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Online classifieds evolved quite a lot over the past couple of years. These days millions of user prefer classifieds posting in order to buy or sell products. One advantage that you get with classified portals is that you can user their apps on the go on your favorite smartphone. In a world where people are trying to save every bit of money to fight the struggling economy, websites like OLX gives a perfect canopy to explore and grab deals that are lucrative. Today I am going to talk about OLX because I have been using their services for the last few years and I must say that I am quite impressed by it. You see, running a classified website is not that easy. You need to create a robust program that efficiently tackles and deals with potential spammers trying to get a link or two from the classified system.

One of the main reasons why I got attracted to OLX is that they work real hard in order to ensure that the posting are spam free. OLX recently changed their website design to something simpler and less cluttery. When you try to post an advertisement you will find that they have a different input interface for different category of products.  For example, you need to add a specific set of variables when trying to sell your mobile phone compared to setting up your apartment for rent. These customized and non-unanimous ways of classified posting structure allows the community to stay productive and real.

OLX Mobile Apps

In today’s world the sure shot way to capture the attention of a wide range of users is to launch a mobile optimized version of your web based service. OLX launched their brand new apps for iOS as well as Android to tackle to fast growing on-the-go user base. Since the launch there was an accelerated posting of ads in India where people could take out there smartphone, shoot something using the camera and post it on OLX.

I personally use the app on my HTC One as well as iPhone and I think the interface is clean and simple. The ad-posting pipeline is super easy to follow where you need to select a category, fill out the form and you are done. The app is completely free to download in the apps store.


Online advertisement is a multi-billion dollar industry where we have the oldest classified model still ruling the web. In order to maintain such a big website and continuously improve your services one needs substantial revenue. OLX has their own premium advertisement segment (kind of like a freemium model) as well as minimalistic advertisements of their own running throughout their website. The new design is so fast and efficient that it’s one of the sole reasons why I prefer OLX over everything else. The scope of classified advertisement can be huge in India. These days users are posting all kinds of ads including virtual services, pertcare, tour guides etc. to name a few. I still feel that we are at an infancy of what classifieds can do to make us more productive.

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