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It’s back to school once again and one thing that might probably have struck you over the past couple of years is how your children’s list of school supplies have become increasingly diversified. They will absolutely include markers, crayons, pens, and pencils — though not as many as they used to be — along with requests for hand sanitizer, tissues, and other miscellaneous items for class. However these days, your kid’s school supplies list may even include headphones. Each student may be expected to have his or her own headphones in class or for certain electives. This trend is not very surprising as more and more schools are making use of laptops and tablets as part of their modern curriculum. More and more teachers would also want their students to be able to hear their lessons and work on their school tasks individually without disturbing each other. This only implies that headphones are now becoming popular in class.

However, when it comes to headphones, not all are created equal. The best headphones for adults may not necessarily be the best headphones for children. Things you must consider, include the headphones’ durability, comfort, volume limits, sound quality, and price.

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