Some of you might be a little confused as to whether you need a sound machine or a white noise machine. Well, the good news, most of our top-rated products have the option to function as both. But first, lets get down to the basics as to what the differences are between the two, and what is important in making the decision as to what you need. It pretty much boils down to what is preventing you from getting a sound night’s sleep. If you don’t have a problem with sleep but are just looking to dampen sounds at home or in the office, a white noise machine may be highly beneficial for you.

Those that work atypical hours like the graveyard shift may find that it is difficult to catch up on sleep when the rest of the house is awake and making noise. As you may already know, it can be much harder to not only fall asleep, but stay asleep when there is a ruckus going on right downstairs. Doors opening and closing, kids playing, vacuum going, and TV blaring are all examples of the constant interruptions that you may be encountering. If this sounds a lot like your situation, a white noise machine may be the best solution for you. White noise generators excel at masking external noise and should help you stay asleep despite that fact that noise is all around you.

If you don’t typically find yourself awake due to external noise but find it to be stress related, a sound machine may be a better option. Stress can leave some people tossing and turning for hours. If your mind can’t relax, how can your body? Sleep machines are designed to create a soothing environment for you to rest. The soothing noises that sound machines (also referred to as sound conditioners) create, are relaxing and guide you to those much-needed Zzzz’s. Soft music, rain, wind, highway traffic, or ocean waves are just a few examples of the soothing sounds that a sound machine may generate.

Many of the best sleep machines have options for white noise or other soothing sounds and so they can function as both. The higher-end models have other features like timers, volume controls, and may even function as an alarm clock. The best white noise machines mask external noise quite effectively, while the best sound machines offer the inclusion of soothing sounds to help lull you into a deep sleep. Either way, both of them seek to make sleep come much easier.

White noise devices are made by many different manufacturers in many designs and for a variety of uses. Audio testing equipment, sound-masking devices, sleep-aid products, and power-nap machines are just a few of the products out there that utilize white noise. Maybe you don’t have any external distraction and you just suffer tinnitus – people often mask the ringing in their ears with help from white noise machines. If white noise is to be used as a sleeping aid or for power-napping, we recommend the volume level to be set slightly higher than what you would normally listen to your music at (while still maintaining a comfortable volume range). In this complete guide for the best white noise machines, we answer some frequently asked questions, provide you with important information, and then review some of the best sound machines available.

Best White Noise Machine Complete Guide

Homedics HDS-2000 Deep Sleep II Relaxation Sound and White Noise Machine
Ecotones Adaptive Sound Technologies - Sound+Sleep - Sleep Therapy Machine, 10+ Natural Sounds and White Noise
LectroFan - Fan Sound and White Noise Machine, 10 Fan Sounds and 10 White Noise Sounds
Sound Oasis S-650-01 Sleep Sound Therapy System
HoMedics SS-2000 Sound Spa Relaxation Sound Machine with 6 Nature Sounds

What is White Noise?

While this may be no surprise to you, white noise is not actually white – it is a random signal that has a flat spectrum over a sound medium’s widest possible bandwidth. What does this actually mean? Well, white noise can block out sounds stemming from a wide array of frequencies. White noise is more efficient at blocking out sound compared to, for example, turning music up or blasting the TV. This is because white noise is consistent when it comes to sound masking. Music and the television contain a variety of frequencies and this results in inconsistent sound-masking, no matter how high you turn your volume. The sleep promoting qualities of music have been well-studied, and while music has been shown to be effective at improving sleep quality in some cases, it doesn’t utilize the wide range of frequencies that are needed to mask the most intrusive sounds that trigger the startle-response, and so in this regard it is less effective than white noise. Music may trigger emotional responses to memories and may actually counteract your ability to sleep in some instances. For this reason, music is more suited for relaxation than to actually mask out other noise with the intention of promoting sleep. White noise is not all created equal, and some sound machines produce a much more soothing, pleasing, and comforting sound than others. Soft static or the sound of rushing air is often regarded as the highest quality, and most consumers find it to be their favorite.

How Does It Work?

The idea of intentionally adding additional noise to your room may sound as if you are doing more harm than good. In reality though, white noise effectively blends distracting external sounds (kids screaming, car horns, construction, etc.) into one singular noise backdrop. Pretty much, your brain just pays less attention when the sound is consistent. Hearing has evolved to function like an alarm clock. Even while we sleep, our brain is processing incoming sounds passively while we rest and we are not aware of this until our cognitive sound radar jolts us awake when the sound is deemed worthy of our attention. The context of the sound is what is important, and not necessarily the volume of noise that is responsible for keeping us awake. Ever wonder how someone could fall asleep at a club or in a concert, but startles at home any time the tree right by the bedroom window blows in the wind? The startle response can be activated even while we are asleep.

Sound Masking

When you introduce white noise or a similar soothing sound into your environment, you are able to mask the noise by utilizing a principal known as sound masking. You aren’t actually drowning out the noise, which could typically be accomplished with excessively high volume levels, but instead the sounds are masked by the wide range of white noise frequencies. Lets use light as an analogy to help explain how this works – imagine yourself in a room that is pitch black and you turn the flashlight on. You would immediately notice that newly introduced light source coming from the flashlight. Now turn on the light to the room. With the room brightly lit, the flashlight is now barely noticeable. Why? Because it has been masked by the much brighter room lights. This is similar to how white noise works. The white noise machine functions as the brighter room light, and the flashlight as the external noise that may be distracting you.

Your brain is processing sounds at an unconscious level during sleep, despite that fact you have no perception of this. Noise may shove you out of your snooze. Your slumber may be disrupted with various sounds, and may cause you to wake, move, or shift between different stages of sleep because your heart rate and blood pressure changed. Most notably though, you may not be aware of these brief disruptions and probably won’t remember them the next morning when you wake. Whether or not sounds disturb your rest relies on other factors such as the stage of sleep you’re in, the time of day or night, or the affective processes (emotions) that are associated with the type of sounds themselves. Personal meaning of a sound plays a significant role in whether or not the sleeper will be woken. This could explain why a parent can sleep just fine through a partner’s snores but is startled and fully awake with the smallest movement, fuss or cry from their baby.

There are different auditory awakening thresholds depending on the stage of the sleep cycle you are in.Those individuals in stage 1 or stage 2 of the sleep cycle are more likely to be woken up by noise than those from stage 3, stage 4, or REM sleep (deep sleep). Sounds in the second half of the night are also more likely to disrupt sleep. If you’ve ever shared your bed with someone else, you’ll know that some people are more sensitive to noise than others. In fact, studies have shown that “sound sleepers” or “deep sleepers” may actually have individual variations in brain activity that help make them more resistant to noise.

Why Do I Need A White Noise Machine?

Many people find the consistent noise of soft static or other soothing sounds to be wonderful for falling and staying asleep. Night-shift workers, those who share beds with snorers or active sleepers, frequent travelers, and even pet owners find relief when they start using their sound machine. Some people get only a minor benefit, while others claim it has saved their marriage. Whatever the case may be, if you are having trouble sleeping, a white noise or sound machine may be the only cure you need. Maybe you’re just a student in a noisy dorm room, white noise does exceptional well at blocking out external noise – perfect for studying. A sound conditioner is a hot commodity for students, and a great alternative to noise-cancelling headphones for anyone who just needs to block out the noise.


There is no shame in snoring, especially because it is often not a choice and happens naturally. If your snoring keeps your spouse awake, or even wakes you up at times, a white noise machine is a relatively cheap and noninvasive way to solve your dilemma. There is no need to wear some contraption on your face or ingest some substance – a good sound machine may be very beneficial.

Loud Households

For most of us, sleep does not come easy when exposed to the beeping of horns on a busy street, construction in your neighborhood, kids crying both inside the house and out, music playing in your teen’s room, or the late-night movie watcher laying right next to you. If you don’t live by yourself in a peaceful neighborhood (many of us don’t), a white noise machine may be the only sleep aid that is needed.

Babies and Children

Not only can adults benefit from sound conditioners, but infants and older children can too. White noise may help babies sleep better during naps or at nighttime. Dishwasher noise, telephone calls, or noisy guests can be masked out with the help of a good sleep machine. Some families find that a white noise machine in every bedroom is the way to go, and we think this is a great idea. Sleep is sacred – a sound machine may help your baby fall and stay asleep.

Newborns begin with an untrained sleep/wake cycle that is fluid and begins to adjust to the natural rhythms of day and night within their first couple of months. The goal for many new parents is to get their baby to sleep through the night so they themselves can get some rest. Sleep training or letting the baby “cry it out” is not always effective and may lead to more problems. In circumstances like these, many parents have found white noise to be the perfect baby sleeping solution. Even before they are born, babies are used to loud noises in the womb. Surprisingly, the womb is not very effective at blocking out noise. The moro reflex is the result of an immature and developing nervous system, and causes babies to startle and flinch more easily. Swaddling may help lessen the physical effects of this reflex, but if sleeping remains an issue, white noise could provide parents with some much-needed relief.

Similarly to the shhhh that parents instinctively make to comfort their child, white noise also masks the sounds that might otherwise frighten a baby. Infants may be more sensitive to noise though, so it is probably a good idea to limit the volume ad duration of exposure to white noise. The infant brain needs many sources of aural stimulation for proper development to occur, and so over-use of a white noise generator may limit the range of sounds that the baby is exposed to. Not enough research has been done on children who were over exposed to white noise as a baby, so we highly recommend you limit it to when the child is having trouble sleeping.


Do you have roommates? Are you in a crowded dorm? Maybe your room is just too quiet and you find yourself focusing on insignificant sounds that really should not be as distracting as they are. If this sounds like you, a white noise machine can help. White noise can help block out external noise by producing a constant audio backdrop. Grab yourself a white noise machine and study away.


Anyone who finds him or her in a noisy office can understand just how distracting it can be when trying to focus. Sharing space with other people results in plenty of office chatter, and this may prevent you from having those private conversations on the telephone that your clients may need. Cubicles are even worse when it comes to excessive noise. White noise machines can turn small work areas into a private sanctuary with a simple switch of a button. Students are not the only ones who can benefit from enhanced concentration. Office workers are just as likely to need greater focus, and white noise generators may be highly beneficial in this regard.


Any frequent hotel guest knows that sleeping doesn’t come as easy when you’re out of town and not in your own bed. People in the hallway or that noisy elevator going up and down all night can be distracting and drain you from that much needed sleep. Tossing and turning in an unfamiliar bed is a thing of the past when you try out your sound conditioner for the first time. Once you experience your white noise, you may never travel again without it. There are many portable white noise machines on the market that shouldn’t take up too much space in your suitcase.

Where to Place Your White Noise Generator

We find white noise machines to be the most effective when they are located somewhere in between you and the greatest source of noise. While this may not be possible in all circumstances, if you find yourself struggling with a busy street with cars honking and construction workers screaming, you are probably better off putting it somewhere near the window than somewhere between you and the TV. This doesn’t mean it wont block out noise from a noisy TV as well, but the best results are obtained when your sound dampener is placed between the loudest external sounds. Most devices allow you to adjust the volume and so you should rest easy knowing that you have time to experiment and see for yourself where the best location would be.

How We Tested

If at all possible, PricenFees evaluates the products that are reviewed in our top 10 guides, with a variety of hands-on tests that are designed with the typical consumer experience in mind. Each sound conditioner and white noise generator was tested individually. Each white noise maker was listened to, and the reviewer observed and recorded his or her subjective impressions of what was heard. While inside the room, a second party would produce various noises and sounds, like turning on the vacuum, playing music through speakers, riding a stationary bike, or jumping outside on the trampoline. The person inside the room was free to adjust volume levels of the device being tested, and noted whether or not these external sounds were dampened, and to what degree. The tester was unaware of when or which type of external noise would be produced. The white noise machines and sound machines received the highest ratings if they created the most soothing environments for that were conducive to quality sleep. For these tests, only the white noise machines and those combo devices with white noise settings were used. Each sound machine, and the available settings were listened to. Overall audio quality, perceptual looping of tracks, and realism of sound were all considered. Some people struggle to fall asleep at bedtime, but once asleep prefer silence – anyone who can relate to this should invest in a good-quality sleep machine that features a timer, which will shut off the sound machine after a chosen amount of time. Some also include built-in alarm clock functionality. These, and other additional features were also considered when scoring and rating products in this complete guide for the best sound machines and white noise machines.

Best White Noise Machine Reviews

1. HoMedics Deep Sleep HDS-2000 Review

As far as sound machines go, the HDS-2000 is the complete package and should be considered the Mazerati of white noise generators. Each of the sound profiles is realistic and natural sounding. Additionally, both volume and tone are completely adjustable to your liking. The overall quality of the sound profiles cannot be found anywhere else. The sound dampening and masking abilities of the white noise produced by the HoMedics Deep Sleep HDS-2000 is unmatched, and excels in this regard. The elegant design is tall with Homedics HDS-2000 Deep Sleep II Relaxation Sound Machine and best White Noise Machine | PricenFeesslim base (where the display and all the controls are located), with the speaker’s protective grill sculpted in a wavy design and coated with a light gray.

Three categories of sound profiles are available (white noise, water, and nature), each of which has their own various options (a total of 12 sounds). Ocean, rain, brook, and thunderstorm make up the water category. We enjoy thunderstorm, which is a nice combination of light rainfall with intermittent sounds of rolling thunder. The tone adjustment buttons found on the included remote can be used to adjust each sound. For example, if you raise the tone on the thunderstorm, the thunder becomes more noticeable, along with its bass-filled lightening crashes and echoes resonating across the sky (if you haven’t noticed, the HDS-2000 does an excellent job emulating a real thunderstorm). If you can do without the bass-driven crashes, turn the tone all the way down and the rain effect becomes more prominent, with the thunder being drawn into the distance.

There are four sounds to choose from in the white noise category (soothe, calm, relax, mask). Mask was specifically designed to block external noise and unnecessary distractions, and happens to excel in this regard. Relax is also great for masking noise. Calm has some of the lowest undertones and is a nice addition for those looking for tinnitus relief. Soothe has the highest pitch out of the four white noise sounds, which can be effectively used for many different situations. Many white noise machines are limited to one setting – the HDS-2000 has 4 different options, all intended for different people and scenarios. We love the ability to choose which one helps best. With the white noise setting on, very little noise can be heard from traffic down the street. Additionally, the vacuum, TV, trampoline jumping, and music playing, were largely unnoticeable during our tests. Common household noises are no match for the HoMedics Deep Sleep HDS-2000. For these reasons, we feel this is the best white noise machine to drown out snoring and other noise from your partner.

With regards to sound quality, the Deep Sleep HDS-2000 pretty much blows the competition away. Each and every sound profile is rich in detail, realistic sounding, completely adjustable, and soothing and comforting to the ears. Even when searching, we could not find any noticeable audible loops for any sound profile. This is especially important because the loop itself may be interpreted by your brain as a sound worthy of your attention, possibly disrupting your sleep. No audible loops here.

The sleep therapy option is one feature that we decided to highlight in this review. This takes any of the 8 water or nature noises, and seamlessly transitions them to white noise after you have fallen asleep. The transition is gentled and goes largely unnoticed. This is intended to promote all-night sleep by masking any disturbances with the white noise. Despite the fact that the sleep machine has an LCD display, there is no alarm clock function nor does it display the time. What it does have is a built-in timer than can be used to turn the sound machine off after a set amount of time (30, 60, or 90 minute options). The LCD screen has 4 brightness settings (1 has total backlighting, with the other 3 different degrees of brightness without use of the backlight). With the backlight in use, the screen is very easy to see in the dark. The screen displays the volume and tone of each sound currently in use. Any time an adjustment is made, including the volume, tone, or completely switching the sleep sound, the LCD automatically lights up so you don’t have to worry about guessing what’s what in the middle of the night.

The remote control is easy to use and a convenient addition for just about any sleep machine owner. No need to worry about placing the device right next to your bed. You can place your sleep conditioner just about anywhere in your room and conveniently make adjustments without having to leave your bed. The remote is pretty small, and allows adjustment for pretty much every aspect of your sleep machine. If you find yourself losing small items, a groove is conveniently located on the back of the sleep machine where it can magnetically attach when not in use.

Overall, the HoMedics Deep Sleep is without a doubt the best white noise machine (and other sounds generator) in this guide. Now that we have introduced you to this exceptional product, there really is no more excuse for sleep deprivation. There currently is not any other sound machine on the market that is comparable to the audio quality and sound masking abilities that the HDS-2000 has to offer. The ability to adjust pretty much every aspect of the sounds produced ensure that each individual can tinker with it until listening preferences are met. Tone controls allow you to manipulate each and every sound until. Sleep therapy functionality is a highly rated option, and allows you to transition from nature and water sounds to white noise while you sleep – the combination of the two helps you fall asleep, and stay asleep. This is the best white noise machine for sleeping. What more could you ask for in a sound machine?

2. Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine Review

The Ecotones sound machine utilizes adaptive sound technology, which makes environmental noise that leads to distraction from concentration and prevents sound sleeping. The richness setting changes the tone of the sleep sound that is being played (this is one of many beneficial features the Sound + Sleep Machine has to offer). The sound profiles on this sound conditioner are high quality, and no noticeable audio looping was found during our tests. The lack of any distinguishable loops is highly desired, and leads to a more natural and realistic experience. The sound profiles are rich, detailed, natural, and soft enough on the ears to Adaptive Sound Technologies Sound + Sleep Machine | Natural Sounds & White Noise | Best white noise device | PricenFeeslull you to sleep and prevent disruption to your slumber.

The white noise sound masking ability is one of the best we’ve had a chance to review as well. This white noise machine does an excellent job with masking some of the most disruptive and obnoxious household sounds, including vacuuming, TV conversations, speakers blaring, trampoline bouncing, and others. Traffic noise pretty much disappears as well. Most noise machines have trouble with some of the higher-pitched abrasive sounds like the vacuum or loud TV sounds – the Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine did better than most in these circumstances and was able to dampen the majority of the sounds’ harsh frequencies. While these sounds were definitely still within our awareness, their disruptiveness scores were taken from a 10 to maybe a 3 (a definite improvement).

There are ten different sound profiles (waterfall, rainfall, ocean, brook, meditation, fireplace, train, city, meadow, and white noise) that can be chosen using the circular dial located on the front of the device. We have nothing but great things to say about pretty much all of them except for the waterfall profile. Unfortunately, this setting sounds really nothing like a waterfall to us, in fact it sounded more similar to just another white noise setting. This is not to say that the waterfall profile is bad, it just doesn’t have the same realistic, and obvious real-world sound characteristics that the other profiles have.

One notable feature that sets the Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine apart from the rest is the adaptive sound technologies functionality, which when enabled uses a built-in microphone to analyze surround noise levels and automatically makes the corresponding adjustments to volume and other settings. When external noise increases, subtle adjustments to the volume of the selected sleep profile are made, which maintains a soothing environment conducive to sleep.

The richness button is another feature that functions similarly to the Deep Sleep HDS-2000’s tone adjustment. The richness button pretty much adds layers of additional depth and realism to each of the sound profiles. The richness button changes the tone for the chosen sleep sound. For example, when the ocean profile is selected, the comforting sound of ocean waves crashing is heard – with the first press of the richness button you’ll begin to notice birds and seal noises in the background – a second press of the richness button introduces bells and foghorns to the mix.

The white noise machine can be set to turn off after a pre-chosen period of time (30, 60, 90, or 120 minute options), or it can be played continuously throughout the night. The timer on this sleep machine is equipped with more options than any other device in this guide. The extra options ensure that all individuals are happy – fast sleepers and those that take longer to fall asleep will all have the opportunity to use the timer.

Unfortunately for some, there is no alarm clock setting on the Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine, nor can it display the time. If lights keep you awake, the display button can be pressed to turn off the control lights that may be distracting in a dark room. The Adaptive Sound Sleep Therapy System needs to be plugged in to a wall outlet, as there is no backup battery source available. The headphone jack can be found on the side of the device for those of you who prefer to sleep with headphones on.

Overall, the Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine is one of the best sound conditioners you can find. The majority of the sound profiles is rich and detailed, and has a striking similarity to the sounds of their real-world counterparts. Audible looping is not an issue, and the white noise setting does an excellent job at masking noises that may be disturbing. The richness button is a nice feature, and allows a bit of customization to your sound profiles – a feature most sound machines are not equipped with. For these reasons, the Ecotones sound machine gets big thumbs up.

3. Lectro Fan Review

While not packed with some of the nifty features as some of the other sleep machines above, the Lectro Fan is a reasonable priced alternative white noise machine that excels in sound masking ability. If you can do without the LCD display and some of the soothing water or nature sound profiles, the Lectro Fan is an excellent option. The heptagonal shape of this machine is simple, as are its other aesthetic and functional features. What it lacks in sound profile and aesthetic design, it makes up for in its ability to block out noise – this is highly sought not only for sleep but also for students trying to study or for those looking for that extraLectroFan - Fan Sound and White Noise Machine for office | PricenFees boost of concentration in the workplace. This is the best white noise machine for office environments. The machine itself is small and lightweight, and would take up very little desk or office space. The rubber feet prevent it from sliding around, even with a firm press of the buttons that are located on the front of the sound conditioner.

Typical household noises like the television, vacuum cleaner, and kids running up and down the stairs don’t stand a chance when it comes to the Lectro Fan’s noise masking capabilities. Traffic noise on the busy street outside was pretty much non-existent. This makes this product one of the best white noise machines for those who live in a busy city or find themselves working on a busy street. The stereo and television were effectively blocked out as well. While no sound machine is perfect at blocking out everything, there were definitely times when we had to confirm with the others that the speakers were actually turned on. Harsh sounds, like noise coming from the vacuum, are often where noise dampeners have difficulty – the Lectro Fan did better at blocking these piercing noises than some other white noise machines at double the price.

Two settings (fan sounds, and white noise) are available on the Lectro Fan, both of which have 10 sounds each (10 fan sounds, 10 white noise sounds). For those who find white noise to be more effective at putting them to sleep compared to a sound profile (for example: ocean waves or thunderstorm), then this sound device may be the perfect match for you. There is plenty of different fan sounds and white noise settings, between the 20 different choices you can be sure to find your sweet spot.

Aside from its top-notch sound masking and sound quality, there aren’t too many nifty features to take note of. While it does have a timer, there aren’t many options available (60-minutes only). You can adjust the volume of the white noise, but no other adjustments to speak of. There is no built in alarm clock or LCD display. This is pretty much one of the most basic sleep machines (yet one of the most effective). Powering this white noise machine is a USB slot that comes with a wall jack (you can also power with any other USB compatible device like your computer, laptop, TV, or Xbox One or PS4 gaming systems).

Overall, the Lectro Fan is one of the best when it comes to masking out noise. The main focus of this device is to produce high-quality fan noises and white noise (effectively blocking out any external noise). There aren’t too many extra features like an alarm clock or LCD display. If you can do without different sound profiles and strictly want the best white noise machine for office environments, in the bedroom, or in a busy dorm, the Lectro fan may be just for you.

4. Sound Oasis S-650-01 Review

This sound machine uses interchangeable sound cards to store and play your desired sounds. If you choose to expand further than the 12 sounds that are preloaded on the sound card, you can build up your collection of different sounds. If you get tired of one set of sound profiles, simply purchase another sound card. In our review, we only tested this sound machine with the preloaded sound card. Not only are they high quality, but a few of them are unique sounds that we have not heard on other devices. Six (energy chimes, dream echoes, sleep surf, tranquility, delta voyage, and alpha clouds) of the twelve options can only be found on this soundSound Oasis S-650-01 Sleep Sound Therapy System | best white noise machine for baby | PricenFees conditioner. While we found most of these sounds to be quite relaxing and bring with it memories of a relaxing day at the spa, some had the opposite effect. For example, delta voyage and tranquility seemed to make us tense rather than calm.

The speaker is located on the back of the machine, which is contradictory to the typical forward or upward location. To get the best results, we had to face the machine away from us (which pointed the speaker toward us) or it had to be located directly in front of a flat wall (so the sound could reflect). The Sound Oasis S-650-01 stands just under 6 inches tall, and is equipped with rubber feet at the based to hold the machine steady. Unlike some other sleep machines in this comparison, the S-650-01 is equipped with an LCD display and a built-in alarm clock. The alarm is gradual, as it slowly increases the volume until you wake up, regardless of whether you choose to use the beep or a specific sound profile. We find this to be a nice alternative to the typical alarm clock that abruptly startles with a loud noise.

Unfortunately, the LCD backlight is not adjustable, and so some people may find this distracting in the dark of night. A timer is available (with 30, 60, 90 minute options) to turn off the machine after a set amount of time. The sleep enhancement feature (which subtly slows down the sleep sound as time goes on) is designed to keep you asleep longer with less disruption.

Overall, the Sound Oasis S-650-01 is a decent sound machine, but not quite in the same league as some of the better quality white noise machines we reviewed above. The alarm clock and time display are nice additions, but setting the actual alarm and correct time is a bit tricky and takes some time. Many of the included sounds a great and very relaxing, but others are particularly novel sounds that might actually increase tension. This is one of the only sleep machines that has a built-in alarm clock with a time display, and so for those who want an all-in-one device, the Sound Oasis S-650-01 may be just for you.

5. HoMedics SoundSpa SS-2000 Review

The SS-2000 is a white noise machine powered with an AC adapter (or alternatively with 4 AA-batteries), that is small and lightweight. You could easily fit this device on a nightstand without taking up too much space or drawing too much attention. This is not to say that the HoMedics SoundSpa SS-2000 isn’t pleasing to the eye, with gray controls and white body.

Six sleep sounds are available (white noise, rain, thunder, ocean, brook, summer night), and sound qualityHoMedics SS-2000 Sound Spa Relaxation Sound Machine with 6 Nature Sounds | best cheap white noise machine | PricenFees for all of them is above average. The sound buttons are located around the speaker itself. You can turn the machine off by simply twisting the volume dial, or you can set the timer to turn off after a set amount of time (15, 30, or 60 minute options). The brook (which sounds like heavy rainfall in a puddle of water) and rain (which sounds like pouring rain onto a concrete street) sounds are our favorites, with the rain profile beating the other by just a tad.

If you’ve ever heard the sound of television static when your cable goes out then you’ll see just how similar it sounds to the white noise that the SS-2000 makes. While not the best at masking noise in our comparisons, it did relatively well even with the harsh sound of the vacuum. If you’re looking for a portable sound machine with 6 separate sleep profiles at a reasonable price, the HoMedics SoundSpa SS-2000 is a decent choice. While the overall sound quality can’t compete with the other sound machines in this comparison, it does come equipped with some relaxing sounds that would effectively function to help you fall asleep. If you need a cheap sleep machine for travel without many features, the HoMedics SoundSpa SS-2000 should grab your attention.

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