Cheap Earbuds (Best Under $50)

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Selecting the best headphones or earbuds to buy can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for; even if you do, it can often be very time-consuming and a lot of headaches. Unfortunately, most products on the market are just average, especially when it comes to best earbuds [...]

7 Best Bluetooth Headphones

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You might be looking for Bluetooth headphones because you no longer want the hassle of the cord constantly getting in your way. Most modern devices are Bluetooth enabled, including iPhone's, iPad's and the majority of other Android smartphones and laptops. Bluetooth headphones allow the listener to move a short distance [...]

Best Bluetooth Earbuds

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Just imagine something real quick – you’re walking around the gym listening to some music with your earbuds in and bam! – the cable gets caught around a barbell and your earbuds are pulled right out of your ears - silicone inserts flying in all directions. This isn’t as uncommon some [...]

Best Sport Headphones

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Just like buying any other gadget, choosing the right headphones for you can be challenging, and quite a confusing task, especially since the market and the varieties of headphones available are increasingly getting larger. Keep in mind, though, that the “perfect” set of headphones you may be using for your [...]

Best Ski Helmet Headphones

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Wearing a helmet used to not be very cool, but is essential in skiing and snowboarding to protect yourself from concussion during those rough moments when you tumble. But, zooming down the mountain doesn’t have to be a silent and dull experience inside of that helmet. If you invest in [...]

Best Bass Headphones

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With the most popular music genres, many music enthusiasts find themselves chasing after one very important aspect of the sound, deep bass. And that, in the same respect has sparked great developments in headphones and earbuds technology. Cranking up the bass can make you feel powerful. The best bass headphones [...]

Best Earbuds Under $200

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Earbuds, often referred to as earphones, have become more popular as the need for maximum portability has increased. If you've found this article, you're looking to take your music listening experience up a few notches. This guide reviews the top rated earbuds under $200. Within this price range, you can [...]

Best Headphones for Metal

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Music is often considered to be food for the soul, but this is especially true if you listen to heavy metal. Unlike any other kind of music, heavy metal is mysterious and is rendered in diverse styles. It takes years, sometimes even the entire life to be able to understand [...]

Best DJ Headphones

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Music is to the soul just as words are to the mind - But music has a wide range, and each kind of music requires its own set of equipment and settings to enjoy it to the fullest. One such instance is for DJ music, which includes the sensational rise [...]

Best Audiophile Headphones

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With a myriad of options to choose from, purchasing the right pair of headphones can be a daunting task. This guide aims to help narrow down the wide array of choices. The most common factors which buyers often look for are the following: form and style, sound quality, ergonomic design, [...]

Most Durable Earbuds

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Finding the best durable earbuds can be tricky. Most gadgets that are designed to play music come with a free pair, but they’re not known to last that long. They’re good for infrequent use, maybe listening to music and a couple of movies. However, some people take listening to music [...]

Best Headphones for Airplane Travel

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Flying in airplanes may cause discomfort - whether it be the long lines through security, the rapid changes in air pressure when the plane is taking off or landing, or the obnoxious roar of the engine when you're trying to get to sleep. While taking medicine, chewing gum, or yawning, [...]

Best Studio Headphones Under $100

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There are many kinds of headphones being marketed today and it is a common misconception that they are all similar. However, there is a big difference between the standard headphones that people usually buy that are used to play music recreationally and the kind of headphones that are used in [...]

Best Headphones For Kids

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It’s back to school once again and one thing that might probably have struck you over the past couple of years is how your children’s list of school supplies have become increasingly diversified. They will absolutely include markers, crayons, pens, and pencils — though not as many as they used [...]

Best Skullcandy Earbuds

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Easily one of the coolest brands of earbuds on the planet today, Skullcandy has gained steady support from the free-spirited younger generation through their collaboration with celebrity artists Jay-Z and Metallica, as well as by working with famous athletes in extreme sports like skateboarding and motocross. While Skullcandy offers practically [...]

Best Earbuds

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Any music enthusiast knows it is an absolute necessity to have a pair of earbuds that deliver high-quality music, are comfortable, and have the durability to withstand whatever it is that life throws their way. Most earbuds that come standard from manufacturers just don't cut it when it comes to [...]