Top 10 Most Durable Earbuds – Complete Guide & Reviews

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Finding the best durable earbuds can be tricky. Most gadgets that are designed to play music come with a free pair, but they’re not known to last that long. They’re good for infrequent use, maybe listening to music and a couple of movies. However, some people take listening to music very seriously. Musicians obviously need good audio, but even serious athletes rely on good sound quality to keep them pumped and focused on their goals.

If you’re planning on using your earphones often, it is better to invest in a good pair. This will probably cost you more than the average earbuds, but when you’re buying a new pair of cheap earbuds every couple of months, it will cost you just about the same, but with less sound quality. The average pair of earbuds will last at most a year. The wires are usually quick to break or the earpiece falls apart. There is also the inevitable tangling in the pocket. This makes the earbuds more vulnerable to overstretching. Runners tend to go through a lot of earbuds since the wire tends to get stretched when it gets tangled around their arms and whatnot. This is why runners or other athletes are often advised to get wireless Bluetooth earbuds to avoid any potential issues.

Choosing which of the most durable headphones to buy does not have to be a difficult task. Modern technology has created earbuds for almost every type of user; you just have to identify what you plan to use it for before going on your search. Within our top picks, you will find some of the most durable in ear headphones and earbuds, with or without microphones, wireless Bluetooth technology, and volume control. We went ahead and reviewed the Top 10 most durable earbuds that can fit within any budget – this is not only more convenient, but saves you from having to go out and spend hours testing the hundreds of available products on the market, within this category alone.

Our Top 5

1. Bose SoundSport Review

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First up on our list are the Bose Soundsport in-ear headphones. Just as their name implies, these earphones were designed with the athlete in mind. By definition, earbuds designed for use in sports must be durable – they are expected to be dropped, pulled, pressed twisted, rained or snowed on, and even doused in sweat hundreds or thousands of times throughout their lifetimes. Most ordinary earbuds have the problem of not being sweat or water resistant – over time, sweat can soak into the earbuds and their drivers, hindering their performance, and rendering them completely worthless over time. This is not the case with the Bose SoundSport headphones.

“..the Bose SoundSport earbuds sound great and produce music with precision, they are comfortable, secure, and durable enough for even the most active of lifestyles…”

These earbuds are some of the most durable – built with sweat and water resistant materials, and hydrophobic acoustic cloth coating the drivers, you can rest assured knowing that even your most sweaty moments will not bring harm to these high-quality earbuds.

The silicone tips rest inside your ear canal during use, while the C-shaped wings gently press against the folds of your ear to help ensure a comfortable and secure fit. This design actually works pretty well, and is especially noticeable with high movement. The silicone tips themselves are soft and of high-quality, and are very effective when it comes to noise isolation. The sound quality is very good across all genres of music. Personally, I feel that they could produce more hard-hitting bass. I’m a bass-head and feel that they would be perfect with just a tad bit more bass on certain hip-hop, reggae, or heavy metal tracks. As you can see, this small detail still did not prevent us from ranking these #1 – overall, the Bose SoundSport earbuds sound great and produce music with precision, they are comfortable, secure, and durable enough for even the most active of lifestyles. If you want some of the best Bose headphones, that are durable, and sound great overall, these may be just for you. If you would prefer a more subtle design, and some hard-hitting, deep bass, check out the Monster iSport Victory’s below, which follow in a close 2nd place.

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2. Phaiser BHS-730 Review

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Just like the Bose earbuds above, the Phaiser earphones provide a secure and comfortable fit. Also built with sweat-resistant material, the Phaisers have one additional perk – they can literally be washed with water whenever you feel they need a good cleaning. I don’t know about you, but this was a definitely plus for me. The durable flat cord design, which includes a microphone and inline remote, helps prevent any tangling or tears.

“…music is detailed and exciting to listen to with the Phaiser earbuds…”

Similarly to the Bose SoundSport’s, the iSport Victory’s utilize their SportClip design – which happens to be a fancy name for their winged stabilizers – to ensure a secure fit during movement. This allows for a secure, comfortable, and tight seal. Noise isolation may even be slightly better on the iSport Victory earbuds – if you plan to use your earbuds while running or feel you need to hear what is going on around you, the seal on these may actually be to good and you’re probably better off going with the Bose SoundSport headphones above.

The Monster iSport Victory’s accomplish what the SoundSport earbuds couldn’t – a very deep, yet refined bass response. With excellent noise-isolation and some powerful drivers, these earbuds sound equally great when listening to bass heavy music such as rap, hip-hop and reggae, as they do with other genres, including rock, jazz, and classical music. The mids and highs are precise and never shallow. Overall, music is detailed and exciting to listen to with the Monster iSport Victory earbuds. As mentioned above, just keep in mind that these earphones do an exceptional job at blocking out outside noise – and if you plan to use this for a workout in a city full of traffic for example, it may be difficult to hear cars or other noise.

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3. Shure SE215-K Review

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Shure’s SE215-K earphones pack a powerful punch and are a great alternative for the price. The design is unique – with a clear or slightly black-transparent housing for the earpieces themselves, and the Shure logo popping out at you, its hard not to look cool wearing these earbuds. One of the first things to go on most headphones and earbuds is the cable – generally, this is also when you need to go out and buy yourself a new pair of earphones. The SE215-K’s solved this dilemma – the 64-inch removable cable, which is covered with a stiff rubber coating to ensure durability, is easily replaced. This allows you to continue using your earbuds as long as the drivers themselves continue working, which will surely save you a lot of money in the long-run.

“Percussion instruments are formed with style and you can hear a definite sharpness between notes in the music. The highs are full-bodied and crisp, never scratchy or piercing at high volumes…”

The cable is designed to literally wrap over and around the ear. We attempted to wear them like we would regular earbuds, but it seemed as if they would fall out at some point with consistent moving – simply jumping up and down for thirty seconds loosened them up a bit. If the over-ear cable design doesn’t bother you, this should not be a problem because they stayed relatively snug when used properly. Noise isolation isn’t the best we’ve heard, but is comparable to that of the Bose SoundSports – still pretty good.

To cut to the chase, these earbuds sound on par with some of the other more expensive in-ear headphones we have already reviewed. If you want some decent bass but nothing too overwhelming, the Shure SE215-K’s may be just for you. Regarding bass response, the Shure’s fall somewhere between the other two top rated earbuds we have discussed above. Overall sound quality is of high quality – there is never any exaggeration of tone within any frequency range, yet they still manage to provide a sophisticated and surprisingly clear musical experience. Percussion instruments are formed with style and you can hear a definite sharpness between notes in the music. The highs are full-bodied and crisp, never scratchy or piercing at high volumes. If you’re looking for some of the best sounding durable headphones, the Shure SE215-K’s are a great pick. It may take you a few minutes to properly work the cable around your ear comfortably, but once you figure out how to do it once it only takes a matter of seconds thereafter.

4. Yurbuds Venture Duro Review

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Looking for your next sports earbuds that have great sound, are tangle-free, fit well, and does not cost too much? Then the Yurbuds Venture Duro earbuds might be the one you are looking for.

It is made with medical-grade flexible silicone that is comfortable and ultra soft, ergonomically designed to avoid direct contact to the nerve areas of the ear. Its flat woven (kevlar) cord can endure rain and sweat as it features a protective coating that is water- and tangle-resistant. So, even though you’re sweaty already, the sound will just keep going and the earbuds will not come off.

Its Twist Lock technology ensures its secure fit to the ear; it will not easily fall off even under intense physical activities. Also, each earphone has a Quik Clik Tangle-free magnet (the silver disc), which is genius by the way, as they stick together back-to-back for storage and portability. This means the earphones are ready to wear and can be stored at any given time: no more wasted time and energy trying to untangle them from your pocket or gym bag.

Sound-wise, the audio is very clear. It has a balanced overall tone with the bass having a deeper, richer sound. It is large enough to cover your ears and be able to maximize the music that you’re listening into. It comes with an ambient noise awareness that allows you to hear your surroundings while listening to your favorite songs, for safety purposes. This may not be a good thing for those who are trying to shut out the world but it is an advantage that comes in handy, especially if you will be listening to music outdoors.

The Yurbuds Venture Duro earbuds are compatible with all smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and any audio device that has a 3.5-mm headphone jack.

All in all, the sound is of great quality, and the earbuds are portable and durable such that they can withstand prolonged daily usage. They can be a bit heavier than most earbuds (because of the magnets), but you can get used to them in due time.

5. Sennheiser MM30I Review

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If you are on a tight budget but still want to experience high quality headphone performance, the Sennheiser CX 300 II earbuds should be worth the try. Some earbuds often don’t feel very comfortable but this shouldn’t be an issue since different sizes of ear adapters, available in S, M and L, are provided to allow a customized fit.

The product has an exceptional noise blocking capability which is perfect if you really need to focus or just want the privacy. In terms of sound quality, it produces great mids and clear highs. The bass is powerful, but not too overwhelming, so the CX 300 certainly jives well with rock and dance music, as well as with other genres.

Using a pair of these while relaxing or working is great, although sudden movements or brash handling may cause the headphones to occasionally get tangled, though we never had an issue – the CX 300 II’s come with an assymetrical cable. The device is ergonomically designed to decrease cable clutter for better portability. Also, no matter how much these earphones get tangled and abused, they don’t easily seem to give out or tear. Its durability surpasses those of other in-ear headphones.

Physical activity may lead to wire tangling, but this could be prevented through a simple tip by putting the longer cord around the back of your head. However, tangling may not be the only problem you may encounter if you intend to work out and listen to music simultaneously. Sweat may make the earbuds wet and cause deterioration of the sound quality. Thus, it is unadvisable for people who sweat a lot since it may harm the drivers over time, which can alter your music listening experience in a negative way. Check out our other reviews above for some other high-quality, durable, and sweat proof earbuds.

Nevertheless, spending your money on a pair of Sennheiser CX 300 II earphones is a good investment because of the high quality audio experience it provides for a relatively fair price.

6. Monster iSport Strive Review

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Monster iSport Strive earbuds are a good option for athletes who make it a habit to listen to music while working out, but still want to be aware of the sounds and what is happening around them. It offers plenty of convenience to users while also giving great satisfaction in terms of performance and is exceptional, regarding durability.

When it comes to comfort, the item itself is available in various sizes (small, medium, and large), giving customers the chance to find the exact sized earbud tips needed to fit them perfectly. The Monster earbuds feature an ear hook made of silicone, which provides that comfortable grip, ensuring that it will not fall out regardless of the activity.

The Monster iSport Strive earbuds are also compact enough that it can be worn even with goggles, glasses, or helmets on. Hence, users get to enjoy their favorite music without constantly getting bothered by how the earbuds feel while wearing headgear.

These earbuds from Monster are designed with many features that contribute to its overall convenience. Tired of having to replace your earbuds because it cannot stand too much moisture? That’s not an issue with this product since, aside from being sweat-proof, it is also designed to be washable. Therefore, cleaning and removing the accumulated dirt from them is possible without damaging them in the process. Simply use some soap and water, and these earbuds will look clean and new again. That’s how durable its design is.

For added convenience, Monster also integrated the earbuds with a flat and tangle-free cable. That way, when you wish to use it, you can do so with ease and avoid consuming so much time just untangling the cable.

Its sound quality comes with a rich and balanced tone. The semi-open design of iSport Strive is what allows you to still hear the sounds around. But this does not mean that its overall sound quality is compromised for it still provides a way for you to completely enjoy your music with its various volume levels.

The Monster iSport Strive earbuds let you enjoy your music at an affordable price, making it one of the best earbuds, and also the most durable, on the market.

7. JayBird X3 Review

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Music can pump up any activity. Physical activities like sports and exercise require special headphones or earbuds that won’t disrupt anything and won’t break easily. There are a lot of sports headphones to choose from, but some of the best are the Avier XE3 Wireless Bluetooth Sport earbuds.

The Avier XE3 runs on lithium-ion batteries that can be charged with a USB charger, and can last for up to six hours. It comes with two earpieces and a portable control panel. It has soft rubber buds that ensures comfort and makes sure that the user gets great sound quality – this seal also ensures not to disturb the person next to you, if you like to listen to your music loud. However, if it is in full-volume, it may be too loud as these earbuds surpass the maximum recommended volume levels. The recommended volume level gives an adequate volume in a noisy environment, and prevents hearing loss from excessive noise exposure.

On the other hand, detachable ear stabilizers keep the earbuds from falling off the user’s ears while running or while working out in the gym. It also comes in different colors and sizes. The Bluetooth function is useful because it does not interrupt workout sessions with bothersome cords getting in the way. It can easily connect to devices with a Bluetooth function, and the user can start listening to music while doing their thing.

The Avier XE3 Sport earbuds are lightweight and not bulky, and are not prone to the usual tangles because of its wireless feature. Additionally, the wireless earbuds stay comfortably behind the neck, and do not get tangled up with dumbbells or other equipment. Its durability is also top-notch. The Avier XE3 is completely sweat-proof, which does not easily break while the user is in action.

The Avier XE3 Sport earbuds are cheaper compared to other sports headphones or earphones with Bluetooth functions. These earbuds cost around $40, and are an absolute steal.

8. Tweedz Blue Earbuds Review

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One of the most frustrating things when it comes to earbuds is when they do not last as long as they are expected to. They either break easily due to frequent tugging or tangling. Tweeds has released a new kind of earphones that were inspired by guitar cables, which touring musicians use. They are proven to be durable, tangle-free and are built to last. The Tweeds Blue Earbuds have received good reviews and feedback regarding its durability, as well as the comfort it provides to users. At the same time, these earbuds are stylish and very affordable.

In terms of sound quality, the earphones are built to have a full-range frequency response. This means that one is able to get that deep bass and clear highs that sound great across different genres of music. In addition, the earbuds include 3 different sizes of silicon earbud to ensure a snug and noise-isolating fit.

One of the best features of the earphones is seen through its wires. The wires are 130 cm long and are designed for a comfortable and tug-free listening experience. The long wires ensure that the earbuds stay securely in your ears without worrying about them popping out from your ears due to sudden movements. Also, the unique wires of the headphones are designed to be tangle-free — no more messy wires when pulling it out from the bag, making them hassle-free when traveling.

Of course, the best feature of the earphones is its durability. Since the wires were inspired by vintage guitar cables, the 100% nylon fabric braided wires offer a kind of durability that most people look, but are unable to find, when investing in good quality earphones. The blue, white, and black accents are beautifully braided on the wires, which make them stylish to wear.

The sound quality, comfortable earbuds, and tangle-free and chic-looking wires make the Tweeds Blue earbuds as one of the best, durable earbuds in the market. It is very much affordable since one is able to get these good quality earphones for a relatively low price tag on Amazon. The earphones are not only for travelers and touring musicians, but also for people who demand durability.

9. Zipbuds JUICED 2.0 Review

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Zipbuds Juiced 2.0 is one of the most popular and top-selling earphones in the market today. It has that cool vibe, a durable design, and they look great.

Zipbuds Juiced 2.0 is mainly known for its style and design. It literally stands out from all the other earbuds in the market today because of its built-in zipper. You do not have to worry about wires getting tangled anymore. Once you are done using it, you can just zip it up, roll it, and keep it in your pocket or bag.

These amazing earbuds are available in different colors and they are ergonomically shaped. They are designed for more secure and comfortable fit.

Zipbuds Juiced 2.0 has a pretty decent sound. It has distinct lows, mids, and highs. The highs are really clear and the bass is deep. The sound of these cool earbuds is rather satisfactory for the average listener. For audiophiles, however, the sound of Zipbuds Juiced 2.0 is not at par with the more expensive earphones. But considering its price, the quality of its sound is pretty decent and “forgivable.”

These earbuds do not hurt your ears even after using it for an hour or two. They also do not fall off while you are running, dancing, cleaning, or doing any other rigorous activity.

Also, Zipbuds come in three sizes so you can choose the one that really fits. Although you may feel that Zipbuds may be heavier than other earbuds because of the zippers, you are actually wrong. The zippers are lightweight!

The zipper is a main conversation starter. This is the distinct feature of the Zipbuds Juiced 2.0 but it is also its weakness. The zipper is built into the cable. So, if you play with the zipper, the noise will travel up to your ear. Also, too ensure that your Zipbuds last longer, avoid playing with the zipper.

Zipbuds Juiced 2.0 is easy to carry around and it is tangle-free! Overall, Zipbuds Juiced 2.0 gives value for your money. It is unique, it has a decent sound, and it is comfortable to use.

10. Gear Beast GearBuds Sport Review

One of the most common exercise staples nowadays is a pair of earbuds for your music to help you motivate yourself during those intense workouts. Whether you are pumping iron inside the gym or just up and about doing your cardio, nothing can help you set the mood right than a dose of upbeat music. To help you get great sounds, it is a must that you have a pair of high quality earbuds.

Gear Beast Gearbuds is one of the most sought after sports earbuds in the market today. It is a noise-reducing pair of earbuds that delivers high quality and clear sounds with powerful bass that can rock out a tune for you to complete that exercise routine or help you chill out after your intense workout. It is designed for excellent noise isolation and distortion free volume levels that will let you enjoy your music it any environment.

Gearbuds are made of aluminum and come in two colors: black and pink. The stylish, compact design is lightweight and designed for a comfortable fit. It is made to fit snugly in your ears without hurting them, even in extensive use. It also features custom-sized silicon cushions – from small to large – to enhance the sound of your music or your movies.

Gearbuds is also widely compatible with any device such as iPhone, iPod, android devices, laptops, and even DVDs. Thus, you will only need to purchase one pair of earbuds for all your media devices. Best of all, Gear Beast Gearbuds is highly durable and offers a lifetime warranty to its consumers. Gearbuds is made of high quality materials so you can be sure that it will last a long time. It also retails at a very competitive price that lets you enjoy high quality entertainment for a fraction of the cost.

Overall, Gear Beast Gearbuds is a brand that will fit your sports lifestyle needs with its high quality sounds, and durable yet stylish design.

Shopping For The Most Durable EarbudsMost Durable Bluetooth EarbudsWhy Should You Buy Durable Earbuds?

It is important to first determine the durability of the materials used to make the earbuds. Even if the earbuds have all the fancy features, if they cannot last long, they would not be worth your money. So how do you determine if earbuds are durable or not? You must try them on, and put them through many hours of strenuous workouts, falls, snags, and twists, of course.

The most durable earphones tend to be made with very thick cables, or utilize extra-strong materials not normally seen in the average product. This protects them from getting tangled or ripped while you’re in your pocket or sleeve while running or working out. There is also a coil inside the wires which is responsible for the twirling that happens over time. The material holding the wire from the outside must be stronger than the coil in the inside to prevent this from happening, and maintain its shape over time.

Earbuds with replaceable cables are also a good buy. This will save you money and make your earbuds last even longer overall. Another example, Zipbuds solved this problem by creating zipper cables, keeping your zippers intact and in shape anytime, anywhere.

Most people do not realize the importance of good eartips. The best earbuds come with these in different sizes. When you get your earbuds to fit just right, the less likely they will fall off and get damaged. Don’t just use the first set of eartips that fit. Test them out with a light jog to see if they can stay in place. Some in-earbuds seem actually more like inner-earbuds as they are placed horizontally to be positioned inside the ear.

This improves sound quality but is obviously not advisable for those who prefer to move around when listening, unless you purchase a pair of high-quality IEMs that are intended for use in sports or other physically demanding activities. If the earbuds you want have a microphone and volume control unit, these must be durable too. They should be thicker than the average units and not hollow.

The majority of the users would probably be satisfied with the free earbuds that come with their smartphones and tablets, because they have never tried on some good earbuds. There are many durable earbuds available on the market that are affordable and would drastically improve listening experience. Most people just don’t know this, and have never experienced an excellent pair of earbuds to compare with.

Durable earphones must last – both earbuds must last. After all, it would be useless to have one good right earbud and a dead left one – a problem many of us can relate to.

When it comes to durability, great earbuds are determined by quality, not price. Doing your research ahead will give you the best bang for your buck and keep you happy. That’s what we did for you. We’ve outlined and reviewed some of the best sounding, and most durable earbuds for you in this Top 10 List.

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