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With the most popular music genres, many music enthusiasts find themselves chasing after one very important aspect of the sound, deep bass. And that, in the same respect has sparked great developments in headphones and earbuds technology. Cranking up the bass can make you feel powerful. The best bass headphones will comfortably produce phenomenal low tones, that should quite literally capture the heart of the music and thrust it straight into your ears. Most of the products on this list are circumaural in design, if you are looking for top-rated in-ear bass headphones, check out our list for the best bass earbuds.

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What’s Important When Shopping For The Best Bass Headphones?

Frequency Range: On every of package of headphones, you will find a listed range of sound frequencies with which they are capable of producing. You can find that most commercial headphones will offer a frequency range between 10 Hz to 25,000 Hz. For deep bass, you want to look for frequencies on the lower end of the range. Anything that offers a lower frequency of below 32 Hz, paired with a powerful driver, will generally offer excellent bass.

Sensitivity: In simple terms, the sensitivity means the maximum volume that the headphones can produce. Typically, this ranges between 50 decibels and 85 decibels. The volume produced above 85 decibels may cause damage to the eardrums, and over time may result in hearing loss. The best bass headphones will employ active noise cancellation technology, or will be designed for the best possible noise isolation capabilities. The untrained ear will probably never notice much of a difference in music quality when it comes to minor differences in frequency range or sensitivity. What is noticeable is the differences in overall sound quality depending on quantity and quality of the drivers.

Driver: The driver size in the headphones is probably the most important spec you want to look for when making a purchase for any headphones, especially when you’re particularly looking for some good bass headphones. Generally, the bigger and more powerful the driver, the greater its ability will be to produce bass frequencies. Additionally, the more drivers in your headphones, the better quality music they will generally produce (Higher quality product overall – also tend to be more expensive).

Bass Boost: One feature that often comes with bass headphones is the bass boost. This allows the consumer some additional flexibility in deciding how much bass is needed at any particular time. The major advantage is that you can control the bass levels depending on the environment you are in. For example, if you are in a quiet room with other people, you can easily lower the bass and not have to worry about whether or not the walls in the room around you are shaking.

Types of Bass Headphones

Earbuds: True earbuds are pretty much just a low quality pair of earphones. Unlike its new counterpart, these are designed to sit right inside the ear but do not enter the ear canal (this is not ideal as there is very little that they can do to block out external noise). They are the cheapest option – however, earbuds do not provide the added benefits of noise isolation that earphones have, which is one characteristic that is needed in the best bass headphones. Overall, earbuds are probably the last thing you want to look at if you’re looking for that skull-rattling bass.

Earphones: Earphones, also known as in-ear headphones or IEMs, are designed to fit directly in the ear canal. They produce some excellent bass with the help of bone conduction and isolation from externals noises.

Supra-Aural Headphones: Also known as ear-pads or on-ear, this style of headphones sits directly on top of the ear. They can provide a decent bass response, but are unable to do much for external noise interference. Keep in mind that higher frequency pitches can interfere with sound in the bass range, so in terms of bass, these are probably less effective than earphones.

Circumaural Headphones: This style of headphones may be considered some of the best for deep, powerful bass. Designed to completely surround the ears, these provide excellent qualities in external noise isolation and bass capabilities. They are a bit more bulky in size, and less portable than earphones, but this is compensated by it’s overall better quality sound.

1. Sony MDR-XB500 Review

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The Sony MDR-XB500’s are quite popular among the headphone community, and for good reason. These headphones really are the basshead’s dream – the quality of the bass is exceptional, as is the amount of bass produced. In other words, when its needed the bass really kicks hard and sounds great – when less bass is needed it will not be forced but its definitely always there. All genres of music sound great with the MDR-XB500’s, and they are hard to compete with in terms of bass sound quality.

“The XB500 thumps, it hits diligently, and delivers a dense sounding bass where it’s needed…these headphones are very bass oriented…”

The MDR-XB500’s are full-size circumaural closed back headphones. The earcups are wrapped in soft leather and have the texture of a pillow. The headband is also padded – not quite at the same level as the earcups but as much padding that you really need on a headband. Overall, these headphones are very comfortable and suitable for extended use without any irritation.

The earcups on these headphones are wide and deep, and this reflects in the soundstage. This results in a more balanced, yet all-inclusive and deep bass sound that is hard to come by in headphones within this price range. The XB500 thumps, it hits diligently, and delivers a dense sounding bass where it’s needed. We would like to point out – these headphones are very bass oriented. The mids and highs are given less importance, and for someone who is used to a more balanced overall sound, may be overwhelmed by the bass that these can produce. You did search for the best bass headphones, and the Sony MDR-XB500’s are definitely the best performers in this extra bass category.

2. Pioneer SE-MX9 Review

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If you’re into that perfect “club sound” in your headphones, the Pioneer SE-MX9’s were designed for you. While these headphones are not quite as bass oriented as the Sony MDR-XB500’s (the reason why we decided not to put the SE-MX9’s in #1), they still pack a powerful punch. Overall, me and one of my associates personally feel that the Pioneer’s sound better in many ways. The Sony’s do have some harder-hitting bass, but it also happens to take away a bit from the quality of the mids and highs – this is not the case with the SE-MX9’s. Like stated above, these headphones reproduce that “club” feel to music.

“The bass is deep and you can feel it, while the mids and highs sound just as striking – all carried out with precision directly into your ears…”

If style is important, but subtlety is also your thing, the Pioneer SE-MX9’s will surely satisfy. These headphones are available in three different colors – if you’re looking for elegance – go for copper, dapper – white, or bold and chic – black. All three designs look great in their own light. The Pioneer logo is pretty small, located just above the ear cups at the start of the headband – nothing too flamboyant. The metal design paired with the soft coating across the headband results in a very high-quality looking product.

The leather padded ear cups gently rest over the ear, and overall these headphones are very comfortable. The earcups are easily adjusted for height, and the hinges will automatically change position to suit just about any head shape. The leather padding is also responsible for the above average noise isolation capabilities.

The bass is deep and you can feel it, while the mids and highs sound just as striking – all carried out with precision directly into your ears. These headphones have a frequency range of 6 – 40,000Hz, which happens to be well above and below the human hearing capacity. Although we may not be able to “hear” these subsonic and supersonic frequencies, they do contribute to a better, overall 3-dimensional feel to the music. These 50mm drivers are powerful and accomplish just what you’re after – exceptional bass paired crystal-clear mids and highs, each of which can all shine in their own light.

3. Harman Kardon NC Review

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The only headphones on this list that utilize active noise-cancellation technology, the Harman Kardon NC is impressive in many ways, from its sound-quality to its sleek design. It is rare to come across a noise-cancelling headphone within this price range that does not slack in bass kick, or in overall music quality. Unlike many other noise-cancelling headphones, the NC’s continue to work even without the noise-cancelling technology turned on. If you happen to run out of battery on the go, you can rest assured that you will not be stuck without your music. Regarding the square ear cups and the minimalistic headband design – you will either love it or hate it. If old school isn’t your thing, you might not want to go for these – the NC’s are a modernized retro design with some zest.

“The bass is heavy and full-figured – overall, the low tones are well rounded and snatch your attention…”

The Harmon Kardon NC’s are markedly comfortable – the ear pads are built with memory-foam, and the over-the-ear fit allows them to mold to the shape of your head resulting in a secure, and comfortable fit. While these are not heavy, memory-foam is dense, and so these headphones do feel a bit weightier than the others above. Not a problem for me, but my other tester Kelly is 5′ 1″ with a small frame, and it was much more noticeable for her – so keep that in mind.

The cable has a built-in inline remote and microphone, which allows you to switch tracks, raise or lower the volume, and take calls or activate voice commands. Call quality seemed pretty decent when testing – this technology was built with Apple products in mind. If you use Android or another brand, these features may or may not work. The cable, which is usually the first thing to go on headphones, is detachable which is a nice touch. The Harman Kardon NC’s have a foldable design and slide easily into the included carrying case.

Sound quality sounds natural and is produced with accuracy. In many cases, noise-cancelling headphones are detrimental to overall sound, bit the Harmon Kardon’s continue to sound great. The bass is heavy and full-figured – overall, the low tones are well rounded and snatch your attention. The mids and highs are distinct and sparkle when necessary. If you’re looking for some good bass on a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, the Harmon Kardon NC’s are your best bet. If you don’t really need the noise-cancelling feature, but still want to hear the fineness in your music, go for the Pioneer SE-MX9’s – for those who are super-bass oriented, check out the Sony MDR-XB500’s.

4. Sony MDR-XB90EX Review

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The Japanese multinational company Sony, has produced many successful headphones and earbuds over the years. At present, they offer different types or headphones and earbuds that specialize in different aspects of the wearers’ lifestyle. The SONY MDR-XB90EX is a headset primarily geared towards those individuals who appreciate bass. Primarily, bass is a very important sound for hip-hop, R&B and Dance, so for those who enjoy these genres, these headphones are definitely heaven-sent. In addition to our appreciation here at PricenFees, the SONY MDR-XB90EX’s have received a lot of positive feedback in numerous online reviews and Top 10 lists across the web.

“The bass is direct, deep, and never muddles at high volume…”

Some key features: 4– 27000Hz Headphone Frequency Response (the average range is 4-20000Hz); 200 mW Max Power Input; 16mm Headphone Driver Units; Neodymium Magnet; In-Ear-Canalphone Design; An Impedance of 16 ohm.

The best bass sounds are usually achieved with a good seal around one’s ears. The Sony MDR-XB90EX does not lack this sealing capability because of its Advanced Direct Vibe Structure feature. In an audiophile’s terms, these headphones effectively fortify the sound isolation in order to keep the bass within the ears. The 16mm driver unit also helps to amplify the sound.

As with all earbuds, the fit is a very important aspect of the product and this is particularly a problem for most manufacturers as every ear is unique. The MDR-XB90EX features a vertical in-ear design that enables the wearer to feel less weighed down by the earbuds and the tips are made up of hybrid silicone rubber. These all combine to make a great fitting earbud, with comfort as the primary focus for those with a variety of ear sizes.

These headphones are a great choice overall. As advertised, it really delivers an excellent bass sound, which is hard to compete with as far as other earbuds go. The bass is direct, deep, and never muddles at high volume. For those looking for in-ear monitors with the best bass, the SONY MDR-XB90EX’s are your best bet.

5. V-MODA Crossfade LP Review

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The gold standard when it comes to bass headphones is undoubtedly the Beats line of headphones by Dr. Dre. That line redefined the average pair of consumer heaphones — great design paired with an extreme emphasis on lows. But, what the Beats line lacks is some excellent mid and high frequency sound quality that top-end headphones should always have. The V-MODA Crossfade LP tries to replicate that formula but goes on to add its own touches. So how does it fare against the competition?

V-MODA went with a largely industrial design for the Crossfade LP. Metal accents and exposed screws dominate the Crossfade LP’s design which comes in a variety of colors. The shield-like design of the earcups is complemented by the leather-wrapped headband. The audio cable is braided and V-MODA also threw in a swanky-looking “exoskeleton” carrying case that for some reason, looks like a snake about to strike. Awesome.

The Crossfade LP is extremely comfortable when worn and competes with the best of the best when it comes to comfort. The soft faux leather earpads really do their job, providing a feathery hug over the ears. The headband is also really flexible and users should have no issues in terms of fit. The Crossfade LP doesn’t fold but the carrying case handles that issue as the headphones fit perfectly inside. It may be a bit bulky inside a bag though.

The build quality of the Crossfade LP is fantastic. The choice of materials really evokes a premium feel. The audio cable is also Kevlar-reinforced for added durability.

In terms of being a pair of bass-oriented headphones, the Crossfade LP is excellent. V-MODA packed in 50-mm dual diaphragm drivers, consisting of a center dome and a wraparound flexure. The former is for the mids and highs while the latter is for the lows. And the lows really shine with crisp, booming bass that never really overpowers the mids or highs like you may see in some Beats by Dre headphones, the V-Moda instead enhances them. Additionally, there is no distortion in any frequency range, at high volumes.

With an industrial design, premium build, and booming dual diaphragm drivers, the V-MODA Crossfade LP is definitely one of the best bass headphones overall.

6. Beyerdynamic DT 880 Review

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The Beyerdynamic DT 880 is a semi-open headphone that is expected to meet the demands of sound engineers and producers, who need a second listening device in addition to their studio monitors. A 3-meter long spiral cable is attached to the left earpiece. The audio jack and the screw adapter are plated with gold. With the headphone is a screw adapter, a “guarantee leaflet,” a folded piece of paper containing product information, and a storage bag made from pleather.

All components seem to be neatly designed and tightly bound with each other. The headband is made from spring steel which adjusts to the head size accordingly. The adjusting screw had been firmly set to ensure that the headphone stays firmly in place. After extended wear, the feeling on your ears are not that bad, though it still reminds you that there once was a headphone. The foaming on the headband was designed to lie comfortably over your scalp.

The velour covering on the earpieces reduces the buildup of sweat compared to other materials. The buildup of sweat is even more so reduced considering it is a half-open headphone. Velour covering is hard to clean, though. The single cable functions to make it easy for you to take the headphone on and off your head. Unfortunately, the cable cannot be detached from the headset. The headset weighs 295 grams in comparison to the average of 250 grams among most headsets. (For high quality headsets, 300 grams would be the limit, which could make extended sessions rather a pain on the neck.)

In comparison to other DT models (DT 770 and DT 990) where the bass sounds are rather exaggerated, the DT 880 sounds natural. The little distortions that exist in frequencies do not in any way interfere its capability to deliver crystal clear audio samples. Its bass is stiff and delivered in a controlled manner. In contrast to DT 990, the DT 880 is much more loyal to the impulse. The bass sounds fast, where only a clear, distortion-free bass sound is produced. The same thing goes for its mid-bass. To some, that might come off as somewhat reserved and restrained, though that still remains a question as to what your ears are used to. Venturing to the higher pitches, nothing will ever escape your ears — every bit of sound is detailed, right to the sound of a leaf hitting the ground.

The impedance of the DT 880 is 250 ohms. That being said, it does not sound loud enough when connected to devices such as an MP3 player or a cellphone – a headphone amplifier is needed to take advantage of the 250 ohms.

7. RHA MA750 Review

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Sometimes, earphones with good quality sounds, and an attractive appearance can make you lose reason and simply purchase them without even considering their overall functionality or durability. If you want to be a smart shopper, you have to ask yourself first, can those earphones last long? Can it withstand pressure and damage? But admit it: Almost all earphones are not heavy-duty, and will generally not last as long as needed, no matter how well you attempt try take care of them. Fortunately, the RHA MA750 is what you are waiting for: one of the bassiest, most durable, affordable, and quality earphones around.

“The sound quality of RHA MA750 is unquestionable. The bass control is perfect for acoustics, jazz, and classical music. The mids of MA750 are above average -the high ranges are perfectly instrumental-detailed…”

RHA MA750 is in-ear in style. The outer part is made up of a 303F grade stainless steel construction. Those stainless parts are acid-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and shatter-proof. The dynamic driver is handmade and makes a clear and natural sound reproduction, and has a good treble with good articulation and sharp quality. It is strengthened with an oxygen-free copper (OFC) cable, which increases conductivity and corrosion resistance, reduces damage to the cable (thus making it last longer), and helps it avoid overheating.

There is also a large variety of ear tips — up to 10 sets of dual-density, silicone, and memory foam. You can select the ear buds for optimum noise isolation so you can be comfortable while listening to your favorite tunes.

The sound quality of RHA MA750 is unquestionable. The bass control is perfect for acoustics, jazz, and classical music. The mids of MA750 are above average -the high ranges are perfectly instrumental-detailed. Just listen to the high range with pop rock and you’ll agree say that it is excellent.

Overall, the RHA MA750 is an exemplary and a must-buy pair of earphones. The deep lows and the precise mids and highs make for a great sounding pair of headphones. While these are not the cheapest, the awesome sound quality and audio experience they provide is worth every penny.

8. Shure SE215-K Review

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SE125-K unique dynamic micro driver technology, takes you in all the lines and folds of detailed audio imagery, and does not disappoint. It mesmerizes you with its sound isolating feature, which mutes all surrounding noise, setting the stage and transforming the mood of exclusive alone time between only you and your audio.

Its rich and smooth blend of the mids and highs and the depth clarity of its bass mingled with its sleekly current, customizable hardware design give you that full bodied lifestyle experience that you need in an earphone.

Its enhanced bass performance coupled with its sound isolating design lets you enjoy the range and fullness of bass frequencies without sacrificing the natural well-balanced feel of each sound, making SE125-K’s bass detail ahead above earphones within the same price range.

Staying true to Shure’s quality, SE125-K functions excellently for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes with formable wires that ensure flexible positioning. It has an over the ear wear alignment that keeps cable clutter from distracting your view. Moreover, its Kevlar reinforced cable is detachable, which makes it both durable and trendy. What’s more is it has a light-weight design that is built for ease of movement and style customization. You have a choice between the traditional translucent black and a transparent more techno color.

The SE125-K’s accessories come with a compact zip-up carrying case that you could fit anywhere as well as 6 pairs of ear buds, 3 of each in foam and flex material which come in 3 sizes—small, medium and large—giving you more options to get that easy, comfortable fit. Finding that perfect fit is key to acquire the degree of isolation needed to enjoy the mids, highs, and the depths of bass, altogether giving you the best possible vibes from what’s at play.

9. SMS Audio Street by 50 Cent Review

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There is strong competition nowadays within the bass headphones segment of the market. Owing largely to the success of the Beats by Dr. Dre line of headphones, brands like Skullcandy and House of Marley try to replicate what made Beats popular among the mainstream crowd – great design paired with tons of bass. The SMS Audio Street by 50 Cent headphones tries to follow that same formula and succeeds on one-upping its established competition.

“The booming sub-bass and mid-bass are both full and detailed and not  muddled or bloated in any way regardless of volume…”

So, Why are they some of the best bass headphones? First is the design that tries to lather its own unique look amidst a sea of design-oriented headphones. The SMS Audio Street comes in a variety of colors to choose from like the traditional pitch black or the more obscure shiny emerald. A simple ‘S’ logo is embossed on each earcup while the padding of the headband contains seams with colors that contrast the rest of the body. The overall look results in a subdued but elegant design.

While the earcups do not swivel, the headphones can be folded for added ease in portability. The foam-like material on the earcups is extremely soft and is comfortable when worn. The headband is a bit stiff but not enough to cause any annoyance when worn over long periods of time. The earcups are over-the-ear and do a good job of staying in position even during the wildest of head movements. The build quality is solid with no creaks or rattles exhibited by the body.

Heart-pounding bass is what the SMS Audio Street by 50 Cent headphones claims to offer and it does a magnificent job of fulfilling that promise. The booming sub-bass and mid-bass are both full and detailed and not  muddled or bloated in any way regardless of volume. The v-shaped sound signature of the headphones emphasize the bass and trebles but the mids are not completely forgotten and are very present, perhaps too present – sounding a tad too bright and punchy in some jazz tracks we’ve tested. The audio output is at par with its competition though, and at times sounds even better.

Overall, with a great design, comfortable fit, and thumping bass, the SMS Audio Street by 50 Cent headphones are definitely one of the best bass headphones on offer today.

10. JLAB J4M Review

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Do you love listening to music? Are you searching for the best bass earbuds that will fit your taste when it comes to style, comfort, durability and sound quality? Your search is over. JLAB J4M headphones are especially made for music buffs like you.

“The bass is punchy and tight, highs are as clear as crystal, and mids are deep and not muddied…”

J4M headphones are among the best bass earphones that you can find in the market today. These are headphones with aluminum housing that are durable and tough, thanks to the elastic exoskeleton guard on all components. The kevlar reinforced cords are flat and tangle-free, but can still be twisted in any direction you want without being damaged.

There is a microphone and control switch made of impact resistant plastic included in the headphones. The multifunction button allows you to control the music during playback. It can be used to skip, pause, restart, forward or backward the tracks. The J4M headphones are available with or without a mic in a variety of bold trendy color combinations.

The quality of the sounds it produces is great. The bass is punchy and tight, highs are as clear as crystal, and mids are deep and not muddied. Its packaging includes three double flange eartips with different sizes and four different sizes of single flange silicone eartips. These eartips are provided to make the users more comfortable and free to choose and change the eartips of their earphones. It has a rugged case provided for easy travel that is safe to use and has a space that can to hold an iPod.

JLAB J4M earphones work well with smart phones, iPhones, laptops, Blackberry phones, Nintendo DS, PSP, mp3 player, HTC, Android and other gadgets that are used in listening to music. For an earphone user, the overall features of JLAB J4M headphones are amazing. The quality will meet your expectations, and the small amount of money that will be spent in purchasing these will be worth the quality you attain.


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