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Photography has been constantly improving technologically since its invention, but now more than ever, advancements have been made widely accessible. Unlike before when a person will be sitting for several hours, just to have a portrait done for once or twice in their lifetime. Now, you can get a selfie or a snapshot, instantly.

A century after, technology has improved rapidly, that have been unimaginable several generations ago. Today, all you need is a camera that has been linked to a smartphone, and you can share a photo on social media, instantly.

Because of technology, cameras are easier to use and acquire. Photography enthusiasts have access to many photo editing programs and apps to create studio-processed images.

Skill is not Replaceable by Technology

Developing photographs in dark rooms can be tedious work and too technical, but now, if you have smartphone and your subject, you can easily process a photograph.

Simplification of the steps taken in producing photos is quite apparent, how does this affect anyone who’s a professional in this field?

Could taking classes for this subject be redundant? For all intents and purposes, it is valid and it could be explored because there is always room for improving and acquiring new skills.

Only a true professional can fully utilize tools, like technology, to its fullest capacity. Photography may be simplified with the use of the right tools and camera to create the perfect shot. The process of taking a picture has many layers, which are necessary to produce the best images.

There are concepts that are vital to photography, like color theory and composition, which are the two top skills needed when creating visual arts.  A photographer should have a natural eye for the perfect visuals can be used and develop into an important skill.

You should cultivate an appetite for the best hi-resolution images in various media platforms, whether digital or print. Visual images are integral to news sites, websites, online shops, designers’ sites, and a lot of other viral websites.  Great photography is always noticed because it stands out, even when thrown together with other interesting images.

You’ll find too many amateurish shots that are making the rounds in the internet. But, if given a chance to see the artistry of a photographer then the difference can be noticed. A photographer is needed to take the best possible pictures without the use of apps found online. They take pictures of almost every important occasion, and the results are always the best images.

An alternative view to photographers is that they take more than photos, but impressions captured for posterity in the moment it’s snapped. Photographers are artists who talk through images and their unique way of capturing images, which is their key asset and selling point to others. A surprising outcome of cheap and uninspired photography is making professional photography more attractive and more desirable to everyone. It is best seen in events that require this kind of specialized photography.

Success is always anyone for the taking. Artists should find their own individual paths to success. The following tips may help you ignite the passion:

  1. Perfecting your craft and taking it to another level by taking extra courses, that will benefit existing knowledge and more methods can be used to improve existing overall skill.Additional education through formal courses will improve your skills and acquire some more.
  2. Going niche is never cliché, but part of finding new paths. Production of stock photos that are uninspired is now quite an enterprise for many people finding an avenue that will draw interest that can be picked up by fellow artists. This might become a new niche. Getting to know “designers” and what can be used for their designs, and anyone who needs photos that are specific to their specific needs. Or maybe you just love underwater photography – in that case find something waterproof and jump in!
  3. Photography is often compared to painting as a lesser skill, but it can stand alone because of the technical skill which needs artistic input as well.The two could not exist without each other because they are both based on visuals. Showing your work that has a distinct “style” that is in your prints, will make others inclined to display your work just like paintings.
  4. Stay true to the value of your work, artists must never devalue their own work, they should never settle for less. If the work was done with all the “best skills” that you have, then its market value will be a secondary concern. If someone likes it, they will pay for it, whatever price tag you put on it.

Whether you are starting to learn photography or a veteran in the field, there is no reason to worry about the future of photography. There are a lot of huge changes happening, but it could just be what the industry needs.

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