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Just imagine something real quick – you’re walking around the gym listening to some music with your earbuds in and bam! – the cable gets caught around a barbell and your earbuds are pulled right out of your ears – silicone inserts flying in all directions. This isn’t as uncommon some of you might expect – in fact, many of you have probably found this page and are looking for a solution to a similar problem you’ve experienced yourself. Or, maybe you’re sick and tired of the Gordian knot you encounter every time you take your earbuds out of your pocket.

Regardless of the reasons that brought you here, top-quality Bluetooth earbuds are the solution to many of these common problems. Wireless earbuds will not accidentally snag on a door handle or a piece of workout equipment at the gym. They are great for a variety of uses, as many of them are sweat resistant, light-weight, and highly portable.

Keep in mind; Bluetooth earbuds usually come with a higher-price tag for the same type of audio quality you can find on the wired alternative. But what you get is freedom from that cable that keeps you tethered to your music. No more de-tangling your wires or accidentally snagging them into oblivion. Some people worry about the sound quality when making their switch to Bluetooth, as there was a noticeable disadvantage in sound quality when Bluetooth earbuds first hit the market (some would describe it as a flattening affect). With today’s advancements in technology, there is little if any noticeable difference in sound quality, when comparing top-rated Bluetooth earbuds to their wired counterparts.

We’ve covered the best headphones, both wired and wireless, now its time for the best Bluetooth earbuds. While there are plenty of great earbuds out there, there are also plenty of mediocre products as well – if you’re going to spend your hard earned cash you may as well spend a few minutes and seek out the top-rated Bluetooth earbuds. You’ve stumbled across the right article.

We didn’t go for the super high-end products in this guide, instead we focus on the best sounding earbuds that fall within a reasonable price range for the average consumer. This guide is designed to be a one-stop-shop to aid you in your purchasing decision – we review our top 11 best Bluetooth earbuds below.

Some of the most important characteristics to look out for when it comes to cordless earbuds are sound quality, battery life, comfort, and fit. If they sound like a tin can, you probably won’t enjoy listening to music with them. If the battery dies after only a few hours of use, their use will be limited based on the situation. If they are uncomfortable or fall out frequently, you’ll probably end up throwing them in the back of your drawer and forgetting about them. Each of the wireless earbuds in this guide addresses each of these issues, and we made sure they sounded great (the mids and highs should be crisp and detailed, and the bass should be well-formed and hard-hitting), had a long battery life, were comfortable, and had multiple sized ear tips to ensure a proper fit.

Audio Quality

As mentioned earlier, sound quality is one of the most important qualities when it comes to Bluetooth earbuds. We connected each pair of earbuds to both a Galaxy Note 5 and the Apple iPhone 5s, and played the same set of tracks that were stored on the device. We also chose to test them using various streaming services, including Pandora, Spotify, and Apple music – in cases where audio quality could be adjusted in the app itself, we made sure to use the highest-quality setting. Equalizer settings were set to default on both devices. We chose to play a variety of tracks in a wide-range of genres, including a Travis Barker drum solo, Instant Crush by Daft Punk, and Time by Hans Zimmer. Pink noise, and white noise were played through the earbuds to break them in (just because we’ve seen other authoritative audio review websites do it, ha! – there were some noticeable differences that varied from product to product, but there was no correlation between white noise/ pink noise sound ratings and our overall ratings for each individual product). Sound quality scores were based on our own subjective preference as to what sounded good and what didn’t. Each of the cordless earbuds was compared directly with the others in terms of how crisp and detailed the mids and highs were, and how defined the bass was (and whether or not there was any bellowing or muddling).

Microphone Quality

The built-in microphone is more important for some people than others. Many of you will actually be using your earbuds to take and place calls, more so than to listen to music. Each of the earbuds in this guide is suitable for placing calls. Both input and output capabilities were rated based on subjective performance measures. Phone calls were made from one cellular device to another, as well as from one smart phone to a landline to weed out any issues that may have arisen from poor wireless connection or cell phone data service.

Bluetooth Range

Bluetooth range varies from product to product. Wireless earbuds should have a Bluetooth range that is extensive, and free from hiccups, interference, or random disconnects. Each pair of earbuds on this guide had no problems streaming music for a minimum of 40 feet, though many of them were able to reliably play music with the audio device over 50 feet in this distance. If you so choose, you should be able to set your smartphone, laptop, MP3 player, or other audio device down in one room, and while still donning your Bluetooth earbuds, move freely across the house.


No two cordless earbuds fit exactly the same. This is largely due to the design of the housing, as well as the quality of ear inserts available to choose from. Irritation can develop with improperly sized earbuds, and so it is important to find a product that has a number of different options to choose from to best fit your ear. Proper fit and overall comfort often go hand in hand. Many of the earbuds in this guide are extremely light weight, and in many cases we nearly even forgot we were wearing them after a certain amount of time. Lighter earbuds seem to be most comfortable after extended durations, and were less likely to gain momentum or shift or fall out of the ear in times of high movement or heavy impact activities like running.


Depending on when you plan to use your earbuds, you’ll want to look out for certain features that result in greater durability (e.g. water or sweat resistance, flat cords, metal housing). If you are physical active, make sure the earbuds are marketed as being sweat resistant, or are designed with water resistant materials that help wick sweat away from the ear. Impact-resistant, sand-resistant, or dirt-resistant are some of the terms you might find, that help indicate a higher degree of durability and a greater likelihood of being able to withstand day-to-day wear-and-tear.

1. Sony Premium Bluetooth Sport Series Review

Sony has always been at the forefront of the headphones market and the Sony Premium Bluetooth Extra Bass Headphones is proof of this. It has a ton of features that will give users plenty of value for their money. Starting off with the design, this particular set of earbuds boasts a unique look. It features a two-tone body with an elongated frame and protruding silicone tips. There are also several color combinations on offer, which is sure to tickle anyone’s fancy. Also included in the package are two removable hooks that help the earbuds stay attached to the ears.

This pair of Sony earbuds is extremely comfortable to wear. The silicone tips are soft and gentle while nestled inside the ears. The body is made of plastic so the earbuds are extremely lightweight. Plus, it features Bluetooth technology so tangled wires will not be a problem. The battery is rated at 4.5 hours of playback time and 180 hours of standby time. For the most part, the earbuds manage to stay within those numbers. Charging time takes 2 hours. The body is IPX4-rated so the earbuds will be able to survive splashes of water — perfect for a jog in the rain.

Sound quality is amazing when it comes to the Sony Premium Bluetooth Extra Bass Headphones’ drivers. Sony outfitted this pair of earbuds with its signature Extra Bass design so the lows are definitely present. The bass and the highs sound exceptionally well while the mids are a bit recessed. The design boasts of passive noise cancellation, which can make background noise fade a bit so you can enjoy your music.

With a host of different features under its belt, a unique design, and supreme comfort, the Sony Premium Bluetooth Extra Bass Headphones are definitely one of the best Bluetooth earbuds on the market today.

2. Plantronics Backbeat 906 Review

The Plantronics Backbeat 906 Stereo Bluetooth headphones are wireless headphones ideal for laptops, MP3 players, and mobile phones that support A2DP Bluetooth stereo profile. If the device supports AVRCP, the headphones can completely control the audio playback, allowing it to pause, play, and switch tracks on your device. It also includes a Bluetooth adapter for older devices that have 3.55mm stereo jack.

The BackBeat 906 Headphone has an incredibly flexible design. The earbuds provide a three-way adjustment for a comfortable fit. Additionally, the ear buds are made of light materials weighing just 1.2 ounces. Its headband is made of elastic rubber band which can be safely bent and folded. Its incredible design makes it handy to use; you can put it on while working, sleeping, playing, or running; you can use it in almost any activity. Moreover, you can just fold it and put it away in your pocket. The headphone has a rechargeable battery that can last up to seven hours of talk time; when not in use, it can last up to eight days. Its design makes the BackBeat 960 a convenient device.

The Plantronics BackBeat 906 Stereo Bluetooth headphones feature the Altec Lansing technology, providing excellent sound quality. The 14mm speakers provide the rich sound quality when listening to music. Moreover, it has the bass-boost feature, making it one of the best headphones for audio playback. Its dual-mic AudioIQ feature provides the best call experience for any user. The advanced technology improves the clarity and performance of your calls. Additionally, the noise cancellation feature makes you audible in whatever activity you’re doing. These features guarantee optimum performance whether you’re listening to your music or taking calls.

The Plantronics BackBeat 906 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones deliver the value of convenience and power in a single device, providing optimum performance to users.

3. Phiaton BT220 Review

In an age where the city’s urban noise has become the background music of our everyday lives, most of us have come to the conclusion that silence – true silence – is a thing of the past. The moment we step out of our homes, we’re assaulted from all sides by a grating cacophony of traffic, the hum of an airplane’s engine, building construction, and pedestrians. This is where Phiaton comes in.

Granted, the Phiaton BT220 NC Wireless Bluetooth 4 & Active Noise Cancelling Earphones is exactly what it is: a humble music player. But with true active noise cancelling technology, you can listen to whatever you want, whenever you want. In a quiet corner of the office? Use the earphones in their default mode. Commuting back home surrounded by people? Easy. Just flip the switch found on the device and the noise cancelling technology comes into play, reducing background noise by a mind-boggling ninety-five percent and giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Phiaton also gives you the most bang for your buck by delivering great sound quality that you wouldn’t normally expect from such a small Bluetooth device. Are you someone who juggles mobile devices like it’s nobody’s business? No problem! Phiaton boasts of near-field communication technology (NFC) that lets you instantly pair it with any other NFC-enabled Bluetooth gadget via a simple tap. And what’s more, the multi-point connection feature gives you access to not just one, but two of your mobile devices.

Now, we can all talk about the nifty features that Phiaton brings to the table, but this doesn’t mean that it lacks style at all. Paired with a sleek design and a minimalist frame that all but guarantees effortless portability, the Phiaton BT 220 NC is the complete package. Style? Check. Substance? Check. Phiaton might be a relatively small music player, but you know what they say about small packages.

4. 1byone Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Next up on our list is are the Bluetooth earbuds by 1byone. These wireless in-ear headphones are simple in design, affordable, and sound great. Pairing the earbuds is a breeze and worked like a charm on both Android and iPhone. Not once in our tests did the Bluetooth connection drop – just great sounding music throughout.

They come with multiple sizes for the ear inserts and the hook that keeps them in place. It took us about 10 minutes to find the perfect fit, but after the initial set up any use thereafter is quick and reliable. The inline remote allows for switching tracks, changing the volume, answering calls, and also functions as an on/off switch. The cable is flat in design when prevents tangling when stored away and also seems to be a better option for those looking for durability.

Overall sound quality is great. The mids and highs are detailed and the bass is a bit punchy – great for all genres. Many times you’ll find Bluetooth headphones sound flat as some sound quality tends to be sacrificed for the wireless functionality – 1byone did a great job at countering this by providing a more three-dimensional feel to the music that is unusual for a pair of earbuds in this price range. If you’re looking for some inexpensive Bluetooth earbuds that sound great, have a near perfect fit that stays in place no matter the workout, the 1byone wireless earbuds are a great pick.

5. Photive PH-BTE70 Review

If you are a physically active person who also loves listening to music while working out, you’ll want to invest in durable and comfortable earbuds with excellent sound quality. However, comfort and durability do not describe the usual earbuds on the market, considering that they are prone to tangles and most of the buds feature universal sizes.

Luckily, these issues are something you don’t need to worry about with Photive PH-BTE7E Wireless Bluetooth earbuds. There are reasons why PH-BTE7E is one of the best choices today, and they are summarized in the following characteristics: comfort, convenience, secure fit, exceptional sound quality, sweat-proof, and long battery life. Whether you plan to go workout, or have an intense study session, these earbuds may be just for you.

The pair of Photive earbuds is comfortable and convenient enough for it offers secure fit once worn into your ears. It features flexible ear hooks which allow the buds to stay on your ears regardless of the level of activity you are performing. For added comfort, Photive included three different sizes – small, medium, and large – of ear tips in the package to ensure that you will find the exact size that comfortably and securely fits you.

The PH-BTE70 is a convenient option because it is integrated with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 Technology. This only means no more worrying about the tangle and consuming so much time just to untangle the wires before you can eventually use it. Just wear the earbuds, adjust it until you are completely comfortable, click the button to start your playlist, and you can begin with your workout. A built-in control in these wireless earbuds is also added. With this feature, there’s no need to pick your phone anymore just to replay, skip, pause or play a track. The built-in control is also designed to answer, end, redial or reject a call.

Then there’s the item’s sound quality, which is further enhanced with the integrated Advanced APTX sound feature. The lows, mids and highs of the sound are fine, allowing you to enjoy your favorite songs in its finest. To complete the fun, you can enjoy using PH-BTE7E for a full 6 hours after a conveniently quick charge time. As for durability, Photive PH-BTE7E Wireless Bluetooth earbuds feature a sweat-proof design. The earbuds have a thin layer of Photive’s Liquipel, allowing protection to the buds against moisture.

Now, if you are truly looking for a pair of earbuds that is guaranteed to be a worthy investment and a good addition to your lifestyle, you can find that with the PH-BTE7E Wireless Bluetooth earbuds. It already has all the essential characteristics you would want on your earbuds.

6. ME Electronics X7 Review

The ME Electronics X7 Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Sports In-Ear HD Headphones are a new generation of Bluetooth earphones. Designed to go head-to-head with high-end wired headphones on the market, this wireless headset delivers an unbelievable experience to your music. Its power to amaze is not only in its high-quality sound with utmost clarity, tone balance and great detail; it also sports tons of great features that will get you to believe it can be done with wireless headphones.

ME Electronics X7 is specially designed for people with active lifestyles—constructed with IPX4 sweat-resistant design along with its over-the-ear fit, it enables you to do your sets and routines without the hassle of wires cramping up your space. It also has a locked-in fit and a built-in microphone to allow for maximum movement and uninterrupted activities.

An integrated remote control is also installed in this headphone to have complete access to your phone and media device with just one touch. With the Bluetooth 4.1, the ME Electronics X7 Wireless Sports In-Ear HD boasts of the latest wireless audio technology added with a real-time battery meter and Multipoint function for managing media and calls. As it is made to be on-the-go, the ME Electronics X7 Bluetooth Wireless Sports In-Ear HD has a compact construction that is convenient to use. It only weighs half an ounce—making this one of the most lightweight headphones on the market today. And worry not about its durability because this headphone comes with a protection carrying case available for you on the go.

The ME Electronics X7 Stereo Bluetooth In-Ear HD is definitely off the edge in terms of style, design and construction. It is a revolutionary product in terms of technology—as it brings the best in the wired headphones to the convenience and portability of the wireless—right to your fingertips.

7. Panasonic RP-BTGS10-K Review

he Panasonic RP-BTGS10-K Open-Ear headphones have been hailed as one of the best Bluetooth earbuds in the market today. Aside from its classy and futuristic design, the features of these headphones can certainly meet all of your needs.

These headphones distribute high quality sound that makes listening to music more enjoyable. Also, a premium sound can be obtained, most especially if your device is aptX-enabled. Its outside-the-ear headphone technology brings music from your cheekbones to your inner ear. It reduces eardrum strain and fatigue. Plus, the open-ear design of these headphones will cater to your hunger for music and will allow you to multitask: Imagine enjoying your favorite tunes while still being aware of your surroundings.

Since this kind of design enhances your situational awareness, they are ideal to be used for exercising, most especially when you are jogging or biking outdoors. Its comfort is an advantage, too, because the headphones can be worn for longer periods of time without you having to worry about your hearing being damaged. Their portability is a plus as well. You can listen wirelessly via Bluetooth, making it easy to use even when you are outside your home. If ever it runs out of battery, don’t worry because it comes with a portable USB charger powered by replaceable batteries. It even comes with a shock-resistant zipper pouch, which is perfect for traveling.

The durability of these headphones is highly praised by most users because it is waterproof. The rain will not be an excuse to not listen to your favorite music. Sweat will also not be a problem, making these headphones perfect for when you are working out. Cleaning the headphones will be a breeze as well, because all you have to do is just wipe it clean.

In a nutshell, the Panasonic RP-BTGS10-K headphones are an exceptional product that will let you enjoy music to the fullest as you go about your daily activities.

8. SOL REPUBLIC Shadow Review

Wireless headphones are now the preferred type by many people since they are more convenient to use, without the wires that often twist around each other. The SOL REPUBLIC Shadow Wireless In-Ear headphones is a product that will offer you superior comfort, cool design, and awesome audio features.

This wireless headphone does not have a cord that you need to secure your gadgets. Nevertheless, it has two cords that connects two earphones and joins them to a flexible neckband. The collar band is made of light rubber plastic, which you can bend in the middle — allowing you to keep it inside your pocket. The design lets you have a comfortable neck strap, which does not obstruct your movements.

Underneath its left area is the slot for the micro USB while the power button is on the opposite side. The call, volume, and playback controls rest on the upper right side of the neckband. A blue LED indicator on the inner side lights up when the power button is on and flashes while it is charging. The earphone comes with three other sizes of earpieces, so you can choose what you can wear comfortably. The SOL REPUBLIC Shadow Wireless In-Ear headphones provide remarkable, well-defined, detailed, and balanced audio quality. It guarantees clear and distinct sounds when you listen to music. One of its great features is its capacity to prevent noise from external sources that can interfere with the quality of sound.

When the battery is completely charged, the device can last for about 8 hours when in use or 5 days when on a standby mode. You can set the battery status and view it in the notifications bar of an Android gadget with the Lollipop or newer operating versions. A voice instead of the usual alarm will prompt you when the battery needs recharging. This wireless earphone’s powerful Bluetooth allows connections to two devices in a flash. With the dual connection, you can gain access to both devices by using the pause and switch controls. Although this wireless device is an in-ear type, it is not a sports earphone. Nevertheless, you can wear it during physical activities since it is water- and moisture-resistant.

You can find the SOL REPUBLIC SHADOW WIRELESS In-Ear Headphones in grey and black. These earbuds assure you with superb features that are worth more than the money you spent for its purchase, along with a durable feel to ensure that it will last long despite consistent use.

9. Aftershokz AS500 Bluez 2 Review

If you’re bored of the conventional closed-ear headphones and want to have a unique and dynamic listening experience, then you need not look any further. The Aftershokz AS500 Bluez 2 Open Ear Wireless Stereo Headphones will provide it all for you.

Unlike the ordinary plug-in or closed-ear type of headphones, this extraordinary pair of open-ear Bluetooth headphones has combined both comfort and safety with its amazing ear bone conduction technology, called PremiumPitch. This technology transmits stereophonic sound waves from your cheekbone directly to the cochlea of your inner eardrums that will surely give no less than superb performance, convenience, and superiority. The product features an OpenFit design that offers a hassle-free and advantageous sound experience, thus eliminating the limitations that normal closed-ear type headphones give. The unique design was created to achieve the goal of the makers in making a high quality gadget that will endure and last despite long-time wear and high-impact activities such as trainings, gaming, and other outdoor activities.

The Aftershokz AS500 Bluez 2 Open Ear Wireless Stereo Headphone also has custom equalization adjustments that will allow the user to navigate and customize the settings of the sound quality at a touch of its multifunction buttons. Compared to most headphones that have sound leakage, which makes other people hear the type of music that you are playing and listening to, this awesome headphone is built with LeakSlayer that will literally annihilate all the unwarranted sounds — making you enjoy your own music… in your own world.

Aside from these, the Aftershokz AS500 Bluez 2 Open Ear Wireless Stereo Headphone will introduce you to Audrey, your will-be virtual and personal companion. With Audrey Says, an installed virtual guide, you will hear voice prompts that will serve as your overall walk through in using this headphone and will even remind you of recharging the unit when your battery is about to run out. Undoubtedly, this is the kind of Bluetooth headphone that anyone shouldn’t miss out on having.

10. Denon AH-W150BK Exercise Freak Review

Good earphones and headphones are hard to find. That is why music, sports, and exercise enthusiasts would surely be thrilled about the Denon Exercise Freak in-ear headphones. This is the ideal set of headphones for music lovers or anyone who just wants to have a better than average audio experience because of its dependability, quality, and price.

A popular among fitness enthusiasts, the AH-W150BK Exercise Freak boasts of an amazing sound quality (thanks to its integrated amplifier) that can power up anyone when running or working out. It has enough bass and power to boost and keep people going through tough workouts. Aside from its sound quality, the AH-W150BK Exercise Freak offers amazing portability with its Bluetooth wireless connectivity. This great feature allows maximum mobility and totally eliminates the annoyance of wires going all over the place so you can focus more on exercising. It has a rechargeable battery that can keep up with you for up to seven hours.

The Exercise Freak also offers comfort despite its rugged function and design. It has a flexible neckband, which is reflective so it can offer you safety even during nighttime runs (the light that bounces off it can alert incoming cars and people). The design of the headphones provides a perfect fit and its built-in air cushion gives one ample ventilation and comfort. Furthermore, it has antimicrobial ear tips that are sweat-proof and reduce bacterial buildup. This product’s edge over its competitions is evident through its connectivity with your other gadgets. It comes with a free app for IOS and Android that hooks it up with your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or any other device. The Exercise Freak also possesses an advanced and integrated control interface and microphone capability that is built into the earpieces. These grant users the luxury of easily switching between listening to music and answering a phone call via the simple push of a button.

11. JBL J46 BT Review

JBL is one of the audio industry’s juggernauts and the JBL J46 BT Bluetooth Wireless Headphones is a reflection of what the company can really do. Simply put, it is one of the best Bluetooth earbuds available today. The JBL J46 BT sports a beautiful design that is equal parts hip and elegant. It’s got a glossy case that contrasts nicely with the matte rubber finish of the cables and ear tips. The JBL logo is enclosed in a shiny ring at the back of the case. There are different colors available for the J46 BT including the traditional black or the livelier blue. The design is a single cable pair of earbuds so portability will not be an issue.

Wearing the JBL J46 BT for a few hours will not be a problem as the design of the earbuds makes it comfortable to wear. The silicone tips are slightly skewed diagonally, helping the earbuds fit inside the ears better. The tips are soft and are interchangeable with different sizes included in the package to fit most ear shapes. There is also an inline three-button remote located near the right earbud. A nifty design feature of the J46 BT is that there is an extra piece of rubber near the right earbud so it can just be felt out when wearing the J46 BT as opposed to looking for the L and R markings.

JBL is known for headphones with a v-shaped sound signature and the J46 BT is exactly that. The lows and highs are loud and clear with the mids relegated to the back. The sound stage of the earbuds is very wide, though passive noise cancellation is not the most present we have heard. All things considered, the JBL J46 BT is definitely one of the best cheap Bluetooth in-ear headphones available today.

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