GoDaddy is considered one of the most popular domain registration and hosting service on the web. Today, GoDaddy reported on their twitter profile and later through multiple sources that their DNS Servers are hit by an intrusion that affected millions of websites. Pretty soon Anonymous the famous hacker group claimed responsibility of this incident and justified their act as “Testing cyber security and other stuff which they can’t talk about right now”. Whatever the reason may be a lot of sites and domains (especially those hosted on the GoDaddy servers were affected by the incident.

We also got reports that the GoDaddy Phone lines are down because of excessive custom calls and complaints. The company immediately released a tweet on their official twitter account suggesting that they are trying to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Below are the tweets from GoDaddy and Anonymous relating to this incident. The hacker group creatively used the #TangoDown to promote the news across social media sites. If you are affected by the attacks please don’t freak out since most hosting companies keep a backup of their entire database in a secured private server. Do not try to fidget with your DNS settings right now, not until the web hosting company confirms that they successfully fixed the problem.