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I always wanted to learn how to play the guitar but always ignored it because I thought it was too hard. My reasoning was that you need to take guitar lessons at a young age in order to master your skills. But I was wrong.

Even for an adult, it is still possible to know how to play the guitar and play it well. The problem is that we make too many assumptions about how difficult becoming a musician can be. For example, many of us believe that you need to have a talent playing guitar in order to play it well. Or that you have to know how to read music in order to play musical instruments. [no_toc]

Can I learn to play guitar in 10 hours?

It only takes between five and ten minutes to learn the different finger shapes for playing the guitar. This is the most important part, the rest of the time, you will be training your finger muscles to play the different chord shapes. As long as you are willing to learn, this is very easy and enjoyable.

Step by step

1.  30 minutes to one hour

This is enough time to learn the various finger shapes. Repeat this as many times as possible until it becomes easy to do. There are many nice sounds that you can get just learning this part. Once you master these shapes, it will form a strong basis for you to build on.

2. One hour to ten hours

After you learn the basics, it’s all about practicing as many times as possible. In the next 20 days, you should dedicate at least 30 minutes to playing the guitar. Familiarize your fingers with the fret-board and master it. Try to sing as you play. After a while, you should be able to keep up with the changes in the tempo of the song you are singing.

The next step after learning the timing of the chords is polishing your strumming of the chords. This will add to the feel of the music. If you stay dedicated, after a while you will be hitting the strings with much more finesse.

Here are some useful tips

1. Learn to look away as you play

Although this is a skill that takes some time to develop, learning it in the earlier stages makes it much easier. This way, you will learn to hear and feel the music more without having to have a glance at your fingers. At the same time, you’ll look really cool.

2. Don’t avoid the difficult chords

Some chords are harder to play than others. For example, some of the seventh or ninth chords can seem impossible to play. These are some of the chords that you need to put your head down and learn to play them. Even if you procrastinate, you are not going to dodge any part forever.

3. Always know the chords you are playing

It is very easy to stray away from the original tone of the music without knowing it. You learn the chords by always experimenting with them and listening to the different sounds. Learn this earlier to avoid bad habits later.

4. Learn barre chords

Barre chords are an integral part of playing an electric guitar. They are also important in acoustic playing as well. Barre chords are a great way to learn the ins and outs of the fret-board.

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