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With 3-D orienting technology advancing at an amazing rate, it is almost difficult to comprehend how radically different life will be in the next few decades with 3D printing getting so advanced. In fact, some observers are predicting that life will almost be completely different from how we know it today. Here are 10 ways 3-D printing will change our lives: [no_toc]

1. Improved education

Education is one area that will benefit tremendously from 3-D printing technology. Subjects like math, engineering, science and technology will be better taught and understood thanks to the availability of 3-D printing technology. As retail prices of 3-D printers continue to fall, there will be an increase in the number of schools that have them.

2. Faster and better designs

It will be much easier to design cars, clothes or even food thanks to 3-D printing. With the enhanced speed, designers will save more time for streamlining other parts of their inventions. The net result is that new product designs will reach the market faster than they did in the past.

3. More lives will be saved

The printing of implants on 3-D in medical circles will play a big role in enhancing the quality of life in society. Implants will be done more accurately due to the incredible ability of 3-D printers to bring images to life. Discoveries in the medical field will also happen at a much faster rate.

4. Cleaner factories

3-D printing technology will play an important role in improving efficiency in factory assembly lines. There will be less wastage as designs will be printed in one piece on 3-D leading to an improvement in production capacities. Factories will also need fewer workers to operate machinery.

5. Property rights

How property rights are perceived will change completely as more people learn to replicate designs on 3-D printers. With 3-D printing technology, anything can be copied leading to copyright issues. It will be interesting to see how intellectual property laws will change to accommodate the new trends.

6. Faster innovations

3-D printers reduce the amount of time it takes to transform concepts into products. Designers, therefore, have more time to focus on the actual functions of the products. Designs that previously had to be made by hand can now be printed in a short time.

7. Dentistry

3-D printers have the capabilities to create teeth, veneers and crowns in the same appointment. A digital camera can relay a 3-D image of a patient’s damaged tooth and a 3-D printer will print an image of the replacement tooth. Appointments with the dentist will be swift and reliable.

8. Cheaper home construction

With 3-D printing, constructions will become more eco-friendly and cut down on the cost of transportation. There is already evidence of this in China where a company has used the technology to construct cheaper homes using recycled materials.

9. Logic-defying products

There are products that cannot be created now that will only be possible using 3-D printing technology. The combinations of the materials will be so magical that it is difficult to picture how they will look. Most future innovations will be tied to 3-D printing technology which will enhance creativity and make production more efficient.

10. 3-D printing shops

This is another business that could become very viable. It will not be uncommon to see a 3-D printing shop at a shopping mall. This has the potential to become the place where people collect customized products that they buy from the internet.

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