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Tired of the dull and sad sound coming from your computer? Then it’s a high time for you to go for a new pair of computer speakers. No computer system is complete without an amazing pair of speakers that provides tremendous sound to your favorite music, games, or movies.

These speakers can range from just a pair of speakers with limited functions to an amazing seven speaker system. Your computing machine or laptop can use a little aid when it comes to playing amazing sound. If you are on quest for the best sounding computer speakers under $50, then you found the right place. A pair of speakers yielding great sound can make game playing, music listening, or watching movies a great experience.

Purchasing speakers should be an easy task, but to make the most of your available budget, you should closely analyze your requirements and needs before stretching your hand to pull out the wallet.

What to Consider When Shopping for the Best Computer Speakers Under $50

Location: The volume and look of the computer speakers you opt for should perfectly fit in with where you will be placing and using them; such as your office or room.

Portability: If you are in to moving your computer speakers more often around the house, then maybe you should opt for wireless speakers. If this is not as issue with you, then choosing the speakers with wires may be cheaper and sound just as good.

Various Features: You may want to have different options to control the treble and bass, possible input for devices apart from your computer and maybe even a handy remote control so it would eliminate the need of getting up to control the different volume options. If you have a little bit more to spend check out our other guide for the best computer speakers under $100.

Surround Sound: Surround sound can either be imitated or organic. Organic surround sound produced by the system with multiple speakers that are being placed around a room. There are certain computer speakers that features imitation surround sound which produces audio in a way that reflects the surround sound behavior and the experience for users. Music quality is also affected by the number of channels available.

Wattage: Wattage is one of the critical factors and refers to the maximum power level that the pair of speakers can handle. The users must have an idea about how much power is available and how much power is required to produce accurate, high quality and amazing sound for the users.

A good pair of speakers is a common need of almost everyone whether he be a gamer who loves playing games with perfect audio and visual effects, an audiophile who hates compromising on sound quality, an office worker who needs good audio quality for his projects or presentation or a housewife who loves watching movies, cooking shows or serials in her spare time. Thus, it is the main need of today’s computing era.

#1 Creative Inspire T12 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System with Bass Flex Technology Review

Discover the secret to amazing audio with Creative Inspire T12 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System having Bass Flex Technology. Crafted with components of great quality and fine tuned to provide amazing audio from its two audio drivers. With the integration of Bass Flex technology which tends to extend low frequency, you get to enjoy the full range of your favorite music. The Creative Inspire T12 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System is great for home listening and provides tremendous output even on your MP3 player and notebook. The design of the speaker set is as classic as it gets at least to those who are aesthetics.

The Creative Inspire T12 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System is an attractive set with uncovered drivers and glossy black front panel. The set has a silver power/volume knob on one speaker below which is located a headphone jack, the Bluetooth sync button and a wireless connection/power indicator LED. The knob is planted perfectly and provides flawless and smooth rotation. There is a built-in Bluetooth receiver. All you need to do is to set the speakers in to pairing mode just by pressing the front button on the speaker then any Bluetooth capable device will be able to stream music to them. As desktop speakers, the T12 speakers sounds terrific and kick out a decent amount of volume. The in-built auxiliary connector and headphone jack makes it quite convenient to plug and play your favorite tunes that enable you with the experience of private listening.

The full range high performance drivers provides you with dynamic clarity and balanced sound. Thus, this sleek, stylish, slim and having glossy black outlook Creative Inspire T12 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System have become the natural choice for everyone who wants a hassle free 2.0 speaker solution. An optimal solution it is to all your bad audio quality issues and distortion. Enjoy the amazing music listening experience this great pair of computer speakers.

#2 Hercules XPS 2.0 40 Slim Multimedia Speakers Review

The Hercules XPS 2.0 40 Slim Multimedia Speakers are so named because of their sleek, tall and cylindrical exterior which is not much thicker than a general paperback novel. Despite of their sleek and slim design, they feel quite strong and well built and you do not have to worry about them falling over. It also features a wired remote. This remote provides easy access to the volume knob. It also features headphone socket and a 3.5 mm of secondary stereo input, making it easy for you to connect other audio devices like MP3 player etc.

Inserting anything in to its secondary inputs overrides the primary input so you cannot operate two devices at a same instance. With the length cable cord (of around 3.6 m to the computer and 1.7 between the speakers) provides you with the greater flexibility to move your speakers around your room and place them as you like it. The bass control is easy to reach as it is located on the front side of the computer woofer.

The Hercules XPS 2.0 40 Slim Multimedia Speakers are magnetically shielded so not to cause any sort of disturbance in your surroundings. It has an integrated power supply thus saving your time for setting up an extra arrangement for power source. The speaker system has black lacquered finish that adds to its external beauty and look. It provides compatibility with Mac, Notebook, MP3 player, TV, game consoles, CD and DVD players. The front face of satellite is covered with speaker grille fabric of high quality which ensures you the clear and crisp audio quality.

The package also includes a user manual that provides guidelines about its easy installation and factory warranty. Thus, with all the features that Hercules XPS 2.0 40 Slim Multimedia Speakers are providing you, you will not be regretting your decision of buying these. These make a great pair of speakers when it comes to producing quality sound. Give them a try!

#3 Genius Hi-Fi Wood Speaker for Computers (SP-HF500A) Review

With Genius Hi-Fi Wood Speaker for Computers (SP-HF500A), enjoy music in pure classic style. To enjoy more music, the Genius Hi-Fi Wood Speakers bring an amazing sound just in 14 watts, along with a tweeter inside which produces crystal clear treble in a compact, closed or small space. The Genius Hi-Fi Wood Speakers integrates a speaker driver of 3 inch with enhanced sound design to produce great bass.

The extra features of it includes an additional line-in jack for creating a connection to the MP3 player, CD player or an iPod without even letting you disconnect the speakers from your personal computer and a headphone jack for private listening. What adds to its external beauty is its black burnished panel. No matter whether you are playing games, listening to your favorite music and singer, watching your favorite TV show or movies via your notebook or personal computer , you are sure to get double benefit from vision and hearing at the same time.

With a total power of 14 watts RMS, this 2 way Genius Hi-Fi Wood Speaker for Computers splits up the frequency band in to two ranges: Bass frequencies handled by woofer of 3 inch and treble frequencies handled by tweeter of 1 inch, producing sound that is rich and of amazing quality. This speaker set from Genius keeps style in mind along with performance. It is a compact wooden speaker having a black burnished panel. Thus, this piece of beauty adds class to your digital life. It has 2 satellites that produces clear and crisp sound. It comes along with a user manual to help you guide about the installation of speakers. The volume and power controls are located on the front side of the speaker system. You can also adjust the timbre setting using the button. Thus, this speaker system offers great sound at very reasonable price thus adding an amazing hardware component to your digital collection.

#4 Creative A250 Multimedia Speaker Review

Just because you are listening to music or watching TV shows does not mean that you should rely only on in-built speakers that produce dull and slow audio. Plugging in hands-free or headphones can be a hassle. The Pioneer S-MM301 USB Powered Computer Speakers are a cost effective and amazing addition to your personal computer. These speakers are not only sleek, slim and stylish but also quite portable.

The terrific sound these speakers generate worth all your money. You will get to hear the best of audio while watching movies at your home or presenting projects at your workplace. The drivers of Pioneer S-MM301 USB Powered Computer Speakers are made of aluminum with a triple coil design. This design of speakers let them produce clear and crisp sound. The frequency response of these speakers range from 250 Hz to 20 KHz. The Pioneer S-MM301 USB Powered Computer Speakers connects to your computer using a USB port thus eliminating the need of a power adapter. It has a single cable that makes it ideal and optimal for travel or where you have congested space.

These unique and innovative styled two piece speakers are powered through your personal computer USB port. All you need to do is to simply hook up the USB cable and you will literally feel like the amazing sound flying out of your personal computer in to the air. The feature of USB connectivity makes them optimal for use with both laptop and computer platforms. They are not larger than average smart phones when it comes to their size. These provides great supplement to the internal speaker of your computers. They have tri-coil drivers reproduce audio that sounds pleasing to your ears. You do not have to hassle for extra set-up, as it provides simple plug and play operation. Thus, these are ideal speakers for your home or workplace and will provide you with quite pleasing sound.

#5 Creative Inspire T3300 Review

With Creative Labs I-Trigue 3300 2.1 Computer Speakers, fidelity meets with high end design. The speakers come in an attractive, colorful but relatively small box. It has the following stuff inside the box: Subwoofer, concise user guide, two satellites, power supply unit, wired remote control, minijack to minijack cable.

The main feature of Creative Labs I-Trigue 3300 2.1 Computer Speakers is their exterior design. It is quite difficult to disagree that  aspeaker system with such classy outlook is meant basically for gracing work area. The manufacturer positions Creative Labs I-Trigue 3300 2.1 Computer Speakers in order to use with LCD monitors, notebooks, personal computers and various other portable devices. Though the satellites of Creative Labs I-Trigue 3300 2.1 Computer Speakers looks miniature but believe it or not they are 21 cm tall. The shape of the body is quite unusual and have two parts: a transparent plastic case and a front panel made of light metallic alloy.

The satellites of the Creative Labs I-Trigue 3300 2.1 Computer Speakers house three exactly alike dynamic loudspeakers. The cone, of 3cm in diameter, is made of aluminum foil. The flexible corrugation is rubber yet rigid. The speakers has a wired remote control. To turn on the speakers you must scroll the volume control to its maximum level. The cable that connects subwoofer and remote control is 2.5 cm long. the exterior of the subwoofer is a bit different from rest of the speaker’s components.

It has a pretty small body of 24x24x25 cm. The body is made of wooden material having the panels 13 mm thick and there is no filler inside. It is a 2.1 speaker system having an extra subwoofer to handle sound with low frequency and provides great output and excellent bass performance. Each speaker of it features high precision Titanium drivers that delivers terrific performance. Thus, if you are looking for a good pair speakers then you are surely in for treat with these speakers.

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