Looks like Google has an entire bag of Christmas presents this year. Following a series of improvements to their Google+ hangouts it’s time for Google to unveil yet another new improvement. This time it is the new Gmail Application for iOS devices. The brand new Gmail Application poses some major design improvements and also adds a lot of new features.


Finally you can add an E-Mail signature to all your mails with this new version. Another addition is something called Vacation Responder that allows users to auto respond to certain E-Mail while on Vacation. This will help travellers a lot who still wants to keep in touch with their daily important mailers.

Perhaps the most important and innovative addition to this new version of Gmail is a feature called Scribble. With Scribble you enter a painting mode which allows you to use all the features of a basic painting application and create sketches. You can then send these sketches to anyone as attachments.

The new Version of Gmail also adds a new Email Notification sound whenever a new Email arrives. This sound cannot be customized as of now and we hope that Google adds a few more sound options cause it’s already getting a bit monotonous .

The App is released around 2 hour ago and soon Google took out the App from the Apple App Store due to the detection of a bug. Now the Application is back again.

Rahul Ghosh

Rahul Ghosh

Rahul is one of the original members of the ExtensivelyReviewed team. Born in Chennai and living most of his childhood in Kolkata, he originally moved to the United States for school and earned his electrical engineering degree at the University of Central Florida, graduating with honors. Rahul enjoys reviewing the latest electronics and gadgets.
Rahul Ghosh