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Monday marked a surprising keynote event where Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer unveiled the new Office 15, the company’s brand new full range Office suite. Office 15 is designed and optimized to run with the upcoming Windows 8 devices. Ballmer said. “It is one of the most exciting time in Microsoft ever since the launch of Windows 95 because we are making so many radical changes to make things magical”. The demonstration lasted for an hour long where Microsoft showed some of the new features of Office 15 using smartphones, Microsoft Surface, Laptops and a giant Pixel Perfect screen.

First of all, the new Office comes packed with a metro look similar to that of the Windows 8 experience. Each and every application including Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc. have been updated with brand new features. One of the major point with this release of Windows is their social integration. A few weeks back Microsoft announced that they acquired Yammer and now we can fully understand their reason. Office 15 for Enterprise will feature Yammer integration along with collaborative editing tools. With the new Outlook you can direct mlyake Skype calls to any user who is online and share documents with them instantly.

Speaking of sharing, the central nervous system in this area for Office 15 is SharePoint and Sky Drive. Sky Drive looks gorgeous with the Metro look and now allows you to easily sync all your work in every device that you use. Share Point is also updated where you now have a fully functional feed system, kind of like Facebook. Share Point supports collaborative meeting where multiple users can use Skype to video chat and then edit any Windows document collaboratively.One of the major highlights with Windows 8 is the brand new Microsoft Word. Now you have something called a reading mode that allows you to simply read any article fading away all your interface tools and displaying the document in rich text with the best suited formatting for the device. With Excel, there are several additions like Quick Analysis and Creating Pivot Tables.

All the Office 15 applications will feature a fully functioning API which can be utilized by developers to build applications on the cloud. There are lots to talk about with the new release of Office 15 but I will cover each one of them in a separate blog post. You can get a free trial of this new version at Office 365 website. Looks like Microsoft is all set to revolutionize the PC industry with a bang and this new version of Office just shows a part of their vision

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