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If you are willing to spend $1000 or more on a pair of speakers, you must be a serious audiophile. It is also presumed that you must already know a lot about the speaker systems and what to look for when you go out buying a set of perfect speakers for you. Speakers, regardless of their type, vary greatly in terms of performance, size, quality, aesthetics and price. If you think you know everything about them, you may need to think again, as the modern breed of speakers is equipped with latest technological gadgets that make these speakers look smaller in size but they are much more powerful in terms of performance.

If you are willing to spend $1000 on a pair of speakers, you need to make sure you know everything about them, and should not just rush to the local electronics store. In this article we review the best speakers under $1000, in a detailed, easy-to-read guide.

If you are able to do your homework properly, you can be sure that you will come home with a perfect pair of speakers that will surely last for quite a while, and will offer you loads of enjoyment for years to come. The key to buying a perfect pair of speakers is to empower yourself with the right knowledge, do plenty of research, and ask around for second opinions.

This guide may help you in easing your speaker buying process as it covers everything from the beginning to the end. Your next speaker buying journey can be fun, easy and downright gratifying if you are able to go through this speaker buying guide.

What To Consider When Shopping For The Best Speakers Under $1000

The Purpose: Gone are the days when people would go behind the size and number of speakers to enjoy great sound. Thanks to the technological advancements, now you can achieve even better results from the much smaller sized speakers. Before you go out looking for the best speakers, you need to be dam sure about your purpose. Primary music listeners can go with even one pair of speakers to enjoy listening to music and occasionally hooking them up with the TV or computer to watch movies or play video games. People who listen to music occasionally, and care about the quality of sound, can go with a pair of bookshelf speakers or ceiling speakers. You can increase the bass of any speakers by adding a small subwoofer with them. Active music listeners need to look for a pair of monitors or floor standing speakers. These speakers can deliver highly satisfying sound experience without taking up a lot of space.

The Space: The availability of space is an important factor in your speaker search journey. You need to make sure to write down the exact measurements of the room or space you are going to put your new speakers. Besides the room size, there are some other personal preferences that you also need to keep in mind, like whether you want to put the speakers in an entertainment cabinet or want to just place them on the floor, whether you want to match them with the interiors of your room, whether you want to use them with your computers? These are some of the considerations you need to keep in mind while looking for a perfect pair of speakers.

The Specs: Now that you are clear about your purpose of buying a perfect pair of speakers and know your limitations about space, you need to know something about the speaker specifications before you put your hands on one. The technical aspect of speakers is as important as the physical part, so you need to make sure you know this aspect inside out. You need to make sure that the speakers you buy perfectly match with your amplifier or receiver. You also need to make sure that they perform equally well when hooked with different sound sources, such as CD player, TV, and your computer system. Technical specifications, such as impedance, sensitivity, frequency response, and power handling are some of the points you need to educate yourself with, before you go looking for one.

Mode of Shopping: Once you are done familiarizing yourself with the technical specifications of speakers, you need to decide whether you want to rely on the traditional brick and mortar method of shopping or want to go with the online shopping mode. Both of these methods of shopping have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it is only you who can make a better decision. Considering the fact that you are willing to spend $1000 in buying a perfect set of speakers for you, it is advised that you not only go with the traditional brick and mortar mode of shopping, but also read the reviews of speaker experts to help you with your decision. $1000 is a nice chunk of cash – don’t risk being duped into buying a mediocre product.

#1 Logitech Z-5500 THX-Certified 5.1 Digital Surround Sound Review

The Logitech Z-5500 THX-Certified 5.1 Digital Surround Sound System is one of the best options if you are willing to spend under $1000 for buying a perfect surround sound speaker system for your home. From its external beauty to its added features, and everything in between like the added features are so wisely incorporated that you will get full value for the amount of money you spend.

You will not only find improved subwoofers and satellite speakers, but you will also be able to enjoy from the innovative digital sound equalizer. Following are some of the features that make the Logitech Z-5500 THX-Certified 5.1 Digital Surround Sound system different from the others:

  • The THX-certification is what makes these speakers different from the rest. You will hardly find such certification with other speakers in the same price range. This certification means that you will be able to hear the same sonic experience that you find in a movie theater.
  • The Dolby Digital and DTS feature makes these speakers produce full-resolution digital surround sound in your own home or room.
  • These speakers also come with wireless remote and a convenient digital control center
  • Multipurpose satellite speakers
  • Powerful subwoofer for deeper bass

#2 Paradigm SHIFT Series Millenia CT 2 Fully Powered 2.1 Multimedia System Review

The Paradigm SHIFT Series Millenia CT 2 Fully Powered 2.1 Multimedia System comes with two satellite speakers with an adjustable stand, a built-in Ultra D amplifier, Bluetooth with aptX coding, Dolby Digital encoding and Paradigm Virtual Surround processor, a 2-channel music mode, and much more. The CT stands for the Compact Theater, meaning this multimedia system offers you everything you need in a perfect theater system without sacrificing a lot of space and without spending a lot of money.

You do not require a receiver to run this speaker system; it comes with all the necessary accessories. Setting up this system is quite easy, all you need to do is run the wires, set up the speakers at the right places, and fine tune the sound quality. You can hook it up with your LED TV, your laptop computer or even with a Blu ray equipped player to enjoy streaming sound. With all the latest technological features and a stylish look, the Paradigm SHIFT Series Millenia CT 2 Fully Powered 2.1 Multimedia System can be regarded as the best self-powered compact speaker system available in the market for the amount of money you spend.

#3 Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 CHX Speaker Review

If you are looking for a different style of speakers but with the same superior sonic quality, the Harman Kardon GLA-55 2.0-Powered Loudspeaker System is meant for you. What you get is a set of slender speakers embedded in a jewel-shaped body cleanly cut from real glass.

The engineers working at Harman have intentionally chosen the real glass for a solid reason and that is to increase their bass performance. The glass structure helps to reduce the resonance and therefore the speakers are able to deliver a clean and punchy bass. The speakers also come with top-end drivers and CMMD Lite tweeters capable of producing frequencies up to 20 KHz. You can enjoy sound quality and bass from these tiny speakers equivalent to the sound created by 18” woofers. Both the speakers combined are capable of producing 110 watts of pump.

Thanks to the presence of an integrated amp, you can now connect these speakers directly with an MP3 player, your laptop or desktop computer or even with any other audio source. With their exquisite design and extra ordinary craftsmanship, these speakers are able to produce an unmatchable sound performance.

#4 KEF Q350 Speaker System Review

Four things define the KEF X300A Wireless Digital Hi-Fi Speaker System in a nut shell:

  • Lively and detailed tonal balance
  • Leading transparency
  • Placement versatility
  • Room-filling capability

You can also add their ease of use, wonder aesthetics and best value for money to the list, this is why they are considered to be the best in class, as they offer each and everything to enjoy the most thrillingly enjoyable speaker system. Let us have a look at some of the other features that come with the KEF X300A Wireless Digital Hi-Fi Speaker System:

  • Each speaker is equipped with two dedicated class AB amplifiers to ensure a distortion-free and accurate sound reproduction
  • The digital USB connection between the speakers and the wireless capabilities allow you to connect your mobile device, your laptop or your tablet with these speakers and enhance your music listening experience
  • For exquisitely detailed sound quality, you can rely on these speakers, regardless of the type of device you play your music from.

#5 Yamaha NS-AW350B Speakers Review

Bose is not new to the sound world; the name is synonym to the quality and style. When you buy the Bose SoundTouch 251 SE Outdoor Speaker System you actually buy a full package including the best performing speakers. What you actually get when you buy one of these speaker systems is:

  • A SoundTouch SA-4 amplifier
  • A SoundTouch controller
  • A SoundTouch Wireless adapter
  • Two 50” speaker cables

These speakers perform equally well both inside and outside, since they are equipped with the latest wireless technology and the latest SoundTouch SA-4 amplifiers. These speakers are designed in such a way that they are able to withstand any kind of weather conditions and perform equally well in any environment. The sleek design coupled with the wall-mount features let you put these speakers in any environment. These speakers are capable of performing well in limited space as well as in large areas around your house. If you like to enjoy multi-area music listening experience, simply add additional systems with your Bose SoundTouch 251 SE Outdoor Speaker System and keep the party going throughout the night.

If you are laid back type of a person and used to the kind of comfort and ease remote controls offer then the SoundTouch 251 SE outdoor speaker system is made keeping you in mind. You will be able to quickly access the world of entertainment and music with this outdoor speaker system by Bose. All you need to have is a reliable and fast internet connection and the SoundTouch 251 SE outdoor speaker system will be able to provide you with a thrilling sonic experience be it watching movies or listening to FM radio.

The SoundTouch Wireless adapter that comes with these speakers enables you to listen to streaming music 24/7 from thousands of radio stations running across the world. You can even play your favorite playlists and listen to only your favorite type of music. The SoundTouch 251 SE outdoor speaker system also comes equipped with the SoundTouch Controller, which lets you access your favorite music effortlessly. You can pause or play your favorite music, turn the volume up or down and even turn the unit on or off with this SoundTouch controller.

#6 JBL EON 515XT Lightweight 2 Way 15″ 625W Self Powered Speaker Review

The JBL EON 515XT Lightweight 2 Way 15″ 625W Self Powered Speaker system is yet another successful product from JBL. The new 515XT lightweight model is a step forward in terms of use of technology and sound quality. Regardless of the sound source, these self-powered speakers are capable to reproducing sound quality that can surpass your expectations. The engineers working at JBL purposely designed and built these speakers that offer a lot of features and also reproduce the kind of sound that every audiophile can die for. These speakers are a nice combination of:

  • JBL’s advanced waveguide technology
  • JBL’s trademark transducers
  • JBL’s wireless remote control
  • JBL’s convenience/ease of use

You will be able to get your money’s worth when you buy a pair of the JBL EON 515XT Lightweight 2 Way 15″ 625W Self-Powered Speakers. Their smaller size and the lightweight property make them a perfect candidate to be place in any location in your room.

#7 Bose Free Space 51 Speakers Review

Do not think of the SoundTouch 151 SE Outdoor Speakers as just another pair of speakers, as they are designed and assembled by Bose, the world famous company in designing and manufacturing quality speakers and sound systems. The SoundTouch series by Bose is an entirely different breed of speakers by the company.

The SoundTouch feature which is a trademark of the Bose Company lets you connect these speakers directly to thousands of the internet sites which offer streaming music. You can simply make your favorite playlist on these sites and play your favorite music through the SoundTouch 151 SE Outdoor Speakers. With the rapid changes in the mobile and internet world, these speakers can offer you best sound quality whether you play them though your smart phone, your laptop or your iPad. Some good things about these speakers are as under:

  • SoundTouch 151 SE speakers
  • SoundTouch controller
  • SoundTouch Wireless adapter
  • SoundTouch SA-4 amplifier

#8 Audioengina A2+ Speaker Review

If you are looking for a perfect pair of speakers that can offer you a dynamic and powerful multimedia sound quality across an array of latest sound gadgets, the focal xs satellite speakers with dock for iPod and mp3 players is the best option for you. You can easily use these speakers with your iPod, your laptop, your desktop or with your smart phone to listen to your favorite music.

The Focal XS satellite speakers equipped with 3 amplifiers which are neatly integrated inside the subwoofer and produce a total of 70 W of bass. You can place the satellite speakers on the desk and put the subwoofer beneath to enjoy crystal clear sound quality. These speakers also come with 2-way satellite design with 2.5” mid-range drivers to reproduce both the mid-range and high frequencies.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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