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Every high quality home audio system has different speakers and depending on the type of speaker, each has its varying needs thus requiring different types of speaker stands. The buyers can opt for the one that is best suited for their needs and the placement of the speaker. To create the surround sound in your environment, you may need to place some speakers next to the TV set in front of the audience. This implies the need to support the speakers on a stand – others may be secured on the ceilings and in the walls.

These top-rated speaker stands are convenient because no drilling in the wall or ceiling is required, and can be placed in any room. There are some features and factors that you should look for before buying the speaker stands which we have outlined below for you. You will also find a complete chart of the best speaker stands, along with individual product reviews.

Factors to Consider When Shopping For The Best Speaker Stands

Placement: Before buying the mounts or stands, buyers should ask for a friend or two for the planning process. These friends can serve as the listeners while the other speakers hold up speakers in different places in the room. This allows buyers to gauge accurately where each speaker of the system should go in order to achieve the best audio quality. Once the buyers have identified the ideal location and orientation of speakers in their room, they should be prepared to choose the mounts to facilitate that setting.

Compatibility: Buyers will need to assure that the speaker stands that they choose are completely compatible with their speaker system. If buyers come across the attractive and stylish speaker stand that does not go well will with their speakers, they should either ignore it, or they should find a new pair of speakers that will work just fine with it. A mismatched speaker and stand can cause some severe damage to the stand, to the wall and to the speaker.

Height: A speaker mount should bring the speakers at the appropriate ear level for the listeners who are seated. If the speaker’s orientation is not set properly relative to the listener’s ears then some of the high frequencies are not audible to them. Usually the correct height of the speakers is around 22 to 28 inches tall.

Style: The design and style of the speaker stand should complement the decor of the room. These speaker mounts are available in different styles and colors with a variety of embellishments and trims. Thus, providing you with a wide range of choices to choose from .

#1 Atlantic 77335799 Speaker Stands Review

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Perfect your home theater and audio system with Vantage Point SSB-30BB Adjustable Bookshelf Series Speaker Stands and make sure that your speakers are at the right place where you want them to be. This speaker stand will allow you to get ideal placement and orientation for your speaker system.

Everything from full 7.1 to stereo will sound better and great when your speaker system is placed at an optimal position. The Vantage Point SSB-30BB Adjustable Bookshelf Series Speaker Stands is attractive, well built and easily assembled. You will surely like its look in comparison to other speaker mounts. It looks good, is hard solid and is ingeniously designed. The adjustment of height can be achieved by using the plastic spacers that are totally hidden by the plastic collar located at the top and extension tube located on the base. This allow you to set your desired level of height.

The triangular feet design it has helps it fit in a neat and clean way in the corner of any of your room, without interfering with the decor of your room. The main features of its include: It can easily accommodate speaker system of around 25 pounds. It has a separate weight chamber for stability and durability. It is adjustable around 24 to 30 inch by using hidden spacers. It is sand fillable. Thus, it is one of the good speaker mounts available out there on the market.

The Vantage Point SSB-30BB Adjustable Bookshelf Series Speaker Stands are available at a very reasonable price and almost everyone can afford it. It will provide your speaker system with a prominent orientation and position that will make it quite convenient for the seated audience to hear the clear, crisp and good audio coming out of the speakers. Thus, you can give this speaker stand a try without any hesitation!

#2 VideoSecu 2 Speaker Stand Review

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Bell’O is an international award winning manufacturer and designer of premium video/audio equipments and other electronic accessories. Known as the trend setter in home theater furniture, Bell’O provides a wide range of entertainment furniture using decent and efficient design. The company provides buyers with state of the art Italian designer equipments founded by taking in to consideration the highest level of simplicity, quality and elegance. The Bell’O SP-300 30 Inch Black Finish Speaker Stands are one of such products. The eye catching and elegant Bell’O SP-300 30 Inch Black Finish Speaker Stands feature a decent curvilinear design that complements and looks great in a modern or traditional setting.

The heavy duty steel frame of 30 inch of each stand is capable of holding up around 100 pounds or 45 kg of speaker. The wire management system of Bell’O SP-300 30 Inch Black Finish Speaker Stands keeps all the wires organized. A 7 inch square bass plate and hook and loop straps let your speakers stands securely at a fixed position. The base of each stand piece includes spiked feet that is interchangeable for carpet covered floor or for hardwood floors, it provides flat feet. You will sure love the versatility of the product and its contemporary design. You will completely awed by the quality of the sound it fills your room with. The Bell’O SP-300 30 Inch Black Finish Speaker Stands are available in rich black finish. It also comes with a year of warranty.

Using this speaker stand will provide you with the perfect orientation and position for your speaker system that will help greatly to transmit the audio to the seated audience with full clarity. You can place these speaker mounts in any corner of the room and it will simply blend with the interior decor of your living room, dining room, bedroom or any room. Thus, with all these features that Bell’O SP-300 30 Inch Black Finish Speaker Stands are offering, you are surely in for a treat.

#3 Bose FS-1 Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands Review

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You have bought a pair of bookshelf speakers but you do not own a bookshelf. No need to worry because the Bose FS-1 Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands will let your Bose speakers position at ear level, in the horizontal position they were meant to, letting them with the capability of to deliver the best possible audio. Bring out the your music and speakers has to offer with Bose FS-1 Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands. These stands elegantly display your home theater or audio speakers while perfectly hiding the cluster of wires.

These speaker stands are crafted to be strong and sturdy for safe and secure positioning of your bookshelf speakers. These sleek, slim and slender are specially designed to support you with your Bose speakers with their elegant placement on any flat surface while decently disappearing in to the background of your interior of your room setting. The wire channel that is hidden allows you to keep speaker wires out of the way, keeping the stuff tidy and neat and restricting the access small fingers and teeth of your pet have to these wires. By mounting your speakers to the perfect height, you will get the improved audio quality coming out of your speaker system.

The main features of it includes: The Bose FS-1 Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands are designed specially to be used with Bose 301 or 201 bookshelf speakers. It comes with a warranty of an year. It has titanium colored uprights along with black steel bases. Speaker wire management system has a hidden path to route your wires path. It is an excellent piece of equipment and is easy to assemble. They are sturdy and tip proof even on carpet. The Bose FS-1 Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands are the perfect combination of function and form. These are the best kind of speakers you will ever own and will surely recommend others .

#4 Sanus NF24c Natural 24 -Inch Speaker Stand Review

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The Sanus NF24c Natural 24 -Inch Speaker Stand provides the buyers with high performance speaker support with the natural touch of real hardwood design and construction. The speaker stand is crafted with MDF that is acoustically superior and comes with both adjustable and premium carpet spikes and polyester feet to guarantee a strong and stable grip on floor with any surface.

The Sanus NF24c Natural 24 -Inch Speaker Stand comes with two different foot options for placement on either flat surface or wooden floor. It includes four carpet spikes and four in-screw polyester feet. It has a unique wire management that allows you to hide speaker cable in a safety channel behind the pillar. The Sanus NF24c Natural 24 -Inch Speaker Stand comes with two speaker isolation options, you can use the brass studs or neoprene pads, whichever suits your requirements and needs.

The main specifications of it includes: It is available in cherry color. It is designed in collaboration with one of the renowned industrial design firms named Cramer Studio. Crafted with unique engineering lets eye catching hardwood design to function in coherence with great acoustic qualities. It can safely handle around 25 pounds weight of speakers. A solid pillar made of hardwood provides a 7.5 x 7.5 inch top plate having adjustable height neoprene pads and brass studs to provide separation and resonance damping for speakers. The speaker are very nice when looking at the price in which they are available having rich looking cherry finish.

It matches up neatly and nicely with high end audio producing devices. And 5 year company warranty serves as a cherry on the top. Also, you will have your hands on a manual that will guide you in detail about the proper installation of the speaker stands without facing any hassle. They look and feel great, easily assembled and carry a very professional look. This is a great product at a very great price. What else can you ask for? They are just the right stands!

#5 Ultimate Support JSMS70 Speaker Stand Review

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If you are just starting out and own a smaller audio monitors that you would like to place on stands, the Ultimate Support JSMS70 Speaker Stand is the name for you. The Ultimate Support JSMS70 Speaker Stand is an optimal solution for home, studios or small projects. The Ultimate Support JSMS70 Speaker Stand have low profile and stable bases having a triangular shape that can easily be fixated in to any area. The stands features leveling spikes designed specially for carpeted areas and for the usage on marble floor, it has rubber feet.

The top platform measures square of 9 inch and has thick non-slick strips of 1 mm to hold your monitor speakers in place. Each stand is flexible enough to be adjusted at 4 different heights for amazing customization. Talking about the body of the stand, it is very neatly designed with an intuitive locking mechanism. The slide-able portion of the tubes has many holes drilled at various heights.

A locking pin is given with the stand and locks in the holes, which lets you fix the stand in to various positions. A locking pin guarantees accurate, safe, and secure height adjustment. The total weight of Ultimate Support JSMS70 Speaker Stand is 8.4 pounds. The speaker stand is quite well made. And you are not only going to be satisfied with the great services it provides , the amazing sound quality it delivers but also with the reasonable price in case when you compare this product with the others available out there on the market and Internet. The metallic base it has is incredibly wide.

This results in Ultimate Support JSMS70 Speaker Stand being pretty stable. If you are placing the stand on the carpet, there are cleats that are included and can help greatly to prevent the stand from falling or tipping. Thus, it is a very ideal stand from every aspect and will turn out to be a nice addition to your digital components family.

#6 Monoprice Satellite Speaker Floor Stand Review

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There are many satellite speakers that have ports at the back, that are being designed to give increase and boost to the bass response. In order to have perfect sound response, it is better to mount these speakers about 2-3 feet away from the wall, to let the ports work perfectly. The Monoprice Satellite Speaker Floor Stand allows you to have your satellite speakers mounted at an excellent orientation and position, away from the wall. The Monoprice Satellite Speaker Floor Stands are height adjustable, letting you to mount the satellite speakers at ear height while listening to the music or any other kind of audio.

They are able to hold up speakers having weight around 5 pounds. You can mount the brackets on to the speakers with a regular mounting screw or by using a keyhole mount. These stands have a number of mounting options, ability to hide speaker wires and good stability. Another good quality they provide is ease of assembling. You can install the setup conveniently just by following the instructions written in the manual that comes along with the packaging. They does not take much space in to your room neither cause much pressure on your pocket. They are designed to work in conjunction with Monoprice speakers. The Monoprice Satellite Speaker Floor Stands are sturdy enough to hold the speakers at a fix position.

And what adds to its list of features is its fine black color and they comes with extra screws that you may need to mount the speakers. The bases of the speakers are solid and weighs suitably. They are perfectly adequate. Thus, if you are looking for sleek, slim and nice satellite speaker stands for a long time then Monoprice Satellite Speaker Floor Stand is the right product with the right price. You cannot find any product with this quality at this reasonable price. Considering the price, it is shockingly an amazing product. And you should give it a try if you’re on a budget.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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