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In recent years, robots have become such a big part of normal life that one can only imagine what life is going to be like as technology continues to advance in the next 20 years. In the past, robots were only confined to military and industrial environments.

Now, under the threat of a global pandemic, and possible quarantines, the idea of having robots to help around the house is even more attractive to many of us. We want everything as clean as possible, all the time. We also want to touch everything as infrequently as possible.

The biggest concern was always the impact that they would have on the economy as more and more human labor was replaced by robots. That is still a concern today. Our world is changing fast, from 3D printing to SmartHome devices, it’s not likely that we’ll go back to “how it was” any time soon.

Today, robots are involved in all kinds of tasks in all kinds of places. Home automation is at an all-time high. And robots are no longer just limited to vacuuming tasks. Now you have robots that can clean windows and counters, cut your grass, or even mop your floors.

10 Robots That Clean or Maintain Your Home For You

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They’re not the futuristic robots many envisioned for 2020 and beyond, but they take the elbow-grease out of getting your housework done.

1. Neato Botvac Connect Vacuum Cleaner

The Botvac Connect is one of the top products from Neato and at $700, it offers real value for money. It is a smart device that can be controlled with the help of an app. With an Apple Watch, you can start or stop the robot while also receiving notifications. The device is also self-charging and also restarts a job after you charge the battery.

2. Samsung Power Bot Vacuum Cleaner

The Power Bot variety of robotic vacuum cleaners from Samsung has gotten our attention. The top one is the Power Bot Turbo, which is claimed to give 70 times higher suction power than all the other products in its range. It also works with Alexa.

3. iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to producing automated vacuum cleaners, Roomba is one of the companies that are mentioned the most. The iRobot Roomba 980 is arguably their best product to date and features smart capabilities and Wi-Fi.

4. iRobot Braava Jet M6 Robot Mopper

It learns your home, has “keep out” zones so you can control where it goes and works on multiple rooms. This robot works in sequence, first vacuuming then mopping floors like hardwood, tile, and stone. It’s not self-charging, but it offers strong 5-layer decontamination pads and a squeegee.

5. Ecovacs Winbot 830 Window Cleaner

If you are considering getting some help when it comes to cleaning your windows, this is a product you should consider. It is very simple to operate. The first step is to add a cleaning solution to the cleaning pad. The device measures the size of the glass automatically and after cleaning, it returns to the position it started.

6. Miele Scout RX2 Vacuum Cleaner

To improve its navigational functions, this vacuum cleaner features a ceiling camera which gives an idea of the areas of the room. It has a long-lasting battery than can go for up to two hours when the device is being used, which gives you ample time to finish the job.

7. WORX WR140 Landroid M Robotic Lawn Mower

This robotic lawnmower has a half-acre and quarter-acre version and will suggest lawn cutting schedules based on the size of your lawn. You can adjust its schedule, and control the Landroid through the app. You won’t even have to go outside, let alone do the lawn yourself.

8. Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vaccum

It’s a Dyson, so the suction is going to be amazing. Its intelligent 360 view “eye” sees the entire room to map it out. It can connect to the Dyson app, and offers edge-to-edge cleaning with an extra-wide brush. This robot does both hard floors and carpet.

9. Elicto Everybot RS500 Robot Spin Mop and Polisher

This little robot doesn’t have a navigation system, making it somewhat inefficient on floors with obstacles. However, it is able to do surfaces, like your countertops, and tables. This mop and polish robot could be just what you’re looking for to handle those easily reached but time-consuming cleaning jobs.

10. EyeVac PRO Touchless Stationary Vacuum

The EyeVac stationary vacuum picks up what you put in front of it, it also filters the air that it pulls in while it’s doing its job. Touchless operation and 1400 watts of suction power make it a convenient little bot to clean up hair, dust, and dirt for you.

The Nitty Gritty on Robots

We’re not yet at the point where “Alice” from the Jetsons cleans our houses and makes our meals. But these little robots are just what you may need around the house. We hope to have helped you understand that it’s not just “vacuums” anymore, but even the vacuums are getting pretty smart!

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