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Among the various factors that have contributed to the popularity of paint sprayers, one is their ability to offer you a uniform finish. Before you opt for a paint sprayer, there are some questions that you need to ask yourself. The answers you find will ensure that you select the paint sprayer which will fulfill your requirements.

What is the nature of the projects that the paint sprayer can be used for? The kind of tasks that you hope to accomplish with the paint sprayer will play a significant role in enabling you to decide the kind of sprayer you ought to get. If your project involves doing the interior or exterior walls of your house, you would not have to focus on being precise. On the other hand, if you need to paint furniture, you will have to pay attention to precision.

What materials would the sprayer be used on? Most of the options available with paint sprayers have the ability to be used on different types of materials. These include the likes of plastic, wood, sheetrock, and metal among others.

The area that needs to be painted is an important factor as well. How large is it? As discussed before, if you are working on a surface area that is large, it is not important for you to be precise. In such a situation, you should strive to get your hands on a sprayer which is versatile and can be used for all types of purposes, whether you want to paint on a large surface area or areas where precision needs to be given importance.

The thickness of the coating material you make use needs to be taken into account. There are many types of paint sprayers that can handle all types of paints, stains and lacquers among other things. It is advisable that you opt for one that offers you such versatility.

How much would the paint sprayer be in use? If you do not intend to use the sprayer frequently, it is not essential for you to get your hands on an advanced model with numerous features. The scenario would be different if you intend to use it often. If you would be using it frequently for professional tasks or for the purpose of painting furniture, you ought to get an advanced model which would be able to bear the excessive workload you pile on it.

The Good

One of the biggest appeals of paint sprayers is that they can cover large areas in little time without requiring the user to do much. This is a huge benefit when you compare it to the time and effort which goes into using paint rollers and brushes.

Another appealing factor with regards to paint sprayers is the quality of the coat that they produce. The coating produced by this tool has much more evenness as compared to that produced by the other tools. It is also quite easy to produce a thin coat using a paint sprayer as compared to the other options.

Lastly, paint sprayers prove to be more effective when it comes to coating the areas that are hard to reach or on uneven surfaces. Both these situations can be rather frustrating and can take up a lot of time if you use a paint brush or roller.

The Bad

Paint sprayers are not without faults. Like every other tool, they also have their set of disadvantages. They take quite a bit of effort in prepping and cleaning up. Everything that you do not want to be painted would have to be covered up with the help of a tarp or some other protective covering. This precaution needs to be taken because paint sprayers have the tendency to overspray. So although sprayers take less time in painting, the time in prepping up needs to be taken into account. It is also important for the tool to be cleaned extensively so that it can be maintained in the best way.

For small jobs, you will probably find paint brushes or rollers to be a better option. A can of spray paint might be a good option too. A paint sprayer can be quite an expensive tool and thus, if you are not going to use it more than once or twice, you will not be able to get its full worth.

Paint sprayers also carry a certain level of danger. Many paint sprayers operate at high pressure, which can lead to the skin breaking. Since the paint is often composed of toxic substances, in case of an accident, the paint might get under the skin. If such an incident occurs, you need to seek emergency medical attention at the earliest.

Conventional Paint Sprayers

Conventional sprayers make use of an air compressor in order to create a smooth and thin finish of coating. The air compressor is built into a paint sprayer. There are many models of paint sprayers which can be attached to an external air compressor as well. If you own an external air compressor, this is an opportunity for you to limit your expenses. For those who do not own it, they need to take the added cost of an air compressor into account as well.

There are three main parts of a conventional sprayer: paint basin, nozzle and trigger, and air compressor. To use the sprayer, the user needs to fill the paint basin with paint or any other coating, following which the sprayer needs to be hooked up to a power source and the trigger needs to be pulled. The compressed air mixes with the paint and atomizes it, after which it shoots the paint out of the nozzle to create a thin and smooth coat of paint.

This type of sprayer can be a bit tricky to use. There are many models that allow you to adjust the width of the spray fan along with the flow of the paint and air, with each factor having an effect on the other. This can take some time to get used to and to understand. However, the control and customization that this offers can prove to be highly beneficial.

One downside of these sprayers is that they are wasteful. They have a transfer rate of around 15-30%, which implies that merely 15-30% of the paint is transferred from the basin to the surface. The rest becomes overspray, which makes it messy and costly.

High Volume / Low Pressure Paint Sprayers

These sprayers were developed due to the issues faced by users of conventional sprayers. Thanks to the combination of higher volume of air with low pressure, these paint sprayers offer an 80% transfer rate. The sprayer tends to produce a highly smooth and fine coating, and generally an HLVP finish often looks better. It is well known for the accuracy it offers. Thus, it is the ideal choice for precise and accurate projects.

Its downside is that speed is compromised due to the efficiency it offers. It is best suited for projects not larger than the size of a door because it is too slow when it comes to major projects. These sprayers also offer the feature of adjustable spray fan width along with paint flow and airflow settings. While they might take some time getting used to, you will find them to be beneficial in the long run.

Airless Paint Sprayers

For projects where you are not too worried about overspray, this sprayer is the perfect choice. An electric motor, a gas motor, or a hydraulic motor powers it. Some are even powered by air compression.

The high power of this sprayer is its major advantage. It tends to operate under rather high pressure, thus creating a thick, uniform coating which leads to a reduced number of coats that are required for completing a project. It is quite effective when it comes to penetrating cracks that are difficult to reach or coating uneven surfaces. The coats applied by these sprayers tend to adhere rather well to the surface, which implies that the effect is long lasting. They are among the fastest sprayers that are available on the market.

These sprayers do not have adjustable settings. To adjust the settings, the user needs to purchase different tips and attach them to the sprayer. Buyers need to take this factor into account while thinking about their budget.

Features To Consider

By using paint sprayers, you stand to attain a number of features. Different models have different features to offer. You need to have some knowledge about the characteristics that you want in your sprayer, which will ensure that you get your hands on the right model.

Adjustable Settings: Paint sprayers that offer adjustability ensure that you can attain coats of variable thickness in different patterns. This also ensures that you have control over the speed of the application of the paint. Thus, the paint sprayer is customizable.

Cleanup Time: The process of cleaning this tool is not what many like to perform. This is due to the fact that it takes up a lot of time, especially when you consider the time that goes into cleaning other tools such as rollers and brushes. There are some models, which are connected with a garden hose, which makes it easier to clean them. Others, such as HomeBright sprayers, make use of a bag system, which offers quite a bit of ease in terms of cleaning.

Portability: The portable sprayers ensure that you can use them for all sorts of projects with ease. Some have backup carrying mechanism in place, while others have wheels.

Power Source:  They are powered by different sources. Some run by battery, while others use electricity to function. There are tools which also make use of gas for this purpose. Each is advantageous in certain situations.


Making use of certain accessories would enhance the efficiency of the paint sprayer you purchase. In addition to this, the usage of these accessories would ensure that the product lasts for a long time.

Extension Rods: These can prove to be highly beneficial when it comes to painting the areas that you are unable to reach. If you are worried about straining your back while painting areas such as ceilings or decks, you can use extension rods to ensure that this is not a problem that you have to face.

Paint Sprayer Filters: Often, you find that painting does not attain a smooth finish due to the accumulation of debris in the paint. To deal with this issue, you can use these filters. They would also prevent the formation of clogs.

Protective Gear: While using a paint sprayer, protection needs to be ensured. You should ensure that you use protective clothing in addition to goggles and graded respirator while you do the task.

Spray Tips: There are tips available in the market, which would provide you with a different spray pattern compared to the usual ones that sprayers produce. You can use them to handle the consistency of the paint as well. You will find this accessory to be beneficial for all sorts of projects, be it indoor ones or outdoor ones.

1. Wagner 0518080 Review

This sprayer is best suited for all the local professionals out there along with people who like to do small projects in their homes by themselves. Professionals who have the task of designing and finishing interiors would find it to be a rather reliable option. The sprayer can also be used for some large scale projects. The reason for this is the fact that it is perfect for walls or any other surface, which needs the coating of latex paint. Projects involving components, which are thin including the likes of lacquers and stains, can also benefit from it.

The sprayer proves to be rather ideal for renovations within the house. Jobs such as renovation of the kitchen, repairing of bathroom, and remodeling of the living room can be done with this product with expertise. It has been designed in a manner that ensures you can use it to paint all areas of the house, including the tight corners. A 20-foot hose is provided along with the sprayer which is quite flexible. As a result, you can move the sprayer from one place to another and turbine would not have to be moved for the purpose.

It ensures that you are provided with an impressive finish. There are specialized features in the sprayer, which ensure that you get a smooth finish. The high volume and low pressure ensure that you attain a coating, which is rather fine. This product has been equipped with detachable parts, which makes it convenient for you to clean it. It is necessary that the sprayer is cleaned every time you use it. If the sprayer has a fixed part, this could be a difficult task, so to make it easier and more feasible to clean, the sprayer has been provided with detachable parts.

People like the idea of using a sprayer, which can be moved from one point to another with ease. This sprayer will fulfill this requirement. It is light in weight, so you can use it to cover a large area. You can make use of it for several hours with ease. There are adjustable patterns in the sprayer, which ensures that it can support different accessories. You will find this to be beneficial, as it would aid you in tasks such as measurement of the paint density you use. There is a mug present for the purpose of measuring this viscosity.

You will find this paint spray to be an economical option as it has measures in place to prevent overspray. Thus, you can be assured that the paint will be used efficiently. Considering the low price that it costs, the Wagner Control Spray Max has proved to be a highly effective sprayer. I have used it for a variety of projects, and it has not let me down. Its two-stage turbine makes it highly reliable for latex and thinner materials including lacquers and stains.

The two filters are particularly impressive and do wonders in eliminating the dust from the painting surface. This ensures that you get a clear and flawless finish, which is not marred by dust particles. The only issue that you might have is of overspray when it came to painting vertically. Thus, you may have to only paint horizontally. This is a setback, but all in all, this sprayer would not prove to be a disappointment.

If you are in need of a sprayer, which would work effortlessly, this is the product that you should opt for. It works efficiently and does not take long to complete the task at hand. You will find it to be worth your money. It is designed specifically for use at home and is suited for small projects. If you endeavor to use it for medium or heavy-duty projects, you might have to face some power and coverage problems. All in all, you can experiment with the sprayer with ease.

2. Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Review

The Graco Magnum X5 is one of the most reliable airless paint sprayers that you will come across. When it comes to tasks such as painting a fence, deck or patio cover, this sprayer would prove to be ideal.

If you tend to make use of a paint brush to complete lengthy and extensive painting jobs, you will be pleased to know that this sprayer would complete the task within a short span, thereby leaving you free to indulge in other projects. It comes with an instructional DVD, which provides detailed information regarding the process of setting up, cleaning and troubleshooting the sprayer. This proves to be rather helpful.

Weighing only 15 pounds, the sprayer has been provided with a light and compact design. You will not face any difficulty in transporting it around with the help of a durable handle present on the top. The compact design ensures that you can stow the sprayer in any vehicle with limited space with ease. Another benefit that this sprayer offers is flexibility. You can use 1-5 gallons of paint directly, which saves you quite a bit of time. The hose that is provided with the sprayer is 25-foot long and you can extend the range.

The motor is functional on demand, which implies that it only comes to life when you pull the trigger. This ensures long life of the motor. The sprayer is versatile and can be used to paint a variety of materials including stain, latex and other options.

3. Graco 16Y385 TrueCoat 360Review

The Graco 16Y385 True Coat 360 is an option, which proves to be ideal for home owners, professionals and DIY hobbyists. If you want a professional-looking finish within a short time, this option will be beneficial.

This product has been provided with a long-lasting pump motor, manufactured from high-quality tungsten carbide piston, which can be used to spray different types of coating materials. Thin components can also be used with ease without having to do any thinning. Graco TrueCoat 360’s Vacu Valve Technology use of a suctioning that is comparable to the action of a vacuum, which allows its customers to spray in any direction without having to worry about wasting the coating material or primer they are using.

Making use of a FlexLiner paint bag system along with Vacu Valve technology and double speed control while being assisted by the impressive piston pump and Reverse-A-Clean spray tips, this product has a 3-step cleanup process and ensures that you are able to spray like an expert with ease. Filling the bag is what you would need to do. Once you do so, the airflow will be pressed out, thereby creating a vacuum. You can then spray in any direction with ease, reaching the hard-to-access areas as well.

This product has been equipped with different spray patterns including that of 4-inch and 12-inch (0.015 hole size), which ensure that you are able to attain various types of results and paint thin as well as wide patterns according to your requirements. The reversibility of the tips ensures clogs along with other buildups can easily be taken off without having to tear apart the rifle.

The tool is light in weight and quite easy to clean. You can use it to spray full 360⁰ without having to lose any primer. It works with all sorts of components including the thin and solid ones without needing thinning. It is also equipped with spray tips using which you will be able to produce spray patterns of different natures with an excellent finish.

4. Wagner 0529010 Review

If you are looking for a flexible tool that you can use for both outdoor as well as indoor projects, you will find this one to be an appealing option. Being quite powerful, this tool is apt for usage for both small as well as large projects.

8 gallons in an hour is the capacity that you can use this sprayer for. The unit makes use of an advanced turbine and along with the nozzle technology that the unit has been equipped with, it ensures that the nozzle can be adjusted in any direction, be it vertical or horizontal to produce patterns of different types such as wide or narrow ones.

The unit has been equipped with X-boost power. It also comes along with two nozzles as well as 1 1/2 quart cups. In one fill, these cups can cover an area of around 125 sq. ft. The Lock-n-Go split design is another enticing feature of the product. You can use it to change the nozzle in a speedy manner as per your requirement.

You would be in control of the painting speed in this product. This has been made possible with the material flow control, which you can change as per your requirement. You will be able to handle all the paint jobs at your home with this product with ease.

5. HomeRight C800766 Review

This is one option that will allow you to paint like a pro. By making use of a high volume of air at low pressure, it provides you with an even finish on the surface with no brush marks. Three precision spray settings are available.

The other benefit that it offers is that overspray is less of an issue. Thus, less prep time and cleanup is required. The three spray settings are horizontal, vertical and circular and they can be set anywhere from 1” to 6” wide. You will find that the tighter spray pattern is perfect for finishing contoured surfaces such as shutters, trim, furniture, lattice work and desk spindles. You will be able to achieve a great quality finish on your projects with this tool .

You would not require the use of any air compressors, pumps or hoses with this product. The nozzle is made up of brass, which ensures longevity and strength. The ergonomic design along with the light-weight ensures that you can use it for long durations with ease. The 27-ounce container can be used to apply finishes such as sealers, enamels, primers, stains, varnishes and polyurethane.

There are certain accessories included with the product. These include the viscosity cup, which you can use to dilute the materials as per your requirement and an air blowing nozzle, which can be used for the purpose of cleaning computer keyboards and other small, tight spaces.

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