Best Modem Router Combo

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Every once in a while, a ‘Swiss army knife’ of equipment graces the store shelves. From mobile phones that have cameras baked in, to TVs that have an in-built DVD player, to All-In-One PCs like the iMac. Oftentimes, these hybrid devices come in handy. At other times, they are revolutionary [...]

Best Router Under $100

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Today, it is difficult to imagine a home or a business office without a router. Routers are very important in a multi-device setting, allowing the sharing of an internet connection for several devices at the same time. The reason for purchasing a router may then be either to tap into [...]

Best Router for Gaming

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You’re in the middle of an online gaming tourney with participants from countries you’ve never been to, and suddenly the game freezes on you with the error message “Connection Lost.” As a gamer, if you have never been this unfortunate before, you are one lucky bud. Preventing these scenarios and [...]

Top-Rated Best VPN Router – Complete Reviews

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What is a VPN? VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. It refers to a technology in networking that permits a user to create a secure connection (a private network) across another network. The network over which a VPN is created may be public (the Internet) or private (owned [...]