We are all aware of the legal battle taking place between Apple and Samsung over certain copyright issues. Apple might have won the first court case but looks like Samsung is all ready to take their SGS3 marketing to a whole new level. As we all know by now that Apple recently announced the much anticipated iPhone 5 which sets a benchmark in the mobile world with every new release. Today Samsung hit back hard with a banner advertisement showing plenty of good reasons as to why the iPhone 5 is inferior compared to SGS3.

As you can see from the image, Samsung deliberately compares the specifications of their own Galaxy S3 with their of Apple’s latest smartphone. The Korean company also showed a bunch of features at the end of the comparison that are simply missing in the iPhone. Perhaps, the best way to express this mockery is the tagline which the company used that says “It doesn’t take a genius. The next big thing is already here”. This indicates the fact that SGS3 has already been released before the new iPhone and Samsung is trying to prove why their smartphone is better compared to the latter.

Let me know what you guys think of this advertisement? Do you support Samsung’s view or do you still think the iPhone has what it takes to dominate the smartphone market.