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One of the primary draws of the Xbox One, is the Xbox community and the Xbox Live gaming network. Xbox Live is the go-to online service for gamers who are looking for a more robust and entertaining multiplayer experience.

Voice chatting while playing provides a sense of camaraderie that blends well with the immersive experiences Xbox One games offer. That said, an excellent gaming headset specifically tailored for the Xbox One is a must. The following are some pointers to consider when looking for the best Xbox One gaming headset. We also went ahead and provided product reviews of our top 10 best Xbox One headsets for you.

You will thank us later.

The Xbox One is a stylish gaming machine. Its dynamic dual-texture finish and stylish controller will only be ruined by a hideous gaming headset. As superficial as it sounds, a sleek black headset with green accents go best with the Xbox One. Though if the controller is rocking one of those sweet custom face-plates, then a matching headset color can be considered.

Be Comfortable

One hour of gaming is never enough for an avid gamer. Or two. Or three! So it is always important to choose a headset that is comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Look for headsets with flexible headbands – those that generally don’t hug the head as tight as headsets with rigid headbands do. Velour ear pads always get the job done, though soft synthetic leather ear pads are comfortable too. Over-the-ear headsets are always more comfortable to wear than on-ear ones, which is something to keep in mind.

Be…A Two-Headphone Headset

There are lots of Xbox One headsets available on the market that are of the clip-on variety. Though some are really good, these headsets typically don’t deliver the immersion an over-the-ear headset delivers. Most also sound tinny and are only good for voice chatting. Consider a clip-on headset if the Xbox One is connected to a home theater with an advanced multimedia audio system; otherwise, always go for a two-headphone headset.

Have Long Battery Life (For a Wireless Headset)

The need to charge every personal gadget on a daily basis is one of today’s most common problems. A gaming headset that needs to be charged every 2 or 3 hours will never be appreciated by gamers even if it has the best sound in the world. A great wireless gaming headset can typically go for at least 5 or more hours per charge.

Have Little to No Drag Time

In a gaming world full of cursing for lag and every millisecond delay, a gaming headset with long drag time is the last thing a gamer needs. If the killer’s footsteps are heard only after being killed, why bother to have 7.1 surround sound right? Or have a horrible time pegging the beats of a song in Rockband because of the horrible delay. Less drag time = better gameplay.

Have Surround Sound…or Great Positional Audio

Gamers generally prefer a gaming headset with the well-marketed surround sound feature. 7.1 is the best, 5.1 is okay, and 2.1 is for noobs…not. See, the average human being only has two ears. Even then, one can accurately place where sounds are coming from. So while a ton of small drivers may make a headset sound good, a 2.1 headset with great positional audio can still deliver the goods. Besides, the price of 2.1 headsets are usually cheaper than 5.1 or 7.1 headsets.

Deliver Immersive Audio

Great sounding headphones are not enough. While headphones tailored for music can suffice for the average gamer’s needs, a solid headset made specifically for gaming can make all the difference in the world. This is because the sound signature is configured especially for games. Damp corridors, leaking faucets, and bullet whizzes sound infinitely better on a gaming headset. Oh, and Cortana’s voice too.

While there may be a lot of branded headsets out there, go for one made specifically for the Xbox One. It should match the Xbox One’s color theme, be comfortable to wear for hours, have little to no drag time, stay on for long periods without charging, have great positional audio, and deliver immersive audio.

While that checklist may seem long, a gaming headset that falls short in any of the qualities listed may dampen one’s gaming overall experience. While professional gamers are the target market of most gaming headsets, the average 12 year-old screaming on the microphone can enjoy one too. On a budget? Find the best gaming headset under $100 here.

Best Xbox One Gaming Headsets Reviews

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The ASTRO Gaming A40TR is a wireless gaming headset capable of 7.1 surround sound. However, it costs ¾ the price of a new Xbox One. But is its price justified? The Gaming A40 looks like it came from an episode of Star Trek. The futuristic design comes in a variety of colors though the standard black and silver version looks boring. The headset is made primarily of plastic and is a bit bulky when worn. The adjustment tubes on each side look amazing as well as the diagonal patterns on the ear-cups. The ASTRO Gaming A40 TR definitely belongs inside the Enterprise.

As mentioned, the headset is adjustable and for a bulky device, the ASTRO Gaming A40 TR feels extremely light when worn. The ear-pads sport memory foam and hug the ears nicely. A piece of memory foam is also attached to the headband for added comfort. The ASTRO Gaming A40 TR also comes with an adjustable boom mic. The build quality is excellent with no unnecessary gaps or loose parts in the body. The device may be light, but it certainly doesn’t feel cheap.

The ASTRO Gaming A40 TR is bundled with a MixAmp M80 wireless receiver that enables the headset to deliver wireless surround sound. It also comes with a cool-looking controller attachment that adds equalizer and mute controls. The MixAmp 80, though, needs its own power supply and should be attached to the console so the A40 isn’t completely wireless.

ASTRO delivers on its promise of 7.1 surround sound and the Gaming A40 TR delivers great audio output. Bullet whirs sound terrifyingly close and explosions are really lifelike. Gamers will definitely feel like Master Chief, or at least hear what he hears. The 40mm drivers are great not only for gaming, but also for watching movies.

Considering the bundled accessories that come with the ASTRO Gaming A40 TR, and the exceptional quality of the headset itself, it isn’t such a bad deal in the grand scheme of things – even with the higher than average price tag. The sound quality is also one of the best in its price range and its unique design is one of the few that goes well with the Xbox One without matching its paint-job. The Astro Gaming A40 TR is easily the best Xbox One gaming headset available today.

2. HyperX Cloud Review

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Kingston has long been associated with the manufacture of memory cards and other PC memory modules. Without the same level of brand awareness in the gaming headset space as some of its competitors, the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset looks to surprise the competition.

The HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset looks like most gaming headsets – thick bulky headphones, a swanky futuristic design, and an extending boom microphone. It comes in two color options: red/black and white/black though the latter looks more appealing for the Xbox One. There are metal shields in the ear cups with the HyperX logo though there is no Kingston branding anywhere in the body. The headband is made of leather with contrasting stitching patterns. Overall, the design is not the best out there, but it isn’t generic-looking as well. Very middling.

The HyperX Cloud is comfortable to wear. The ear-pads are replaceable and a choice of either velour ear-pads or soft leather ear-pads come with the package. The bendable boom mic extends at just the right distance from the face for it to be unobtrusive while gaming and is removable too for silent gamers out there. There are a ton of cables on the package that are also braided so tangling will not be a problem.

The build quality of the HyperX Cloud is excellent; the entire thing is built like a tank. There are no loose seams on the headband, the leather used looks high quality, and the thick cables look like they could last a lifetime. There is also a carrying pouch included in the box for added protection when packing up the headset.

One thing to note though is that an Xbox One Stereo Adapter is required and is not included in the package. This is a downer as other platforms do not need an adapter. Considering the price though, it isn’t that big of an issue. The sound quality is also a homerun. Loud explosions are reproduced with high fidelity. Positional audio is great and footsteps can accurately be placed in games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It isn’t surround sound but it gets the job done.

The HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset is a marvelous device. It is a solid first entry by Kingston into the gaming headset market.

3. Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One Review

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Turtle Beach is one of the most recognizable brands in the gaming headset market. It has consistently pumped out amazing products throughout the years and the Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One Gaming Headset looks to continue the Turtle Beach pedigree.

The Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One is the manufacturer’s entry-level offering though that is not immediately apparent when looking at the headset’s design. Though an all-plastic construction, the Ear Force XO One matches the Xbox One’s design perfectly. Turtle Beach’s logo is present inside the ear-cups and has a nice design touch.

The lightweight construction makes the Ear Force XO One comfortable to wear. The mesh cloth ear-pads are a little rough and stiff but are nevertheless comfortable. The microphone is adjustable and detachable when not in use. The Ear Force XO One is also uncannily small for a gaming headset, though that is not a problem. The build quality is okay, not the best but certainly not the worst when it comes to gaming headsets. Some parts and joints are stiff and the cable looks really thin. Some of the plastics used feel hollow when knocked on. However, all is forgiven since this is an entry-level device.

The Ear Force XO One is designed to isolate outside noise, but the feature is of the passive variety. The good news is that is doesn’t need power for it. There is also a plethora of volume controls. There are controls for the mic, for the game volume, and a master volume. There is also a feature that allows the user to hear his own voice so instances of unnecessary shouting at teammates can be prevented.

For such a small headset, the Ear Force XO One features 50mm drivers that output quality sound. The sound output is vibrant and everything sounds lively. The Ear Force XO One is a stereo headset though, but for its asking price, one shouldn’t expect more.

The Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One provides great value at a small price – a feat that other gaming headsets cannot claim.

4. PDP Afterglow Karga Review

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PDP is a company that specializes in making accessories not only for gaming but also for phones. The PDP Afterglow Karga is part of the company’s portfolio of products for the PS4 and Xbox One. How well does it perform?

The PDP Afterglow Karga is an interesting headset because of its unique look. The design is mostly focused on the ear-cups that glow when the headset is in use. There are also exposed circuitry inside the ear-cups, covered by transparent plastic. The headset has a dual texture finish combining glossy and matte elements that match the Xbox One design perfectly.

The headset uses memory foam for the ear-pads and inner headband, which is covered by synthetic soft leather. The headset stays nicely in the head and does not fall off even with tense movement from fighting games like Mortal Kombat X. The PDP Afterglow Karga is also comfortable when worn, though the ear-pads can feel a little suffocating when the headset is used for hours.

The PDP Afterglow Karga looks and feels extremely durable. There are no loose parts or creaks when the headset is pressed and there are no rattling noises when the body is shaken. Battery life is also not a problem as the headset draws its juice from the Xbox One controller. Also, LED lights don’t consume much power so the battery life of the controller itself is not greatly affected.

The 50mm neodymium drivers of the PDP Afterglow Karga outputs clear, nuanced sound that is especially great for musical scores in JRPG’s. The sound signature is tuned specifically for gaming and is apparent in games like Forza Motorsport 5 where the engines sound incredibly lifelike. The headset outputs sound in stereo – no surround sound here though positional audio is still great.

The PDP Afterglow Karga is a worthy buy. Its unique design and excellent audio output are hard to pass up in that price range.

5. Xbox One Special Edition Armed Forces Review

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The Xbox One has a mono headset bundled inside the package but that won’t suffice especially for an avid gamer. This is where Microsoft’s Xbox One Special Edition Armed Forces Gaming Headset comes in. However, for the extra money, is the headset worth it?

Elegant is the word that you should use to describe the Xbox One Special Edition Armed Forces Gaming Headset. Though carrying a camouflage paintjob, the subtle but effective design of the headset makes it feel premium when held. The soft touch plastic used in the Special Edition Armed Forces headset contrasts greatly with mesh cloth finish of the ear-pads and the inner headband.

The headset feels extremely comfy when worn, the mesh cloth ear-pads do their job and feel as comfortable as velour ear-pads. The headband hugs the head gently, making the headset feel comfortable even when worn for hours. There are also no charging problems for the Xbox One Special Edition Headset as it draws power from the Xbox controller.

A common problem with the Xbox One is that it doesn’t have a standard 3.5mm audio jack in the controller unlike the Dualshock 4 of the PS4. Fortunately, Microsoft provided a solution in the form of an attachable headset adapter. The Xbox One Special Edition Headset attaches nicely to the headset adapter though the latter is not bundled with the former.

The 40mm drivers of the Xbox One Special Edition Headset provide great audio quality with a particular emphasis on the lows. This makes explosions sound booming though musical scores may take a backseat. The headset is also a stereo affair, though positional audio is still great so footsteps, bullets, and Trevor from GTA 5’s grumbling tummy can be heard accurately.

The Xbox One Special Edition Headset is still a great buy. The elegant design complements the console like no other headset can though Microsoft should have bundled the headset adapter.

6. Polk Audio Striker Zx Review

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Polk Audio has been around for a long time and is one the audio industry’s heavyweights. Its pedigree in audio equipment is solid, but does its foray in the gaming headset market a worthy one?

The Polk Audio Striker Zx’s design looks more like an audiophile headset than a gaming headset. The construction is mostly plastic and comes in either beige or white/blue. The headband is slightly angled which is not common for gaming headsets. It also doesn’t have a flashy futuristic design nor tries to match the design of the Xbox One. It is Polk Audio through and through.

The Polk Audio Striker Zx is extremely comfortable. The ear-cups are large, allowing the ears to breathe. Polk outfitted the Striker Zx with leather ear-pads that gently hug the ears. There is also a nondescript boom microphone that is tucked at the side of the headset. The mic extends long enough for it to not be a nuisance while gaming.

Durability is a strong point of the Polk Audio Striker Zx. Every part of the headset feels well put together, there are no loose parts. The build also feels extremely premium, something the low price tag does not usually imply. The headset needs the Xbox One headset adapter though as it uses a standard 3.5mm audio jack.

Once connected, the headset outputs nothing but brilliant sound. The Polk Audio Striker Zx is outfitted with 40mm drivers that pump out crystal clear audio that is rich on detail. Bullet whirs and footsteps can accurately be placed, thanks to the great positional audio but make no mistake – this is a stereo headset. Even at high volumes, the sound output does not become distorted so explosions are enjoyable to hear.

Polk has made a great-sounding, elegant-looking headset that is sure to catch any gamer’s interest. Though the design does not match the Xbox One’s, the superb audio output and great build quality more than make up for it.

7. Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 Review

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The Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 is a nicely built, comfortable, and great sounding gaming headset that provide better quality than the relatively inexpensive price tag suggests.

The cable is long enough to play from a distance without worrying about snags. These gaming headphones have an in-line amplifier which taps into the analog stereo signal output – the X12 headset is unable to produce surround sound without an additional add-on component. The amp is powered through USB and has controls for game and voice volume, as well as bass boost. A small green LED illuminates when receiving power, and changes to red when the microphone is muted.

The ear cups are sufficiently padded and wrapped with a textured fabric allowing for maximum breathability for those extended gaming sessions. The headband itself is padded and covered in the same black material as the ear cups on the part that rests against the head. The exterior portion is covered in a faux-leather (also black).

The microphone is flexible and swivels, allowing for adjustment into a variety of comfortable positions. One nifty feature is the microphone monitor, which allows you to hear your own voice when speaking. Most other headphones and many headsets lack this ability, resulting in the unintentional shouts that online gamers often complain about. Voice quality is very good, and finding the right voice-to-gameplay volume is done with ease.

The 50mm drivers in the Ear Force X12 is a noticeable upgrade from most full sized headphones in this price range, which are often much smaller. The bass is strikingly full and direct – probably due to the larger than average drivers. Mids and highs sound great as well. We tested these out with music as well as game play, and we have to say they do a very good job with both.

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive gaming headset and are not looking for out-of-the-box surround sound capability (you can always purchase an add-on for simulation), the Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 is a great choice. They sound great, have a sturdy build and are comfortable for extended use. What more could you ask for in a budget Xbox One headset?

8. Turtle Beach XO Four Stealth Review

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The XO Four Stealth is Turtle Beach’s successor to the original XO Four gaming headset. The original XO4 had some problems of its own. They were uncomfortable, the bass was slacking, and there was no option for voice monitoring (many of its competitors were already offering this feature).

It makes us happy to say that all of these problems seem to have been addressed in the Stealth, and then some. The XO Four Stealth is very comfortable, replacing the tight head-grip of the original with a softer and looser fit. Replacing the leather are foam ear cups that gently rest against the ears. The adjustable size allows for a pleasant fit for a variety of head shapes.

For the price, the XO Four Stealth sounds awesome, with enhanced bass thanks to the bass boost option located on the adaptor. Mids and highs are decent and all together make for some very impressive sound in game play.

Voice monitoring is offered and Turtle Beach does a decent job separating voices with the sounds of the game. In addition to volume controls and a mute option, the Stealth also gives you control over the balance between voice chat and game play volume.

While the XO Four Stealth doesn’t quite compare to some of our other top picks in terms of performance and comfort, those looking for the best budget Xbox One gaming headset may have just found their product. Sound quality is decent, and the added bass boost sure makes for some exciting action – if you’re into Call of Duty and other explosive experiences, you will be pleased. The secure fit and adjustable design allows for extended gaming sessions with no worry of discomfort. Turtle Beach targets mid-range consumers with the XO Four Stealth and competes nicely with the rest.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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