Complete Guide to the Best Earbuds for Working Out

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Trying to keep in shape is an extremely tiring commitment that one can make, and is a lifelong process. Bringing a gym bag, gym clothes, and a gym towel is ideal – but for some of us, having the best earbuds for working out is more than ideal, it is a necessity. Working out may be hard but everything goes better when paired with music.

Common earbuds, though, do not get the job done, as they are not meant to handle all the sweat and wear and tear that come with each workout session. One needs a pair of the best earbuds for working out to get the job done.

There is an abundance of choices when it comes to selecting the best earbuds for working out. But in a sea of products, there needs to be a guide in selecting the best earbuds for working out available. That is why we went ahead and listed our top 10 best earbuds for working out below. Feel free to check out the primary factors to consider when buying a pair of workout earbuds, and the full product reviews below the chart.

Selecting the Best Earbuds for Working Out

Of course, one would naturally look at the so-called superficial quality of a pair of workout earbuds — that is, style. The style and design are important as the earphones should mesh well with different workout getups. Either looking flashy or discreet when worn, the earbuds should still look good. Luckily, there are now a great deal of manufacturers that put design at the forefront of their consumer products so picking the best earbuds for working out is easier than ever.

Another thing to take a look at in making a purchasing decision is the comfort the earbuds provide while working out. The last thing one would want to happen while exercising is annoying wires endlessly bouncing around or slippery earbuds that would constantly fall off at the slightest head movement.

Here is one of our gym tips – The best earbuds for working out should be light enough for it to be unobtrusive during a workout session, should be powered by a Bluetooth connection so unsightly wires are minimized, or built with tangle-free wires, and lastly, should provide a great fit for most ear shapes and sizes so they won’t fall off even during an intense and active workout session.

Best Earbuds for Working Out: What to Consider

Sound quality is still king and thus it is one of the most important factors to consider in purchasing a pair of workout earbuds. While a wireless pair of earbuds is usually the way to go in working out, be mindful of the fact that sound quality may noticeably be a bit distorted compared to an average set of wired earbuds. Thankfully, with a bevy of improvements to Bluetooth technology in recent years, wireless earbuds are now almost up to par with their wired counterparts.

Today, there are a lot of both wired, and wireless workout earbuds that exhibit great audio coupled with great booming bass and crystal clear trebles. Everybody has his or her own workout playlist or weight lifting music to jam to — either while on a run or at the gym focusing on resistance training. You may as well listen to the best quality music possible.

Another essential thing to take into consideration when purchasing your sport earbuds is their portability. Some products, while branded and marketed as workout earbuds, may be too big to use that they become a nuisance during actual workouts. It is important to consider getting a pair of workout earbuds with a minimalist design that does not contain plenty of complicated and unnecessary components.

Finally, durability is definitely a priority if you are looking for a pair of workout earbuds. Buying the most comfortable and best sounding earbuds in the world would be a waste if it gives up after just a few weeks of use. Thus, scour for a pair of earbuds with good to great build quality.

A great pair of workout earbuds should have stable, non-flimsy wiring, a great choice of materials, and should not make any rattling sounds when shaken or jarred by movement. Everything should feel solid and secure with minimal gaps or holes in the body to ensure that the earbuds are at least sweat- and water-resistant.

Tips for choosing the best earbuds for working out

Remember that you should consider every feature because even the slightest issue in durability or comfort can completely ruin the experience of a product. Average products suffer from particularly terrible flaws so that, even though they may excel at a specific area, their cons may outweigh their pros.

Some earbuds may sound extremely great but give out after just a few weeks of use. Some may look terrific but sound like cans rattling or have subpar audio performance. Keep in mind that the best products are those that perform well and evenly across all the factors enumerated above.

Westone W10 Review

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Westone is known to produce headphones that are used by musicians during stage performances. Its products are made to stay in place, despite crazy stage movements. With that in mind, Westone has produced another product that is constructed according to their standards — the W10.

The W10’s strength lies in its mids and highs. The bass doesn’t deliver the ground-shaking thump that bass heads are looking for. However, the W10 produces a natural sound that rock listeners may like. Workout music, usually bass-heavy, still sounds great on the W10’s. The vocals sound crisp and detailed compared to the other headphones.

Westone included “true-fit foam tips,” which is made of memory foam, and are more comfortable than the default earbuds. Using the W10 while hitting the gym or jogging won’t make you worry that it would fall out of your ear because the way the W10’s cable wraps around the ear is excellent. Jumping jacks or other types of exercise won’t make it budge from your ear.

Westone has been making durable headphones for stage performances and the W10 is no exception. If you will casually use the W10s for mobile listening, then rest assured that it would last you a long time. Take note though, that the W10 is not waterproof – excessive rain or snow exposure may cause these earbuds to become worn out over time (take this into consideration if you tend to workout outdoors).

Westone included its famous “Monitor Vault” in the W10. It is a super protective case that is small enough to bring to the gym and other places. The Monitor Vault contains several accessories such as the cleaning kit and extra earbuds. The W10’s small size makes it portable enough for your daily needs, or whenever you’re on the go. The W10’s design looks plain except for the “W” embedded on the sides of the headphones. The cable of the W10 coils over the ear, then goes behind. The earbuds sit inside the ear canal in an upside-down position. This makes it harder to come off when using.

The Westone W10 is more expensive than some other brands and products we have reviewed. Athletes and active users may find the W10 very comfortable despite the lack of exceptional bass, which is present in most workout music.

It is strong on the mids and highs, and the bass is direct and hard-hitting when it comes to certain music – if you like heavy metal, hip-hop, or dubstep, the bass is very in-your-face. If you enjoy a natural sound stage and aren’t looking for some crazy bass, but an overall high-quality sound experience while working out, the Westone W10’s may be your best bet.

Soul Electronics – Run Free Pro Review

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Finding a good pair of earbud-style headphones that are comfortable and deliver good quality music is not always easy. It’s even harder to find one that can perform well while working out, won’t get snagged on the bench, or slip out of your ear when sweaty.

For gym enthusiasts, they go hand in hand with other necessities such as a gym bag, workout wear, and a towel. And did you know that each person’s ear canal is unique? That’s why it’s important to find the best earbuds for working out that will not fall out, jam in too deeply, and feel uncomfortable. Listening to music should not be a hassle.

Perfect-fit earbuds are needed while working out especially when running or jogging. They should stay in place and not be popping out in the middle of the activity. There should also be a good seal that is of enough distance from the ear canal so that music will not leak out, thus reducing the audio quality. A noise-canceling feature will be great to minimize external noise if you will be exercising inside a gym.

You’ll find that the Soul Electronics – Run Free Pro earbuds provide all these benefits and more. With its Bluetooth V4.0 system complete with apt.X stereo sound, it gives out the sound quality and audio performance that are found in much more expensive earbuds in the market at a fraction of the cost. The mids and highs may not be as strong as those from high-end earbuds, but they are definitely clear. The bass, though, is excellent.

The Soul Electronics – Run Free Pro earbuds were made to handle normal wear and tear during outdoor activities and at the gym. These earbuds give that perfect fit for every ear and will work for everyone. The look is sporty yet fashionable.

The waterproof body is a big bonus because ordinary earbuds tend to slip out in the middle of the workout as you sweat. The product’s sweatproof guarantee assures replacement if the sweat causes the product to malfunction in any way. Plus, you can auto-pair them to your phone with Bluetooth capability in about 3 seconds — after which, you can then enjoy 8 hours of music playtime or receive calls. With features such as these, this is so far one of the best deals you can find on the market.

Westone Adventure Series Beta Review

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For most people, listening to music helps them get motivated and focused which is especially true for active people or those who love working out or hiking. Active audiophiles may use any ordinary type of earphone but they should particularly take note of the water-resistant ones.

Sweating shortens the life span of any earphone unit and one of the most recommended solutions to this problem is the Westone Adventure Series Beta. Its style is suited to high activity and comes with a water-resistant case with an attachment loop to easily clip on to your belt or backpack. These headphones have a limit to their water-resistance as the cables tend to get smelly even when wiped regularly. A solution for this would be to wipe it with rubbing alcohol. Cables can also be replaced within the given warranty.

More often than not, cable tangling may occur and it is important to know that the Westone Adventure Series Beta is worn over the ears and not straight down like the earbud type. This way there is less movement and a better fit. It also easier to adjust the volume and activate Siri with the headphone’s inline controls. Just be wary of getting the controls wet since they might get short-circuited and eventually fail.

In terms of sound quality, it has a not-so overpowering bass. The mids and highs are also clearly separated as compared to other brands of headphones. Overall, the Westone Adventure Series Beta provides an excellent audio experience and is suitable for any genre. The use of foam earpieces is also especially comfortable.

For anyone who is adventurous and on a budget for accessories such as headphones, Westone Adventure Series Beta is highly recommended as you will definitely get your money’s worth with its high-quality audio, as well as the water-resistant, tangle-free cable.

Bose SoundSport Review

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First up on our list are the Bose Soundsport in-ear headphones. Just as their name implies, these earphones were designed with the athlete in mind. By definition, earbuds designed for use in sports must be durable – they are expected to be dropped, pulled, pressed twisted, rained, or snowed on, and even doused in sweat hundreds or thousands of times throughout their lifetimes.

Most ordinary earbuds have the problem of not being sweat or water-resistant – over time, sweat can soak into the earbuds and their drivers, hindering their performance, and rendering them completely worthless over time. This is not the case with the Bose SoundSport headphones.

“..the Bose SoundSport earbuds sound great and produce music with precision, they are comfortable, secure, and durable enough for even the most active of lifestyles…”

These earbuds are some of the most durable – built with sweat and water-resistant materials, and hydrophobic acoustic cloth coating the drivers, you can rest assured knowing that even your most sweaty moments will not bring harm to these high-quality earbuds.

The silicone tips rest inside your ear canal during use, while the C-shaped wings gently press against the folds of your ear to help ensure a comfortable and secure fit. This design actually works pretty well and is especially noticeable with high movement. The silicone tips themselves are soft and of high-quality, and are very effective when it comes to noise isolation.

The sound quality is very good across all genres of music. Personally, I feel that they could produce more hard-hitting bass. I’m a bass-head and feel that they would be perfect with just a tad bit more bass on certain hip-hop, reggae, or heavy metal tracks.

As you can see, this small detail still did not prevent us from ranking these #1 – overall, the Bose SoundSport earbuds sound great and produce music with precision, they are comfortable, secure, and durable enough for even the most active of lifestyles.

If you want some of the best Bose headphones, that are durable and sound great overall, these may be just for you. If you would prefer a more subtle design, and some hard-hitting, deep bass, check out the Monster iSport Victory’s below, which follow in a close 2nd place.

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Sennheiser MX 686G Sports Review

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The Sennheiser MX 685G Adidas Sports earbuds are designed specifically for sports enthusiasts, making it the perfect companion for people who like to run, whether it be a couple of miles on your home treadmill or a full outdoor marathon.

The solid and balanced sound quality is pretty good for a pair of sports earphones, being noticeably better than other low-end earphones. The mid to high ranges sound clear and the bass is good enough to give you a crisp and full sound. It also does an excellent job of blocking outside noise so that you will be able to focus on your tunes, and you can even turn up the volume without the sound getting distorted. The audio quality makes it great for both inside or outside of the gym.

Compact and lightweight, these are some of the best running earbuds, and they sit safe and secure in your ears no matter how intense your workout may be. These earbuds ensure that you will be able to finish any physical activity without feeling uncomfortable because of the nice fit, even if you tend to sweat a lot. It also has a clip that you can attach to your shirt to make sure that it won’t bounce up and down while you run, therefore dislodging the buds.

These earphones also have height-adjustable fins and an in-ear design to make the fit even more secure and comfortable. It comes with three ear adapters in the sizes small, medium, and large to make sure that you can choose the one the fits you the best.

These earbuds are designed to endure rigorous exercise routines, so you don’t have to worry about them randomly breaking during the first few months. Plus, it comes with a 2-year warranty. Also, you don’t have to worry about washing them accidentally because they’re perspiration and water-resistant. Whether you’re planning to walk, run, exercise, or drive, the Sennheiser MX 685G Adidas Sports earbuds are the perfect mix of durability, comfort, and quality.

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Decibullz CON Review

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If there’s any member of a band who could benefit most from having quality in-ear monitors that are very comfortable and durable, it would be the drummer. Decibullz CON in-ear monitors are one of the best in-ear monitors (IEMs) a drummer could have. Because drummers set the pace of the music, most of them would have to wear earphones for their metronomes. It is hard to hear the beat from the earphones especially during live shows, where the speakers are bursting and the crowd is wild.

Most low-quality earphones cannot fully isolate the sound outside, so the drummer compensates by adjusting the volume of his metronome to the maximum. With the Decibullz CON IEM, there is no need to do so.  These earbuds perfectly fit the ear and the sound quality of it is one of the finest. It doesn’t only isolate the sound coming from outside; but also perfectly relays the bass, mids, and highs as if hearing them from the studio.

Drummers are also exposed to very loud sounds coming from the band, the speakers, and the crowd. The bass drum alone registers at 106 dB — that’s 16dB louder than a train whistle. Sustained exposure to sound at that level of loudness will definitely damage the ears. The Decibullz CON fits very comfortably. Drummers can also reshape it so that it does not fall off no matter how much headbanging is done.

Also, the Decibullz CON is one of the most durable IEM’s in the market right now. There are so many cheap IEMs available, but they only last a few weeks. The Decibullz CON is made of high-grade materials, and are designed to last for a very long time. It is quality, design, and comfort rolled into one — a very good investment.

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Soundpeats Qy7 Review

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Looking for high-quality headphones without hurting your pockets? Search no more! The Soundpeat Qy7 is here to meet your needs. Whether you are an athlete or just someone who has an active lifestyle, the Soundpeat Qy7 earbuds will allow you to enjoy long hours of clear music even while working out.

You don’t have to worry about wearing it out while working out at the gym or if you do your exercises because they are very durable as well as sweat-proof. In addition, it only weighs 1.6 ounces so it is barely noticeable even if it is in your ears.

Enjoying music outdoors is no longer a problem since the SignalPlus technology of this earpiece ensures that there is no interruption or distortion while you are listening to audio. The high-quality music is guaranteed by its PureSound feature, which not only reduces the listener’s fatigue but also cancels out white noise.

The Soundpeat Qy7 earbuds also have a built-in microphone, which allows you to answer any incoming calls even while you are doing other activities. If you think that it cannot get any better than that, then you are in for a pleasant surprise! This cool device has the exclusive technology of CSR 8645 which will allow you to listen to music for up to 8 hours and/or talk on your phone for up to 6 hours. It can even last up to a whopping 150 hours when left in standby mode.

But it does not end there. The earpiece follows the shape of your inner ear and is available in three sizes – small, medium, and large – so you are sure to have the right fit for you. With its high-quality materials, crystal clear sound quality, long playback hours, and sporty design, the Soundpeat Qy7 earbuds are certainly the perfect earpiece for you as you lead your active lifestyle.

Skullcandy Method Review

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Today, there are a lot of available choices one can make when it comes to buying a pair of earbuds. Each manufacturer tries to inject a gimmick into every product so that it stands out from the sea of competition. Skullcandy has always been about design and the Skullcandy Method earbuds are exactly that — and more. So what makes them some of the best earbuds for running?

“..produces great, undistorted sounds and crystal clear highs. The bass is still prominent but has been toned down a bit to accommodate the mids and the highs which are very present…”

Each dual-tone earbud of the Method is split into three segments: the ear tip, a bridge, and the body itself that connects to the cables. Coming in a host of vibrant colors, the Skullcandy Method earbuds feature either an understated, monolithic look or a flashy, animated appearance depending on the color combination.

The ear tips provide a secure, comfortable seal on the ears while the lightweight body of the Method keeps it from being obtrusive if worn while running. Though the cables are surprisingly not flat and tangle-free like some of the more expensive headsets we reviewed above, they are mostly knot-free when taken out of pockets. The build quality is, as expected from Skullcandy, solid and worry-free as well.

The Skullcandy Method earbuds come with a sweat-resistant feature so they can be worn during running sessions. No rattling noises can be heard when the Method is shaken or jarred and the plastics used are of excellent quality.

The sound quality of the Skullcandy Method earbuds is particularly noteworthy. Skullcandy has been known to produce headphones and earbuds with a distinct focus on the bass, which tends to leave the audio quality a muffled, garbled mess if you’ve experienced using other brands and kinds of earbuds.

That is not the case with the Method, which produces great, undistorted sounds and crystal clear highs. The bass is still prominent but has been toned down a bit to accommodate the mids and the highs which are very present. The sound stage of the Skullcandy Method earbuds is amazing and the different instruments featured in a track can be distinctively heard.

With an eye-catching design, solid build quality, and surprisingly awesome sound output, the Skullcandy Method earbuds are definitely one of the best earbuds for running.

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