What Is Pickleball? A Breakdown of This Growing Sport

You’ve heard of it, but until now you’ve never really considered it. After all, what is pickleball? Surely people aren’t throttling pickles across a tennis court. Or are they? Let’s find out. ​What Is Pickleball? So, what is pickleball? The really simple explanation is that pickleball is like ping pong and badminton had a baby.… Continue reading What Is Pickleball? A Breakdown of This Growing Sport

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Best Gaming Headset Under $100

Along with high-speed and lag-free internet, and an excellent gaming router, nothing else will make the gaming experience more realistic than immersion into the sounds of the game. It gives you that eerie feeling when your character enters a haunted mansion, or pumps you up when attacking your enemy’s base. It also alerts you to… Continue reading Best Gaming Headset Under $100

Best PS4 Gaming Headset

Now with a robust online gaming community and support for multi-party chat, multiplayer gaming has caught on to the Playstation brand which is evident with the Playstation 4’s strong sales over the competition. Which gaming headset would best allow PS4 gamers to enjoy their use of the service? What characteristics should a great PS4 gaming… Continue reading Best PS4 Gaming Headset

Best Router for Gaming

You’re in the middle of an online gaming tourney with participants from countries you’ve never been to, and suddenly the game freezes on you with the error message “Connection Lost.” As a gamer, if you have never been this unfortunate before, you are one lucky bud. Preventing these scenarios and similar unfortunate incidents that could… Continue reading Best Router for Gaming