4 Things To Keep in Mind When Starting an Exercise Routine

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The way to prepare for a workout in the gym is different for everybody. We each have different goals that we’ve set for ourselves and the exercises we choose to do should work toward those goals. Some of us may want to lose weight while others may want to gain muscle mass. But no matter who you are and what you want to accomplish, there are certain workout tips and tricks that will help you out and prevent you from hurting yourself accidentally. [no_toc]

Don’t Forget Cardio

One thing you must understand is that cardiovascular exercise is important for everybody. It doesn’t matter if you’re a bodybuilder or not because the human body needs to actively move every day in order to stay healthy. On top of that, cardiovascular exercises will help you feel better, breathe better, lose weight, stay in shape and the list just goes on. Now, the differences that people will have in their cardiovascular workouts pertain to how long they perform them and how high their intensity is. The recommendation for the average person is to do at least 20 minutes of low to medium intensity cardiovascular exercise per day (run on the treadmill or run up a flight of stairs). If you’re trying to lose a lot of weight by burning a lot of calories, then you can increase your time and intensity to accommodate this goal. By increasing intensity, this could mean moving faster and/or adding resistance to your movements.

Find a Buddy

Another tip for just about everyone in the gym is to get a workout partner. The benefit of having a workout partner is that you can both motivate each other into excelling in your exercises. When we work out alone, it is easy to get distracted by looking at our smartphones for 5-10 minutes in between sets. The best thing you could ever do is just keep your smartphone in your locker while working out. Eliminate as much distraction as you can and bring in people that will motivate you. A workout partner can do that if they’re just as determined to reach their goals as you are for your goals. However, just make sure you don’t end up chatting with your workout partner for too long in between sets or else that will defeat the purpose of the workout. The only talking that should take place needs to pertain to the exercises you’re both performing that day and nothing else.

Don’t Like Crowds?

Some people may just become easily distracted or maybe they feel embarrassed about going to the gym with a lot of other people there because of their weight or appearance. Fortunately, many gyms nowadays offer 24-hour access to their facilities. Anytime Fitness, for example, is a popular 24-hour gym that even lets members use their key fob at multiple Anytime Fitness locations rather than just one. This makes it so much easier for working people or those who want to work out alone to go to the gym and not feel distracted or pressured by people or closing schedules. Ultimately, this will eliminate any excuses that someone may have about not being able to go to the gym for whatever reason.

Split It Up

Now if you are someone who is just too busy to go to the gym during their waking hours, then try fitting exercise routines into your day no matter where you are. If you get a break at work, try walking outside for 15 minutes instead of sitting in the break room. Heck, you could even stand up and do body squats in your office for 5 minutes or for whatever amount of time you can spare. Believe it or not, calisthenics can be excellent office-break exercises. And, of course, always maximize your workout results by maintaining a healthy nutritious diet plan. Otherwise, you’ll have to work out a lot harder just to burn off the empty calories you put into your body and maintain your current physique.

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