, the Skullcandy product is still a welcome addition to the growing niche, and users will appreciate the earbuds’ power.

The pair of earbuds has a “flex collar,” a removable neckband. Depending on your preference, you can go for a rubberized band that fastens gently to your neck and prevents tugs on the cables, or you can make do without the compartment containing the charging port and electronic parts to wear the product without a neckband (behind the head style). There is a small cable management clip that eliminates cable slack to make sure of a secure fit.

The model is available in black/chrome, black/red, or white. The earbuds are equipped with a control panel found on the linguini-like, flat cable on the left side. A three-button remote and a mic are inside the panel.

The “+” and “-” buttons are for track navigation and volume control, while the button at the middle is for call management and Bluetooth pairing. The volume control buttons work with your mobile device’s master volume levels.

The pair of earbuds offer an ultra-powerful bass response on tracks that have intense sub-bass content. Some people may find it excessive. At extreme listening levels, the drivers never distort. The bass-heavy pair may sound a little skewed in terms of lows in the mix balance.

3. Skullcandy XTfree Review

Skullcandy XTFree Bluetooth Wireless Sweat-Resistant Earbud with…

  • MICROSPORT BLUETOOTH: These don’t hang heavy around the neck or ears, instead, the Bluetooth functionality is built into…
  • PURECLEAN TECH: Don’t forget that the more you sweat, the more you stink. That’s why our impressive Pureclean Tech is…
  • SWEAT RESISTANT: It’s well known that sweat can slip through the cords and cracks of your gear, causing the quality to…

The current trend is Bluetooth earphones that are gym-oriented. Obviously, you do not want to be bothered by loose cables slapping you on your face or body as you work out. The XTfree is a prime example of the currently-popular style: a short cable found behind the head and specially-designed ear tips that provide a secure fit. Similar to other exercise-focused models, the XTfree offers a lot of deep low-ends that purists abhor, but the average bass-motivated exercise buffs like.

The wireless, behind the head design of the matte black and sweat-resistant XTfree is equipped with a mic and inline remote on the left side. The visual flourish is provided by the silicone ear tips and the separate ear fins that are easily among the most colorful of their kind with their marbleized rubber look. Day-glow versions are available in swirled-together green, blue, yellow, and pink. The ear tips are not particularly visible when worn, with only the black exterior noticeable.

The fit is quite secure, and the design allows only a bit of ambient noise; thus, you can hear sounds in your surroundings while working out or jogging.

Pairing the earbuds with your smartphone is simple as the XTfree can reconnect automatically once powered up. Battery life can last around 6 hours on one charging, according to estimates by Skullcandy. Results vary, depending on the volume level used.

The XTfree offers a booming bass on tracks containing strong sub-bass content – without distortion even at top volume levels. At lower listening levels, the product still offers a decent amount of low-frequency sound that one would think the earphones are equipped with a subwoofer. Highs are also well-boosted, which is good; otherwise, the boosted bass will dominate the sound signature.

To put it simply, the Skullcandy XTfree is not intended to please critical listeners, but simply to motivate exercise enthusiasts. A lot of people prefer extra deep bass while working out, which the earbuds provide adequately.

4. Skullcandy Strum Review

There are lots of options for those with a smaller budget, but only a few can be truly considered exceptional such as the Skullcandy Strum. It is very solid and delivers a strong low-frequency response, provides a secure fit, and it does not distort.

The Strum comes in a simple design in black, white, or blue. The logo of the Skullcandy brand appears in a metallic-colored, reflective material that likewise covers a small part between the outer panels and the ear tips. A linguini-style, flat cable comes down from each of the earpieces. Just below the chin, you will find an inline remote. The cables join at the mid-torso.

On soundtracks that have a booming sub-bass content, the Strum provides an intense, boosted bass response. At high listening levels on the earbuds and the sound source, the bass never distorts. This is quite impressive, considering the affordability of the product. You will notice that the deep bass remains very strong even at moderate or softer volume levels.

5. Skullcandy Jib Review

The Jib is another entry-level product from Skullcandy. It has a lot of similarities to Ink’d 2.0 that obviously helps the Jib secure a place on the list of the top earbuds in the Skullcandy line.

The drivers of the Jib are just a bit smaller than those of Ink’d 2.0, making the Skullcandy product a great alternative to other brands. The 3.5mm jack is straight, and can snugly fit in practically all current devices in use today. The Jib’s jacks are nickel-plated, unlike the Ink’d model. However, this cannot necessarily be considered a downgrade.

The barrel has a different shape than the Ink’d. The result is a slightly different fit as you are not able to easily twist the earbuds and turn them upside down. It simply will not properly fit in your ear if that is the case. Like the Ink’d model, the Jib includes 3 silicone ear tips. While most people will not find it difficult to find the best-fitting size in the included ear tips, in case you can’t find the right size for you, you can use after-market ear tips, most of which are compatible with the Jib’s barrel.

The Jib sounds neutral and clear overall. While it allows a bit more sound to escape compared to the Ink’d, it is not as loud. Jib’s range is likewise lower. It is understandable for gamers and audiophiles to look at more expensive models that come with more attractive features, but the Jib is a good choice for anyone who only has jamming in mind.

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