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ExtensivelyReviewed offers reviews and ratings on a variety of health and fitness equipment, from treadmills and indoor bicycles to our favorite fish oil and curcumin supplements. One way I stay motivated is by following my favorite health and fitness bloggers. I’ve dedicated this article to my personal favorites, whose exciting updates and bubbly personalities keep me wanting to workout and eating healthy. This is a list of my favorite 15 health and fitness bloggers, whom offer the best content and will be sure to keep you inspired. Some of them post daily while others post monthly. However, each has well-written content and offers a unique perspective on fitness and living healthy, and are surely worth a read. [no_toc]

My first selection for this list is avid runner Steff, who never fails to provide me with great new workout music with her “Tunes Tuesday” segment. Between her races and marathons, she likes to update us on her latest top picks for her favorite fitness items. You’ll never be short of fun new updates that are well-worth your time.

No-one starts at the top of their game. Denise from Run DMT is just like the rest of us. Before beginning her fitness journey she struggled to run even half a mile, but, inspiringly so, through hard work and commitment, she ran her first 5K race in Thanksgiving 2007, having only discovered her adoration for running that same year. Amazingly, Denise copes with being the mother of 3 young children whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and regular workouts. One of the key elements of this blog that make it one of my top picks to follow are the healthy meals and recipes she shares with us. Achieving the body of your dreams is about finding a balance between diet and exercise regime, so this will surely help you on your journey. This blog is essential for any running fanatics out there; definitely, give it a follow. Not only this, but she offers insight into how her lifestyle is influential in her family life. It could really help any parents see how easy it is to cook meals for your family that are not only delicious but also incredibly healthy. If this is the beginning of your fitness journey, then this blog with its wonderful photo album and enjoyable anecdotes is one to watch.

When Natalie’s daughter was born, she was in a bad place. Having lost her home, retirement funds and husband, she was without her home, penniless and alone. Due to these pressures, weight gain was rapid, and her mental health declined, leading to depression and a poor self-image. However, instead of feeling sorry for herself and accepting her life like this, she fixed it. She envisioned what she wanted her life to be like and made it happen. She aimed high and achieved it, tirelessly working to improve her life and health. Instead of turning to junk food, she chose healthy options and made good choices. With an inspirational story like that, you’ll always be reminded of why you work out: to make your life better for you and you alone. Natalie is one of my favorite bloggers who I’ve been following for quite some time now.

For all of you healthy eaters out there, you need to have a ready of the lifestyle blog, Simply Taralynn. Creating meals that are not only delicious but also healthy can be a challenge, but Taralynn does it and with methods that are easy to recreate yourself. SimplyTaralynn has been in the business a long time, having early roots on Tumblr over six years ago. It’s truly no wonder with that much experience how her own recently developed website offers tasty meals that will help keep off the pounds. You’re sure to fall in love with her fun-loving personality, as she discusses a variety of topics with her followers and isn’t afraid to share the details of her exciting and inspiring life, which is very centric on fitness and healthy eating, as well as everything else you may want to know about from fashion to holidays to eating out.

Annette Spanski, the blogger behind Keep Life Simple, is one of the professionals. This girl knows what she’s talking about from her busy life as a fitness coach, so rest assured her blog is perfect for you. One may expect your health to decline as you age, but at 51, Annette has never looked better. She credits this to her healthy lifestyle which she loves to share on her blog. I know I want to look and feel younger just like Annette does, and I know I can achieve that by following her suggestions and fitness regime. Her personal e-booklet titled ‘Keep Life Simple’ is why I am such a fan. She shares advice on how to look and feel your best, no matter what your age is. Last year she launched the Keep Life Simple anti-aging fitness program. It lasts 12 weeks and is perfect for any middle-aged woman looking to effectively stay or get in shape. Annette knows there is no wrong time to start taking care of your body, so allow her to lead you on your journey to be in the best physical condition you ever have been.

All Out Effort is written by the blogger Sam Yang. Not only is he trained in martial arts and innovative in his fitness ventures, he is incredibly knowledgeable about anything and everything related to fitness. He knows you can’t judge your health based on appearance- it all starts from within. He believes in educating people and motivating them, otherwise, they can’t make progress. He is more than a blogger, he is a teacher, and wants to guide you in your journey. Sam preaches that in order to change your lifestyle, you must first change how your mind works. If you’re going to revert back to old habits after losing weight or gaining muscle then what’s the point? You want to maintain that positive way of life, and Sam is the man to help you. Working in LA as a personal trainer, he truly knows how to motivate an individual.

Karen Oliver began Beyond the Bathroom Scale in March 2012 as a student in college, which is a blog dedicated to her healthy lifestyle. I stumbled upon her blog about a year after that and have been following ever since. Cosmopolitan Magazine saw her talent for blogging and in less than 12 months she was shortlisted for their “Best Lifestyle Blog” award. What makes the blog truly special is the fact that it is based on her own story of weight loss. Complications with obesity such as diabetes and heart disease weren’t too far off for Karen at one point, but she turned it around, going from overweight to a fitness guru. Like Sam, Karen knows it doesn’t all matter about what’s on the outside, nor a number on a scale, hence the name of her blog. She determines health based on other factors and knows the main objective of a healthy lifestyle is to be happy from within.

Nicole is a down-to-earth and hilarious fitness blogger living in the Big Apple. Her aim is to be relatable and practical in her goals and advice, whilst being true to her fun and bubbly self. Nicole’s personality is reflected in her outlook on healthy living; it’s not a competition, and she may not be the strongest or fastest, but she aims to spread the love and joy that working out gives her through various sports and activities. By retaining this upbeat persona she inspired thousands of us to get off our butts and make a change, by using her simple and effective steps. Having even dabbled in extreme sports and having visited multiple NYC fitness studios, it’s no wonder her clear and concise articles are as informative as they are inspiring. Having run two half-marathons in her lifetime and having improved on her speed each time, she just keeps getting better.

We all have our own insecurities and anxieties, and we’ve all lacked confidence at some point. Rachel of Daily Routine Fitness struggled with this as a result of her body image. You know you can find comfort in her blog as it comes from a very deep place. When she was younger, she tried to rid herself of these insecurities by following unhealthy diet plans, which unfortunately lead Rachel to develop an eating disorder. In the end, Rachel was told she had Hypo-Thyroidism and a heart murmur as a result of stimulants she’d consumed. That’s when she decided she’d had enough. She decided to ditch the bad habits and learn how to really take care of herself, and not only that but help other women to do the same and rid themselves of their unhealthy body ideals. Many women try to achieve the perfect trim hourglass figure that they see on the cover of magazines, but the fact is it’s not realistic. We all come in different shapes and sizes and can’t change who we are- Rachel promotes this.

Living in picturesque Brighton, England, Tess is a fitness blogger obsessed with other fitness blogs. She’s a social media fanatic and is a Social Media Marketer (SEO, for short), as well as a copyrighter. But in her spare time, she’s also dedicated to training and working out as much as is humanly possible. Before she began her fitness journey, Tess was partial to alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and was a binge eater. Thankfully, a few years ago she decided to change that. Nowadays you’ll find Tess de-stressing her body and mind with fun fitness and embracing her new-found healthy lifestyle. She enjoys challenging herself, always improving, and never giving up on this mission to perfect health.

After reading Jill’s blog, you can tell straight off the bat that she is running-obsessed, especially long distances. In essence, she is a Director of web services, but she has achieved so much more. Jill holds the title of being a running coach for the Road Runners Club of America, in which she coached four seasons of Team Challenge, an appeal for funds by Chron’s and Colitis Foundation of America. In 2001, Jill set up her blog, writing about her own life before some seven years later, turning it into a document of her healthy lifestyle. Always testing new products and tricks, Jill is an exciting breath of fresh air in the blogging world, never stuck in the same routine. Like other authors on this list, she manages to juggle family life alongside her passion.

Everyone goes through the stresses of school, moving house, marriage, and employment. Lisa coped with these stresses through exercise. Running has kept her calm and level-headed through it all. Life after high school can be tough, although her husband being set to be deployed the month when she would be having a beautiful baby girl is unimaginable, and all that came on the day she would be switching employment. Thankfully everything worked out for the better and her husband could be present for daughter Cora’s birth, however, Lisa credits running for getting her through this stressful time, as it was always there to keep her sane.

Syracuse University is where Nikki began her fitness journey, cheer leading for the university. She’s kept this up and now situated in New York City, she earns money as a freelance writer about health and fitness and also is the face of eleven fitness DVDs, videos, and apps. As the creator of the Slimnastics Workout, she’s helped men and women everywhere get into shape, with the effective exercises being used across all forms of media (not to mention the New York Times!) As a professional personal trainer, she understands what works for people, and her time as a yoga instructor allow her to help people find their inner Zen. Young, old, or somewhere in the middle- you’ll definitely find this blog helpful in your own journey.

Bonnie and Steve: the lovable faces of the Pfit blog. They are realistic in their outlook on fitness, balancing food and exercise, as well as your mentality (“pfaith”, as they call it). They’re not afraid to share their ups and downs, but never fail to provide you with the latest workout routines and healthy meal ideas. Their honest approach is everything you need in a fitness blog, as they make every goal achievable. At their heart of their 22-year marriage is fitness and they want to share the love by posting daily updates to keep you on track. Unsurprisingly, this pair runs a fitness boot camp in Florida, which featured high-intensity exercise that is sure to get you in shape. A documentary crew from A&E followed clients at their camp in their own fitness journeys, helping them in their transformation from “Fit to Fat to Fit”. Numerous magazines have also featured these bloggers, as they have changed people both mentally and physically for the better. One might say you’ll even be “pfit”.

The author of this blog is PJ, the holder of a B.S. in Science, earned from Seattle Pacific University, and has the title ‘Strength and Conditioning Specialist’. Ever since the 80s, this man has grown his empire of fitness into what it is today and transformed the lives of countless people in the process, either helping them at home or at the training center. After observing what worked best for his trainees, he developed the perfect training program which he ran at X-Gym in Seattle. Through his studies and research, he’s constantly developing new ways to improve people’s lives and keep working out as efficiently as possible. PJ is one of my favorites and is sure to help you change your health for the better in the long run.

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