I know I might be the last blogger on earth to write about iPad 3 Rumors when the actual launch is just 6 hours to go but I decided to make a note of some of the confirmed and yet to be confirmed rumors regarding the iPad 3.  First of all if you are living in a different planet then let me start by saying that we humans are excited about March 7th 2012 because it is the day when Apple is going to announce their next new revolutionary product.  If you are indeed a human then the list below will showcase every rumor that is engulfing the anticipated launch of iPad 3.


iPad 3 Quad Core Processors

While the iPad 2 is powered by the Apple A4 chip, it is rumored that iPad 3 is going to have a quad core processor. I personally feel that the age of quad core for portable devices is finally here with HTC announcing their new Quad Core HTC One X smartphone. The confusion surrounding this rumor is the fact that whether it will be called the Apple A6 Chip or the Apple A5X Chip. I feel that the new processor might just be called A5X cause iPad 3 will most probably run iOS 5 and Apple might not want to use the letter 6 as of now.

Rumor Strength – 9/10


iPad 3 Retina Display

This is the first ever rumor related to iPad 3 and with 6 hours to go there are ample reasons that iPad 3 will in fact be retina display with a whopping resolution of 2048-1536 pixels. As a matter of fact the Ipad 3 invite Email also shows us how crystal clear the screen looks compared to iPad 2. I am counting this one as a confirmed announcement.

Rumor Roundup – Confirmed

Ipad 3 Will have dual HD cameras

The possibilities of dual HD camera with the new iPad 3 is quite high. We have seen how Apple upgraded their cameras with the iMac, Macbooks and the iPhone last year. This year one can surely expect to see improvements with the iPad camera. There has been a leaked video showing that the lens size is quite bigger for the camera and indicating that the front camera might be HD as well to support FaceTime HD with other Apple devices.


Rumor Roundup – 7/10 (For the front HD camera)

iPad 3 will be thicker

This is one rumor that sparked few months ago and is moving towards denial and false news as the iPad 3 launch approaches. I agree that iPad 3 will have lots of new improvements but I strongly believe that those guys at Apple had to figure out a way to fit all that in a thickness either equal to or less that of iPad 2.

Rumor Roundup – 4/10

iPad HD and not iPad 3

This rumor was first introduced by 9 to 5 Mac suggesting that iPad 3 will be named as iPad HD. This is one rumor that is based on some vague and some solid facts. I do not have enough time to investigate the truthness of it so I am going to wait like you to see the name.

Rumor Roundup – Too new for Score

iPad 3 will be on stores from March 16th

This rumor looks solid with facts from Mashable blog and  logistics department of China. The pattern of the freight movement suggests that iPad 3 will be available to the public from march 16th . We will soon find out the truth.

 Rumor Roundup – 8/10

iPad 3 will be priced higher than iPad 2

One of the hottest gossips surrounding iPad 3 is its price. Some blogs suggest that iPad 3 will be priced the same as that of iPad 2. However there are some expert analysts who thinks different. Aluminum and other commodity prices have increased tremendously over the last year. There are also rumors suggesting several pay hikes for workers in Foxconn Plant where the iPads and other Apple products are made.  Considering the entire scenario I would not be surprised to see 50-100 USD price hike for iPad 3.

 Rumor Roundup – 6/10

These are all the rumors surrounding iPad 3. But we all will find out what’s hot and what’s not in a few hours.

Rahul Ghosh

Rahul Ghosh

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Rahul Ghosh