Remember the dark gloomy cloudless  day on September 11th 2001 when the Al Queda terrorists used Commercial Airliners as living missiles and performed suicide missions on some of the most remarkable landmarks is USA. That incident literally changed how we perceive Terrorism today. Nowadays Occasional terrorist acts do take place all across the globe but thanks to the improvements in the security  among countries their intensity has been quenched ever since.  Terrorists are no different from normal human beings and in some case more committed. So there is one common question that many people asked over the recent years and especially more after the death of OSAMA BIN LADEN. The question is “How do we see Terrorism in the next 20-30  years? ”

No one really has a constructive answer to this question but there are some facts and experiences that can be taken into consideration to make some suggestion of the scenario in the near future. You see, Al Queda is a learning organization and they always adapt to new technologies and try to correct and work hard on their previous mistakes. Maybe in the near future they might not cause blood bath and yet cause massive chaos and destruction. A new form of crime has developed  over the years and it is called “Cyber Crimes”. I personally think that the Al Queda resistances may very well develop such hacking skills and turn them into deadly Cyber Terrorists in the near future.  if you are thinking the level of damage and how it can create a massive massacre like 9 11 then let me tell you it seriously can.

Think of it this way, in Today’s world we are constantly connected to each other via our PC, Mac’s IPhones, tablets etc. Be it Wi-Fi or DSL cables running across our modem, the world is unified through the internet itself. Internet usage sky rocketed over the past couple of years with more and more people joining the social networks and getting themselves familiar with the E-Commerce Structure that exists today. In such a scenario if someone can control even a faction of this technology and use it for their own benefit  then the damage can be devastating.

Imagine Facebook shuts down for a month, or Google Search Algorithms are destroyed forever, think Someone actually stirs the entire revenue kept in PayPal Servers or the data directory of banks and Colleges are deleted forever. These are some of the reasons by which the terrorists can stir chaos and panic among the civilians quite easily.  Probably some of the easiest way to spark the begging of a global economic disruption.

Cyber Attacks and other hacking incidents are growing fast. This year alone we had the Sony Servers hacked and almost 30 million credit card information stolen. ABC news Twitter profile was hacked yesterday and there are Groups and Teams working now. The situation is alarming and Proper Cyber Law and dedicated departments needs to come up and participate actively in eliminating such crimes.

This is one of the areas where we are most vulnerable and it’s only a matter of time before the Terrorists take advantage of such situation and come up with something big.



Guest Post by Jason Ratford, IT Security Admin.