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Self-portrait photographs have come a long way since Robert Cornelius first captured an image of himself. Today, self-portraits have become selfies, and social media is filled with millions of such photos. Nearly anyone can take a selfie but if you’re aspiring to become a photographer, you should start by improving your selfie game. Here are our top professional tips that will definitely help you take better selfies. [no_toc]

1. Use Different Angles

Angles are important in every genre of photography, including selfies. You could use various different camera apps thinking that your selfies will be better, but without the proper angle, you won’t be improving anything. Simply tilting your phone or your head to a different direction can greatly change the quality of the selfies that you take. Most people have a “better side”. You should know yours and always take advantage of it. Moreover, angled portraits are usually more interesting than regular, 90-degree ones.

2. Use Light to Your Advantage

Good lighting can improve almost any photograph, selfies included. Most smartphone front-cameras aren’t as performant as their rear-facing counterparts, meaning it will be harder to take artifact-free photos in low-lighting conditions. In order to catch the best lighting an area has to offer, start your smartphone camera, face it towards you and take a look at the screen. Keep turning around and changing positions until the amount of light on the screen is sufficient.

3. Try Various Accessories and Poses

Variation and diversity are a big part of selfies. Although there’s an ongoing trend where people post selfies of them in the same pose over and over again, it’s not a habit that leads to better selfies. You should always try to use various accessories, such as hats or glasses. Moreover, changing your pose while keeping your “better side” facing the camera is another way of taking better selfies.

4. Extend Your Neck

This may sound a bit weird, but extending your neck improves your selfie pose and leads to better selfies. By extending your neck you can sharpen your jawline and remove a potential double chin. Selfies are about aesthetics as well as camera skills, so don’t leave one out. Further aesthetic improvements can be achieved by raising the camera above your head and looking up.

5. Use a Good Selfie Stick

You may think that selfie sticks are overrated, but when it comes to taking better selfies, there’s really no other external accessory that can help you more than a good selfie stick. Photos where people can see your extended arm are dropping in popularity, while those of selfie sticks are rising. Leaving aesthetics aside and moving to functionality, a good selfie stick can help you take better selfies by providing a much more comfortable reach to the shutter button. A Bluetooth selfie stick is exactly what you need to invest in if you want your selfies to be more comfortable.

6. Spice it Up

Ultimately, a selfie is about showing your friends and family that you’re having fun. Don’t be afraid to spice things up and engage in fun activities while taking your selfies. Don’t feel obliged to do something crazy, but don’t feel scared to try something new. After all, you’re trying to take a picture of yourself having a good time, rather than just putting on a plain smile.

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