Apple recently launched their next generation Iphone called the Iphone 4S. This was also the first time Tim Cook hosted the Apple Keynote as the company’s new CEO. Much has been talked about this new gentlemen coupled with the death of their creative genius Steve Jobs.   Even before the release of the new Iphone many blogs were getting flooded with posts and comments which clearly suggested that Apple would introduce the Iphone 5 and another lower version called the Iphone 4S.  So it’s obvious people became disappointed when they found out that the Apple keynote was all about the Iphone 4S and there was no talk regarding Iphone 5.

Clearly with the new Phone available for Preorder the million dollar question is ” Is the New Iphone 4S Worth Buying?” Well, the answer to this question varies depending upon several scenarios.  The new Iphone 4S comes packed with lots of new features and an all new dual core A5 Chip which is expected to make things blazing fast and enhance the graphic details upto 7 times. The Camera itself is comparable with the latest Digital Photo shooters from companies like Sony and Canon. So the phone is packed with some of the most essential upgrades that many Apple users wanted. And to make things even nicer the biggest reason why others should find an interest in Iphone 4S is the new Apple Siri Personal assistant which according to my opinion is the best voice assistant on any device in the market.

Now getting back to scenarios, if you are a recent purchaser of Iphone 4 my suggestion to you would be not to buy the 4S as you can also experience the new Retina Display as well as iOS 5 and ICloud. Unless you are a serious mobile photo clicker and you really want the best when it comes to quality.

I genuinely think that the new Iphone is targeted for the Iphone 3GS users as their two year contracts are about to expire and now would be a nice time to make a huge upgrade. As far as prices of the 4S is concerned I think the device is priced just right.

Final Verdict : Go for the Iphone 4S just because of the camera, if you are a Iphone 4 user. Go for the Iphone 4S for everything if you are a Iphone 3GS user. The device launch is timed perfectly with your contract dates.