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2020-12-22T05:22:36+05:00By Extensively Reviewed Team|Bluetooth, Earbuds, Fitness & Sports, Headphones|

Technology is one of the fastest growing man-made innovations there is today. Its rapid progress has made the phrase “with a click of a button” seem outdated as people have become reliant on LCD touchscreens. In the past, listening to music would have involved a compact disc (CD), a CD […]

2020-12-22T03:55:25+05:00By Extensively Reviewed Team|Bluetooth, Headsets|

The days when CB Radios ruled the proverbial truck driver roost are gone. With the advent of modern technology like mobile phones, the internet, and Bluetooth, there are now devices today that have replaced the truck driver CB radios as their primary means of communication. Bluetooth headsets have done just […]

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