Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones for Swimming

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Technology is one of the fastest growing man-made innovations there is today. Its rapid progress has made the phrase “with a click of a button” seem outdated as people have become reliant on LCD touchscreens. In the past, listening to music would have involved a compact disc (CD), a CD player, two AA batteries, and a headset that covered the entire ear.

Fast forward a few years, now you can actually take your headphones with you underwater. All it takes to listen to music in the pool is a Bluetooth-compatible audio device and some high-quality waterproof wireless headphones.

With so many choices available today, it can be difficult to differentiate the good headphones from the bad. That is why we wrote this complete guide for you of the Top 10 best waterproof, wireless, and Bluetooth headphones for swimming.

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones Complete Guide

1. SENSO Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Sports Earphones w/Mic IPX7

Every athlete should own a pair of these waterproof Bluetooth headphones. Anyone looking for tiny Bluetooth earbuds that offer outstanding sound quality would find that these passive noise-canceling headphones have deep bass and crystal-clear treble that would allow sports enthusiasts to listen to their favorite podcast while jogging, working out or even taking laps. It wraps comfortably around your head for that snug yet comfortable fit so it stays in place despite rigorous physical activities.

It also syncs well with Bluetooth devices up to 30 feet away, including your smartphone so you can take calls without the need to fetch your phone. However, these wireless Bluetooth earbuds do not sport the same hefty price tag.

With an IPX waterproof rating of 7 and an 8-hour battery life, there’s no doubt that these headphones are the perfect choice at a reasonable price.

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2. Waterproof MP3 Player Swim Headphone – Submersible IPX8 Flexible

Swimmers who like to take lapses while listening to a motivational podcast or soothing music should look no further than these waterproof wireless Bluetooth headphones by Pyle. Fully submersible with an IPX waterproof rating of 8, these Bluetooth earbuds can fit comfortably in your ear canal, providing that perfect seal to keep water off your ears and your headphones. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, 4GB flash memory and 10 hours of battery life, this awesome pair of sports headphones can let you save hundreds of your favorite songs and podcasts before you ever need to recharge your device.

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3. Sony NWWS413LM 4GB Sports Wearable MP3 Player (Blue)

If it’s a high-quality listening experience you want, you can be sure you have made the right decision with the Sony Sports wearable MP3 player. Perfect for athletes who are looking for wireless headphones that offer the best sound quality, a comfortable fit, and are totally waterproof so they can swim in both fresh and saltwater without having to worry about their wireless earbuds getting damaged. What’s even more interesting about this unit is that it has the longest battery life among all the products we’ve reviewed. With 4GB memory that can hold hours of songs and 12 hours of battery life, you can be sure that you will never run out of battery until you get back home. The only drawback in this amazing product is that it does not allow you to use it in conjunction with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. If you are looking into getting something you can sync with your mobile phone so you can remotely take calls, you will need to use a different pair of headphones. Nevertheless, the Sony Sports wearable MP3 player remains to be the sturdiest, most reliable headphones for swimming.

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4. Swimbuds Headphones and 8 GB SYRYN Waterproof MP3 Player with Shuffle

Swimmers who like to swim while plugged into their favorite music players will find the Swimbuds Headphones and 8 GB SYRYN Waterproof MP3 Player interesting to own. The 8GB memory alone allows you to store up to 2000 of your favorite songs and podcasts and play them in a random/shuffle mode to keep you from listening from the same songs over and over again. With an IPX of 8 and the ability to withstand submersion of up to 10 feet, the Swimbuds are perhaps the best headphones for swimming any swimmer could ever have. The 100% waterproof MP3 player has a clip that you can easily clip on your goggles and the headphones have soft-tip earbuds that fit comfortably into your ear canal so you don’t have to worry about them falling off as you swim or workout.

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5. Waterfi Waterproof Short Cord Headphones Review

The Waterfi Waterproof Short Cord Headphones features a thin, elongated design that is as attractive as it is functional. The design is marked with the tri-flange ear tips that give it a very unique look. With a small Waterfi logo on the side and a cyan blue color, these headphones are out to kill the same old headphone design.

As the name implies, WaterFi outfitted its headphones with a shorter cord, about 11 inches, than many others. This helps reinforce the ergonomics of the headphones and avoid the cord from getting tangled or affecting your swim. The setup works well provided that the audio device like an iPod shuffle can be attached to the goggles. The Waterfi Headphones also have an IPX8 rating up to up to 3 meters or 10 feet underwater for a significant amount of time which is about average among its competition.

The only material used in the body is glossy plastic which may make give it a slightly cheap feel. Inside, there isn’t much, which gives them a very lightweight design; perfect for swimmers.

The sound quality of the Waterfi Waterproof Short Cord Headphones is on par with other similarly priced waterproof headphones. It outputs even tones, good bass, and clear trebles. However, there is some distortion present at the loudest volumes.

The most important part here is the Bluetooth connectivity, which certainly delivers. There is no latency in the connection, given that the receiver connects to your goggles as well. All in all, these headphones are a great budget choice for any swimmer.

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The Value of Music In Our Daily Lives

Music is one of the most important parts of people’s lives. Drives are definitely lonelier without the radio on. Commuting seems to take longer without listening to tunes or audio files. Working out seems like a drag when the only sound heard is the rattling of the exercise machines or the dropping of weights. Swimming just isn’t the same without music. Music is entwined with the culture at a global level, and that’s why it’s important to have the best devices and equipment to listen to it.

The best sounding earbuds are those that give off great sound quality when listening to music or are most audible when talking to someone over the phone. In more technical terms, however, the following information is vital when looking for the best waterproof earbuds and headphones:

  • Frequency refers to sound measured in Hertz (Hz). Generally, the lower the frequency is able to go, the more bass (sound of the lowest range) is heard from the earphones and headphones. The higher the frequency is, the more treble (sound of the highest range) is heard.
  • Impedance refers to the clarity of sound heard on the earbuds. This is due to the vibrational frequency that electricity carries. Electricity powers the earphones and headphones and the vibrations they carry emit the sounds heard on the device. A good quality pair of earphones or headphones won’t wear out over time and frequent use.
  • Sensitivity is the softest and loudest sound that a person can hear, measured in decibels. Good quality earphones and headphones won’t compromise a person’s hearing due to loud and vibrant sounds.
  • Drivers are like the motherboards of earphones and headphones — the stronger the driver, the better the overall quality of sound there is. As the driver size increases, the bass, mids, and highs are also enhanced.
  • The fit of earphones and headphones is usually checked because of the fact that during vigorous physical activity, especially underwater, earbuds are much more likely to fall out if they are not properly fitted. The fit has to match the user’s head and ear shape so the headphones won’t fall off as easily when doing physical activity.
  • IPX Rating is the rating system designed to quantify the protection of products from water. Products gain an IPX rating after it is tested to prove that they can be operated under various wet conditions.

The Likely Consumers of Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

Professional or casual swimmers, swimming instructors, divers, and others would be the usual target market of Bluetooth waterproof earbuds. Endurance athletes or long-distance runners may choose to opt for some waterproof headphones for the added benefit of greater durability. Also, those who are prone to hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) may opt to buy waterproof Bluetooth earbuds as well.

Average Earbuds vs. Waterproof Earbuds

An average pair of waterproof earbuds would break over time because of its lack of quality, its exposure to the environment, and the way it’s used and handled. Water has very corrosive effects on earbuds, so it should be made of good quality materials. Misuse of the earbuds such as improper storage and reckless handling can also cause the earbuds’ deterioration. Meanwhile, waterproof earbuds, by nature, do not absorb water, so they are able to last longer despite more exposure to water, and even being completely submerged for long periods of time. The best waterproof headphones should have very few limits as far as depth goes. Bone conduction is also a feature that many headphones do not make use of, and many people are not aware of. This technology is relatively new and works by bypassing the eardrum completely. Instead, headphones with this technology transmit sound waves directly to your Cochlea through your cheekbones or temple.

The Benefits of Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth waterproof earbuds are different from water-resistant earbuds, as “water-resistant” is a term that just means that sweat and light splashes of water would do the earbuds no damage. Waterproof headphones can actually go underwater for a certain number of feet safely.

Waterproof Bluetooth headphones are more comfortable and practical in terms of design compared to the average earphones and headphones. They block out more noise as well since the external environment when using these waterproof earbuds would involve splashing and any other noise from the water. Additionally, the best waterproof Bluetooth headphones for swimming will be designed in such a way as to prevent bubbles from being stuck in between your ear and the headphones – these little pockets of air can distort music and bring down the overall quality of sound. Even with the best quality speakers, if the headphones are not properly designed, they will not be able to work at their full potential.

Waterproof earbuds tend to be lighter as well so that when they are being used underwater, the swimmer would be comfortable and free from distractions. They are advantageous since these earbuds are designed to not absorb water and to cause very little drag, thanks to the Bluetooth wireless technology.

The controls of the earbuds are also more accessible since if you are in the water, it’s impossible to carry such a device like an iPod. But with Bluetooth waterproof earbuds, access to your music is on the earbuds. Accessible volume control allows the user to adjust the volume, while other functions such as fast-forward and/or rewind may also be found elsewhere on the earbuds.

Lastly, durability is what sets waterproof Bluetooth headphones apart as they are able to withstand long and constant use in water or underwater. The best waterproof headphones will be able to withstand daily use in the water and out.

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