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One reason why audiophiles and casual music lovers prefer bookshelf speakers is that they generally cost much less than their larger counterparts – while providing comparable sound quality. Even with their smaller dimensions, high-quality bookshelf speakers still provide consumers with similar detail and intensity as the bulkier, heavier, and often costlier, systems provide. Immersive sound is possible with the best bookshelf speakers – watching movies, listening to music and playing games should sound great and be fun!

What To Look For When Comparing Top-Rated Bookshelf Speakers?

Size: Bookshelf speakers are characterized by their small size, but big sound. These speakers are usually placed in bookshelves, over the TV trolley, or mounted on the wall – therefore, the best sounding bookshelf speakers often weigh the least and take up less space. The size of the bookshelf speakers that you chose can make in terms of where they can be placed in your room. More options for placement exist with smaller sized speakers – you can place them in narrow spaces, or hang them on, or even in your walls with much more ease than those of larger size. Keep in mind, the smaller the speaker, generally the smaller the bass output – rich, hard-hitting bass requires a bigger speaker. The key is to find a good middle ground between size and power.

Sound Quality: The best bookshelf speakers are designed with the audiophile in mind, as they know what really sounds good and what doesn’t (much harder to impress).  Good bookshelf speakers are capable of reproducing all frequencies with profound accuracy, which results in sound that is more pleasing to the ear. Most bookshelf speakers do not have built-in subwoofers. Therefore, most bass lovers will also purchase a separate subwoofer to work alongside their bookshelf speakers.

Basic Design: Generally, bookshelf speakers are generally magnetically shielded from inside to avoid any interference in case you place them near a TV set or computer monitor. Bookshelf speakers can be either designed with the goal of blending into the environment, while others go for the eye-catching design. Figure out what your goals are and where you plan to use the speakers and then decide whats right for you. Remember, rarely do aesthetics have any significant impact on actual sound quality.

Drivers: Bookshelf speakers may come with multiple drivers, and in various sizes. Tweeters are responsible for the high frequency sounds, while other drivers may be responsible for the low and mid-range frequencies. The construction of, and the material with which the drivers are built, also plays a significant role in the quality of sound that is produced.

Room Space: Another important consideration is the dimensions of the area you plan to place the speakers. For larger sized rooms, it may be more ideal to purchase more than one set of speakers, and take advantage of multi-channel audio.

Cost: Rather than go for the cheapest or the most expensive bookshelf speakers you can find, pick a budget and stick to it (if you’re reading this you’ve probably already picked a budget of $100). More money does not always equate to better performance.

#1 Infinity Primus Two-way 6 1/2-Inch Bookshelf/Satellite Speaker Review

These two-way loud speakers from Infinity offer a high-range frequency response with help from the high-quality 6 ½” MMD low-frequency drivers. These speakers are capable of reproducing excellent midrange tones – nice highs and deep lows are produced with equal clarity.

Sonic Accuracy: Infinity has continually placed the bar higher, by providing the audiophiles with speakers that are made with quality material and designed with the latest technology, including the patented CMMD and MDD technologies – both of which aid in the production of better sound quality in varying degrees, by pushing out unwanted resonance from the audible range.

Wide-Range High Frequency Response: Because of the “waveguide” technology, the Infinity Primus Two-way 6 1/2-Inch Bookshelf/Satellite Speakers deliver the consumer a great music listening experience, to every corner of the room.

The Price: Even though Infinity is often known to supply pricey speakers and audio equipment, the Infinity Primus Two-way 6 1/2-Inch Bookshelf/Satellite Speaker are relatively inexpensive. The Infinity Primus is easily one of the best bookshelf speakers under $100 – and the highest-rated for this article.

#2 Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers with 4-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofer Review

The Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers only require limited space in your room.. These speakers offer you an amazing listening experience, whether you are listening to a solo track or you are watching a movie on your TV – the quality of the mids and highs is hard to compete with, for other speakers in this price range. With their classy appearance and natural texture, these speakers can seamlessly blend in any atmosphere. The Micca MB42X Bookshelf Speakers with 4-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofer is ideal for use in a personal stereo system – but can easily be hooked up to TV, with or without an additional subwoofer, to provide an amazing movie watching experience.

Here are some of the best features of the Micca MB42X Bookshelf speakers:

  • They offer accurate, yet neutral sound with maximum vocal clarity
  • For enhanced transient and power bass, the Micca MB42X Bookshelf speakers are supported with balanced woven carbon fiber woofer material
  • You will be able to enjoy extended bass response with low distortion, thanks to the ported enclosure present inside
  • The classy and compact design allows these speakers to fit in any room, easily
  • These speakers are equipped with 0.75” silk dome tweeters to provide a smooth treble and accurate tonal imaging

#3 Infinity Primus Two-way 4-Inch Bookshelf/Satellite Speaker Review

The Infinity Primus Two-way 4-Inch Bookshelf/Satellite Speakers may seem smaller than the usual bookshelf speakers, but they can deliver some surprisingly big sound. As we mentioned earlier, Infinity is known for their quality products, all of which utilize the latest in audio technology. These speakers use MMD driver technology, along with the low-resonance enclosure, to offer music in the exact same way as it was meant to be heard by the artist. Audio continues to sound great, even as volume reaches high volumes. Do not be surprised by the quality of sound coming out from these 4-inch speakers. Take some time out of your busy life and listen to your favorite track with one of these Infinity Primus Two-way 4-Inch Bookshelf/Satellite Speakers – you’ll be glad you did.

Let us have a look at a few of many good things, regarding these bookshelf speakers:

  • Owing to the latest MMD driver technology, these speaker are capable to filling any room with a dramatic and well defined sound
  • The magnetic field of the speaker is heavy shield so that are quite safe to be place near any older models of TVs
  • They are made with black wood grain vinyl finish
  • The Infinity Primus Two-way 4-Inch Bookshelf/Satellite Speakers can easily handle up to 100 watts

#4 Sony SS-B1000 5-1/4-Inch Bookshelf Speakers Review

The Sony brand is not new to the world of sound and speakers – Sony is considered to be one of the pioneers in all things home electronics, including the speaker industry. The Sony SS-B1000 5-1/4-inch bookshelf speakers are a class of their own. With a simple but elegant design, they can fit in any room of your house, and amuse you with outclass sound reproduction, anytime you are in the mode to relax or party. If you are looking for high-quality, you can count on the Sony SS-B1000 5-1/4-inch bookshelf speakers. Let us have a glimpse at some of their main features:

  • These speakers offer an audio sensitivity of 87 dB
  • These speakers require 120 watts of maximum power to deliver a near-perfect sound quality
  • With the Nano Fine balanced dome tweeters fitted perfectly in these speakers, you can hear, with startling resolution, full vocal and instrumental range, giving you the impression that you are listening to a live performance.
  • The Kevlar fiber material used in its assembly results in a durable, and light weight speaker.
  • The Sony SS-B1000 5-1/4-Inch Bookshelf Speakers offer more range of tones when compared with any other in their class.

#5 Infinity P153 Primus Two-way 5 1/4-Inch Bookshelf/Satellite Speaker Review

Infinity yet again leads the market in great speakers, whether it be bookshelf speakers, computer speakers, car speakers, or home theater systems. The Infinity P153 Primus Two-way 5 1/4-Inch Bookshelf/Satellite Speakers are yet another instance of proof, that Infinity delivers on quality, without compromising the style and price. These speakers are 5 ¼ inch in size, but deliver a substantial sound. Whether you want to play video games, watch HD movies, or listen to digital sound tracks, these speakers will perform equally well in any role you assign to them.

What makes the Infinity P153 Primus Two-way 5 1/4-Inch Bookshelf/Satellite Speakers different from the rest in its class?

  • These speakers come with a precision cross over network, which makes sure that all the drivers work together in a seamlessly integrated way.
  • They are sleek and stylish in design – the standard black color allows them to blend in any room, and with any furniture.
  • They are designed with a 5.25” woofer and a 0.75” tweeter, which run on the patented MMD technology, to provide sound that suits your mode, and is liked by your ears.

#6 Micca Club 3 Bookshelf Speakers with 3.5-Inch Carbon Fiber Woofer Review

Handsome style and classical looks, accompanied by amazing sound quality, make the Micca Club 3 Bookshelf Speakers one of the best in its class. With their natural texture and piano black color, these speakers can easily fit in any room, and bring it to life by filling it with quality music. Due to their vocal clarity, perfectly balanced sound signature, and elegant design, the Micca Club 3 Bookshelf Speakers are suitable for use in a home theater system, to enjoy cinema like experience, or as a standalone set, for high-quality stereo audio.

Some good features about these speakers:

  • These speakers come with 3.5” carbon fiber woofer – the main attraction of the speakers
  • The Micca tweeter is only ¾” silk dome and offer great treble reproduction
  • These speakers come with a Metal 5 way binding post which are gold plated and easily complement all the connectivity options
  • The Micca Club 3 Bookshelf Speakers are also equipped with the Magnetic Grill system, you can take the grill off and expose the drivers or leave them there, and they look great either way.
  • These speakers produce astonishing bass output, thanks to the carbon fiber woofers.

#7 Bic 350 Watt 6.5IN 2 Way Bookshelf Speaker Review

The Bic 350 Watt 6.5IN 2 Way Bookshelf speakers are nothing short of amazing, as they come with many great features, and for a reasonable price. They are very simple in design and come with a PMPO output of 350 W. The 6.5” two way speakers may seem small in size, but produce good quality sound – latest technology was used in the design and components of these speakers, which results in the crystal clear sound that these produce. The magnetic grill helps make these speakers more versatile, and also stylish. You can take it off or put it back, the speakers look good both ways.

Some good things about the Bic 350 Watt 6.5IN 2 Way Bookshelf speakers:

  • Beautiful construction and elegant looks
  • Best price for the quality you receive
  • Use of latest technology
  • Surprisingly good sound quality considering the size of the subwoofer
  • Beautiful front grill
  • These speakers play well even in the low power

#8 GOgroove BlueSYNC Wireless Bookshelf Speaker Review

It can be hard finding a decent wireless Bluetooth powered bookshelf stereo speaker, for under $100, but this model is here to give you an opportunity to enjoy some great benefits of the Bluetooth technology – get rid of all the wires with this excellent bookshelf speakers. The 2.1 A2DP Bluetooth technologies present inside the GOgroove BlueSYNC Wireless Bookshelf Speakers, allows you to listen to music, or taken calls, with outstanding clarity, from up to 30 feet away. The speakers are powered through an AC outlet, so nothing portable about this product other than its compact design. You can use your smart phone, MP3 player; iPad or any other device equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, to wirelessly transmit your favorite track, with decent Bluetooth sound quality.

Some good things about the GOgroove BlueSYNC Wireless Bookshelf Speakers:

  • Each of the speakers is fitted with a 3” bass enhanced driver
  • Each of the speakers is fitted with 2” mid-range driver
  • Each of the speakers is fitted with a 1” micro treble driver
  • The speakers offer a 28 watt of total peak power

#9 Polaris V8 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with FM-Radio Review

Casual music-lovers who are looking to get their hands on a high-end, wireless Bluetooth speaker, need to look no further than the Polaris V8 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with FM-Radio. You not only get a powerful speaker, but you also get to enjoy a built in FM radio – when in doubt, turn on the radio! For perfect acoustics, deep bass and sharp treble, this speaker can bring life to any atmosphere.

The Polaris V8 Portable Bluetooth wireless speakers use a patented voltage-boost technology, to deliver 9-watts of output. You can enjoy a full-spectrum of audio at unimaginable clarity, even at high volume levels. A high-tech, built-in, Mixinno F class digital high performance amplifier is present in this speaker, which helps to purify and enhance any type of sound or any style of music.

Some great features:

  • Bluetooth range of up to 30 ft
  • Offer full coverage and wider connectivity options
  • Built-in Auto-scan FM radio to listen to your favorite music 24/7
  • A TF Micro-SD card slot for playing music directly through the memory card

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