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There are a lot of speaker cables available out there on the market, ranging from low quality to the best quality, which is designed especially for audiophiles to deliver music of good quality. Speaker wire of high quality can make the difference between high-quality audio and just average.

Although speaker cables do not enhance the quality of sound in any way, they do contribute to not letting the signal distort due to long-distance, or other external factors. Below you will find the top-rated speaker wire, along with individual product reviews.

Best Speaker Wire Complete Guide

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Good speaker wires are in demand not just by audiophiles but by every music lover. For instance: a wire that is thicker prevents power loss and is a great choice when connecting speakers that is at a distance of more than 50 ft from the amplifier. People who are considering buying speaker wire can select from a wide range of variety, each wire ideal in a different situation.

Do not underestimate the power and importance of good quality speaker cables. These form a final connection between an expensive home theater system and the speakers in the room. With a number of grades and brands of speaker wires available in the market, it can be pretty tough to narrow down your choices and choose the best one. As with many cable-related things, the more expensive or brand name is not guaranteed to make the best decision rather you want to look for the characteristics and features of the wire. And by features means that actually makes the difference as compared to other products. Use of speakers with inappropriate thickness, low-quality speaker terminals, poor quality speaker wiring will all impact speaker wiring.

Main Features To Look For In The Best Speaker Wire

Gauge: The term gauge implies to the thickness of the copper wire bundle. You might have noticed the word ‘AWG’ after the numeric size, for example, ’10 AWG speaker wire’. AWG stands for American wire gauge. The thicker the wire, the more efficient it is to conduct and thus strengthen audio signals, and the more distance the signal can go before distortion sets in. Need some help? Use this wire gauge calculator.

Length: Another important feature to take in consideration is the speaker wire length that you might need to make the well-established connection. To properly determine the amount of wire you need to make the connection, all you need to do is to measure the distance between the speakers you are connecting to and the amplifier or receiver. Try to make the distance between the two of them as short as possible because the greater the distance between the two, the more the chances are that the quality of the audio might be diminished.

Speakers: In most of the scenarios, it does not really matter that what kind of speaker you own when t comes to selecting a speaker wire as long as you are opting for the one that is of good quality and it have the features of correct gauge and length between the two devices. But it is critical to specify that it is sometimes not possible to utilize the independently purchased wire to lengthen the connection as it won’t work in many cases when low-quality products are used.

#1 Master Cable – 14 Gauge 105 Strand CL3 Rated 2-conductor Pure Copper Cable Review

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If you are searching for the ideal speaker wire in the market, then you have got to stop your search as here is the best speaker wire Master Cable – 14 Gauge 105 Strand CL3 Rated 2-conductor Pure Copper Cable. Designed in the USA, every aspect of this speaker wire is of high quality which guarantees you the sound of clear and crisp quality. The speaker wire features a CL3 rating which implies that it meets fire safety and insurance requirements, providing you with the guarantee that they are safe to use outdoors and can be suitable for in-wall wire installation.

The high-quality PVC material and copper insulation decreases the risk of copper wire corroding or tarnishing greatly. The Master Cable – 14 Gauge 105 Strand CL3 Rated 2-conductor Pure Copper Cable is of extremely good quality as compared to the other products available in the market. It is also even less expensive than many other speaker wire varieties. This speaker wire is also available to be sold in 500 ft or 250 ft spools which makes it convenient because in the installation of projects less wire splicing is required.

The Mater Cable company also offers the 16 and 18 gauge thicknesses of wire with the same excellent quality, maintained. So if you are looking for the best quality speaker wire that does not cause any distortion or disturbance in your music listening experience then Master Cable – 14 Gauge 105 Strand CL3 Rated 2-conductor Pure Copper Cable wins hands down! You will get the most out of your home theater or audio system with this oxygen-free, high-quality copper wire from Master Cable and you won’t regret your decision of buying it.

#2 Monoprice 100ft 12AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Speaker Wire Cable Review

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Monoprice is striving hard continuously to enhance its product line to bring their customers the best ever products. Make the most out of your home theater and audio with 100ft 12AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Speaker Wire Cable from Monoprice. The Monoprice 100ft 12AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Speaker Wire Cable features two highly pure oxygen-free copper (greater than 99.95% pure) conductors. One conductor is for negative and the other is for positive.

And you do not have to bother about which one is positive or negative as long as you remain consistent throughout the setup process. Pure bare copper is a way better conductor than copper clad aluminum conductor utilized in most of the other cheap and inexpensive speaker wires. When compared to bare pure copper, CCA is just 68% as conductive as it. If you want the wire to have no audible effect, the total resistance of speaker wire should not be more than 5% of the least impedance of your speakers. Using speaker wires made of pure bare copper guarantees that the total load that you are putting on the amplifier remains as near as possible to the impedance level of your speakers.

The Monoprice 100ft 12AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Speaker Wire Cable is ideal for high-end speakers and is good for use with banana plugs. It has a clear PVC made outer jacket for the safety purpose. The 12 AWG conductors provide maximum current capacity. The Monoprice 100ft 12AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Speaker Wire Cable is great in every aspect. The wire provides greater flexibility. You can easily fold it and can carry it in your bag in case of traveling. This feature makes it quite portable and popular among people. Thus, it is an efficient and effective selection that you cannot ignore it. You can give it a try and trust me you will not regret your choice of buying it.

#3 C&E CNE62270 100-Feet 12AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Speaker Wire Cable Review

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Solid, pure copper wiring is what you need to get the amazing sound quality and clarity this speaker cable wire is known for. The wiring is easy to peel and strip when required and the material at the outer side makes it convenient and easy to bend around tight corners without causing any damage to the wire. This speaker wire is available in 16 and 14 gauge thicknesses that are made to meet or exceed the C&E speaker wire standards.

The C&E CNE62270 100-Feet 12AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Speaker Wire Cable is pretty economical especially taking into account the amount of wire you get. A solid, yet flexible insulated cover jacket around the speaker wire helps to provide good quality consistent, and undistorted sound within a wide dynamic range. This oxygen-free copper wire lowers the inductance level and capacitance to guarantee amazing sound quality. With its amazingly flexible jacket for convenient installation, the C&E CNE62270 100-Feet 12AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Speaker Wire Cable provides precise and terrific sound quality for today’s modern home theater and audio system. You can easily connect the speaker with your amplifier or receiver with this 100 ft speaker wire without facing any difficulty. This makes an amazing product for establishing a link between the two with its splendid sound quality and feature of avoiding any sort of distortion.

There is no need to spend a lot of money on a big brand’s name for the speaker wire for your home theater and audio system when you are already getting a great deal more than what you pay for with this speaker wire of high quality and good material. This is, undoubtedly, one of the best speaker wires available in the market for your money. You can give it a try without having any second thoughts or hesitation. This product worth all your money.

#4 AmazonBasics 16-Gauge Speaker Wire – 100 Feet Review

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You can find one of the fine speaker wire, AmazonBasics 16-Gauge Speaker Wire – 100 Feet, on Amazon. This amazing 16 gauge speaker wire with spool is made available by AmazonBasics. It lets you conveniently connect your amplifier or receiver to speakers. The AmazonBasics 16-Gauge Speaker Wire – 100 Feet is also available in different lengths i.e 50 ft.

The speaker wire comes wrapped around a solid plastic spool that makes dispensing easy and convenient. The plastic jacket cover insulated around the copper wire helps greatly to provide high quality consistent and undistorted signals to and from all of the audio producing equipment. One side of the speaker wire is having a white line making it easy for you to distinguish between the polarity and help you to set up the home theater or audio system within no time.

The products of AmazonBasics features nice and frustration-free packaging that is totally recyclable. It does not include extra packaging materials that are unnecessary such as plastic bindings, hard plastic clam-shell casings or wire ties, etc. The packaging is neat and designed to be opened without using any sort of a knife or box cutter and will preserve your product the same way as it was while at the time of packaging. AmazonBasics also provide one year warranty with the product.

Apart from all these features, the flexibility it provides is exceptional. You can easily bend it and it will not cause any damage to the internal wire because of the solid insulated jacket that covers it. The AmazonBasics 16-Gauge Speaker Wire – 100 Feet will let you enjoy the crisp and clear audio without degrading its quality. This is one of the right options to connect the amplifier with the speakers and provides you the long terms of service. Spending your money on such a product means you are in for a treat. Give it a try and let it prove its worth!

#5 Mediabridge 14AWG Speaker Wire (50 Feet) – Spooled Design Review

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The Mediabridge 14AWG Speaker Wire properly connects and supplies an audio path of high quality from amplifier, receiver, or any other professional sound application to a pair of speakers. Copper clad aluminum with high strand count make this 14 AWG speaker wire perfect for custom installs up to 50 ft. The wire made of 2 conductors was crafted to easily fit bent pin applications, banana plugs, and spade tips. The conductor is thick and the insulation is just right the thickness. It comes wrapped around a solid plastic spool that gives you easy and convenient measuring, cutting, dispensing, and storing of speaker wire.

It is quite easy to peel the wire off the spool. A solid yet flexible insulated jacked in which the copper wire is covered helps greatly to deliver undistorted sound of high quality to and from all your audio equipment. The jacket is neat, nice, and bendy to route it through and around the turns and crevices that speaker wire usually takes from speaker to amplifier. The Mediabridge 14AWG Speaker Wire is available at the most reasonable expense on the market. Linear markings printed right away on the jacket every 2 ft provide users with an accurate and hassle-free setup. You do not need to measure the length of the Mediabridge 14AWG Speaker Wire by hand – you can simply reference the printed markings and do the simple math.

The Mediabridge 14AWG Speaker Wire is ideal for in-home applications as well as schools, auditoriums, automobiles, or business settings. You should start every do-it-yourself project with Mediabridge 14AWG Speaker Wire for easy and safe setup. The wire is pretty flexible which makes it easy to work with. The product is highly recommended by the people who have used it earlier. So you can consider buying this product without having any second thoughts. Because of all these features, it is definitely worth your money. Go grab a spool for your audio system!

#6 RCA AH16100SR 100 Ft. 16-Gauge Speaker Wire Review

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RCA AH16100SR 100 Ft. 16-Gauge Speaker Wire is an ideal and smart solution to your audio needs. The speaker wire provides you with enhanced and good audio quality and it comes in 100 ft of length. The speaker was designed with the motive of providing you good sound quality in mind. The RCA AH16100SR 100 Ft. 16-Gauge Speaker Wire is right for you because the CCA (copper-clad aluminum) wire is cheaper yet nearly as efficient as the other products made of pure copper. The RCA AH16100SR 100 Ft. 16-Gauge Speaker Wire provides 100 ft of thickly insulated and flexible wire which properly links the speaker with an amplifier or receiver. It weighs around 1.88 pounds and is 4.40 inches wide, 4.30 inches long, and 4.20 inches high. The spool of the product makes the installation process convenient and easy for buyers. The RCA AH16100SR 100 Ft. 16-Gauge Speaker Wire has a different, unique insulated jacket that helps in eliminating noises and provides you with clear signals. The RCA AH16100SR 100 Ft. 16-Gauge Speaker Wire helps greatly in making your movie watching and listening experience as pleasurable as possible. You can easily identify polarity between the two sides for correct speaker phasing, providing you with an extra aid while installing the setup. The insulated copper wire wrapped around a solid plastic spool providing you with an edge of easy dispensing, cutting, measuring, and storing of speaker wire.

Moreover, it provides all the distance needed to get the setup done while maintaining the quality you are looking for in-home theater or audio system. The RCA AH16100SR 100 Ft. 16-Gauge Speaker Wire provides you with the finest finishing touch to your living area or movie center, connecting all your audio equipment together. Thus this speaker wire makes an ideal choice for the people who are looking for a flexible yet strong speaker cable that will not affect the audio quality in any way and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It can simply provide an undistorted audio signal at a very reasonable expense.

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