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If you’re looking for ear splitting bass on small earbuds, then look no further. The JVC Canal Type Earphone HA-FXT200LTD will surely satisfy the audiophile in you.

With the JVC patented and newly designed Hi-SPEED twin system, sound quality never falls short on these small but excellent earbuds. The impressive bass sound is made possible via the twin bass port structure. The 5.5 millimeter drivers deliver 105 dB of output sound pressure with a sound frequency band from 6Hz up to 26,000Hz making sure that low bass, clear mids, and crisp highs are all covered. These nifty earbuds can be your next favorite music listening buddy.

But what use are good earbuds if they fall out of your ears often or are too heavy that you feel the discomfort just a few minutes after you wear them? The JVC Canal Type Earphone HA-FXT200LTD weighs less than 7 grams so it doesn’t strain your ears. It’s so light you might forget you even have it on. For comfort and that perfect fit, the package includes three pairs of earpieces of different sizes (small, medium, and large).

JVC designed the HA-FXT200LTD to be durable by using mesh covered cables so breakage due to frequent bending and stretching is avoided. The 3.5 millimeter stereo jack is also gold coated to prevent corrosion.

Each set of these JVC earbuds comes with a carrying case and a clip. Coupled with its light weight, they are ultra-portable making them easy to carry around whatever activity you are in.

Of course, style is something that should never be left out and JVC is not one to ignore that factor. The minimalistic black color with silver accents makes the JVC Canal Type Earphone HA-FXT200LTD stylish. The design is elegant but definitely not overacting.

Audio-Technica Solid Bass In-Ear Headphones (ATH-CKS55USBK) Review

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When it comes to bold statements, the Audio-Technica Solid Bass In-Ear Headphones is able to live up to its claim. In-ear headphones are notorious for being trebly and unable to adequately deliver the low-end frequencies of sound. Well, not anymore! The Audio-Technica Solid Bass In-Ear Headphones manage to give you that bass sound you’re craving for that you just don’t normally get from common in-ear headphones available everywhere.

How does Audio-Technica do this? Armed with years of expertise in the audio industry, this company has managed to squeeze in all the needed components into this tiny package to give you that solid bass sound. These in-ear headphones come with a dual chamber to provide richness in the sonic quality of the bass.

Now, you won’t have to worry about the comfort and portability being affected by style — and vice versa. When it comes to the aesthetics, Audio-Technica hasn’t sacrificed anything in the looks department. It still remains very small. In fact, if you put it side by side with a normal in-ear headphone, you’ll barely notice the size difference!

These in-ear headphones are also very light so wearing them for extended periods of time won’t give you sore ears. Armed with Audio-Technica’s soft rubber ear buds, it is gentle on the skin and non-irritating so you’ll be enjoying your music for a really long time.

Durability-wise, these in-ear headphones can withstand average to slightly higher than average daily abuse without receiving any long-term damage. But if you really want to keep your headphones for a really long time, keep them safe in their travel case and make sure you handle it with care.

Truly, the Audio-Technica Solid Bass In-Ear Headphones is the perfect set for audiophiles who love a good serving of bass!

JVC HAFX1X Xtreme-Xplosivs Earbuds Review

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Some manufacturers of earphones don’t have a good idea of how to make their customers happy. But JVC is an exception. What they have with their Xtreme-Xplosivs is something that is surely going to make in-ear canal headphone users think that their search is over. These in-ears never fail to impress new users and make them think of how technology can really bring in an experience worth remembering.

Sound Quality: It seems that JVC has finally gotten to pick the perfect mixing for any level of sound with these items. These earbuds produce a bass quality that you can only call “pronounced but not hurting to the ears.” Other users have said that the bass is “damn” good, although there’s more to it than perfecting the mids and the highs.

Comfort: You are probably thinking that this is another of those items which fail miserably when someone using them is doing a workout or when exposed to sweat. Well, these pieces are designed so that they’d resist water and salt altogether. They’re perfect for workouts and any activity that requires a lot of body movements, because they don’t fall out like others do.

As long as you know your size and you are buying what’s exactly for you, you should be having no problem, whether you are using them while trying to fall asleep, on the go, or just sweating it out in the gym.

Durability: Some users, after using these buds for years, can only say that these are “energizers.” These pieces keep working hard on and on — the sound doesn’t break and the cords are still intact after years and years of use.

User Satisfaction: If you want your money’s worth or to make an audiophile friend or relative happy, you won’t go wrong with the JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme-Xplosivs Earbuds. These are some of the top-rated bass earphones on the market.

Philips SHE8500 Earbuds Review

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Why are the Philips SHE8500 in-ear headphones one of the best bass earbuds around? That’s because its aesthetic performance and design are perfect for on-the-go individuals. Because of the product’s compact size, one can travel, jog, or dance much easier than ever without having to wear headphones with over-the-head styles. The in-ear design has a passive noise-cancelling capability for an enhanced listening experience. This means that the earbuds of this canal type and in-ear audio accessory are placed inside the ear canals for a superb sound and enhanced extra bass. Keep listening to any audio source with the SHE8500’s wired connectivity.

This product is designed for comfort even after extended hours of use. It contains ultra small high quality speakers plus 3 ear cap sizes to choose from. Ensuring a snug and optimal fit in the ears will also help block out unwanted external noise. So, enjoy listening to superb music quality even at low volume settings.

The SHE8500 is ergonomically designed with a long cable that measures 1.2 meters and a gold plated 3.5-mm connector. One can wrap the cable around the neck and avoid cable tangling because of its flexi-grip durable design and asymmetric configuration. When it comes to durability, the cables are mainly composed of oxygen-free coppers.

Philips SHE8500 in-ear headphones feature two 10-millimeter driver units which are capable of transforming electrical inputs into high level, musically accurate sound waves. Typically, every electrical input of 1 mW can be transformed into sound waves of 102 dB. These driver units also carry Neodymium magnets responsible for providing enhanced sensitivity and bass performance.

In addition, the product lives up to being loud with an impedance of 16 ohms. There’s a balanced representation present in every beat of an original track because of the product’s frequency response that ranges from 6 Hz to 23,500 Hz. The Philips SHE8500 in-ear headphones are ideal for music players and mobile phones because it has a maximum power input of 50 mW.

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