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I had the privilege of downloading and playing FIFA 14 demo for PC and I must say that the gameplay has changed quite a bit from previous year’s release.  Every year I make a FIFA controls video for keyboard users that get tens of thousands of views. This year was no different and you can get the complete FIFA 14 controls tutorial for PC on the video listed below. Before diving into the actual control mechanisms I cannot help buy point out that the new gameplay (at least what looks like from the demo) is more realistic than ever. The tackles, shovels, ball controlling is extremely accurate and depend on how the ball is passed from one of your teammates to the next.  FIFA 14 also features a continuous gameplay that allows you to play constantly without cutting the action too much like throw-ins, free kicks etc. to name a few. The players look real with their latest jerseys and texturing. Last but not the least this year you can execute skills in FIFA 14 with more ease and every time you pull off a move it feels very satisfying.

FIFA 14 Controls Setup

First and foremost, get some good headphones or earbuds and set the control type to keyboard only.

Browse to the attacking controls section and select alternate as your control method. This automatically adjusts player movement with that of the arrow keys. Now make the following changes listed below (or watch the video above).


  • Movement – Arrow Keys
  • Shoot – D
  • Pass – S
  • Lob – A
  • Sprint – E
  • Through ball – W
  • Pace Control – f
  • Finesse Shot Modifier – Lshift


  • Goal Keeper Charge – W
  • Sliding Tackle – A
  • Press/ Standing Tackle – D
  • Jockey – R (or anything that is easily accessible to your first finger)
  • Change Player – Q
  • Teammate Contain – Lshift

I hope you found this tutorial useful. If you have any questions feel free to use this comments section.

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