About Us

About Us

Say goodbye to biased and all-around terrible product reviews. Say hello to ExtensivelyReviewed, where the mission is to provide accurate, independent, and reliable information. Our top-rated product guides and reviews are free from bias, and designed to help you make complex buying decisions, easily.

After years of struggling to decipher the sales trash that most manufacturers surround their products with, we decided to stand up against the giant corporations that are using their massive reach to indoctrinate buyers and start this free service – a place for enthusiasts and the every-day consumer to stay up-to-date with all of the latest news, tips and best products. Our guides are designed to be a one-stop-shop to provide you with all the information you need.

Why You’ll Thank Us

Anyone can type a product name into Google or Amazon, but the hard work comes when you have to scroll through the vast array of similar items, having to decide which one is the best quality and most useful for your money. We go out of our way to research and review every single product we believe is worth considering, helping you the consumer to get the best bang for your buck. We then narrow down our favorites and offer our opinions to help you with your buying decision.

We are sick and tired of companies taking advantage of misinformed consumers who are fed blatant lies by the brands they thought they could trust. We wanted to put an end to all of this, which is why ExtensivelyReviewed was created.

How We Find A Product Worth Your Money

While there’s no “Secret source” to creating a successful product, we certainly have some tips that can help you weed out the good products from the bad.

First and foremost, we need to know what the consumers want. Doing in-depth market research with numerous demographics help us to brainstorm ideas and get feedback on the available products. We consider what consumers say, after all they are the people who will be buying and using the product and often their opinion is more valuable than the 60 word description you’ll find online. We only recommend our favorites – popularity does not always mean quality.

We can’t stress enough how important having a unique selling point is. We’re not saying that each item needs to re-invent the wheel, but putting a twist on things really help an item stand out. Something incredibly simple such as offer a lower price or a feature that competitors have failed to perfect or simply have not implemented deserves our attention.

In order to be considered, we must know of its existence. We are constant readers online and strive to find products worth considering on our site. However, some truly great products have not gained traction – if you feel you have an item that is worth taking a look at for possible inclusion in one of our buying guides, feel free to reach out and request a review.