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As mentioned above, the powered speakers are usually used in live concerts and small gatherings, therefore following are some of the aspects you need to keep in mind while looking for them.

The Gathering: The main thing to consider when shopping for powered speakers in the gathering. You need to keep in the mind the space and the number of people attending the concert. If you are going to use them in a smaller space and in front of smaller crowd, you simply do not need enough power, however, if the gathering is big and it the show is organized in an open space, you definitely need to go for more power. The rule of the thumb is to increase or decrease the power of speakers depending on the size of the expected crowd.

Fixed or Portable: Another feature to look for when shopping for the powered speakers is their portability. You need to decide whether you need the fixed kind or the portable ones. If you buying them for a pub or a club, where they will remain fixed at certain space and won’t be moved very often, you need to consider the fixed type, whereas if you think you will need them to move from one place to another quite often, you need to go for the portable ones.

Technical Features: Besides the external features and portability, you also need to look for the technical specifications of the powered speakers to make sure that they match your needs. You need to check for the impedance, the frequency response, the frequency range, the output, and so much more.

Extra Features: Extra features such as remote control, Bluetooth compatibility, stands and pivot controls are handy and need special consideration while looking for powered speakers.

As the powered speakers are compact in size and portable in nature, these are ideal to be used with your home desktop computer or laptop computer, and iPods. Another great thing about them is that they have the amplifier built into the speaker, therefore it is very easy to plug them into a near by outlet and use them instantly. You do not need to buy a separate amplifier with the powered speakers and you also do not need to use any wires to connect your amp with them, since the amp is already built-in. Therefore, you save a lot both in terms of cash and space. Now that you know a lot about the powered speakers, let us shed some light on some of the top powered speakers available on the market today, and find out why they are considered some of the best.

#1 Seismic Audio Tremor 18-PW – Powered PA 18-Inch Subwoofer Speaker Cabinet Review

The Seismic Audio Tremor_18-PW – Powered PA 18-Inch Subwoofer Speaker Cabinet is perfect for music lovers who like deep and rattling bass. The name tremor is therefore assigned to it because of its high performance and terrible bass. These speakers come with 18” active subwoofer; therefore they are able to produce the kind of bass reinforcement that you need in a PA setting. The Seismic Audio Tremor 18-PW – Powered PA 18-Inch Subwoofer Speakers were designed keeping the DJ setting and live music requirements in mind.

You will be able to enjoy deep low end bass output from these speakers that would turn any party live. Let us have a look at some of the good features of these speakers. These speakers are strongly built, special 7 ply Birch plywood is used in their construction and they are covered with a full metal grill. Housed inside the cabinet is a powerful 18” woofer, which produces blistering sound and operates only on 500 Watts RMS and 1000 Watts peak power. These speakers are capable of reproducing low frequencies down to 40 Hz. These speakers are also equipped with a satellite speaker for optimal full range PA performance.

#2 Yamaha DXR8 Powered Speaker Review

What makes the Kanto SYD6MY Powered Speaker System better that the previous SYD5 version is the use of latest technology. There are so many changes made in the newer version of the Kanto SYD6MY that you will be surprised by its performance. You will be able to enjoy a better and latest high-end digital connectivity, new Class D amplification, and latest BluetoothTMtechnology when you purchase a set of these speakers.

With all these technological features, you will be able to enjoy sonic signature huge soundstage. You can place this powerful speaker system and see how the music follows. With it wonderfully balanced and integrated sound quality, you can make the crowd move their body with the beat of the music. There are so many good things about Kanto SYD6MY speaker system, like the latest 1” silk dome tweeters, the 2” rear bass ports, the 5” Kevlar drivers and so much more that provide you a well-balanced midrange and perfect bass tones that can reproduce any type of music in the most melodious and powerful way. With some extra features, like remote control, and Bluetooth TM, you can take the music any where you want.

#3 Behringer EuroLive B212D Review

These speakers offer the cleanest and the punchiest audio you can expect from a PA speaker system, thanks to the special class D amplifier used in them. Because of this latest amplifier technology and the internal switch-mode power supply, you get all the power without the backbreaking weight. These speakers also come with high-efficiency design, built-in active high-pass filters, and a dedicated two-band EQ for crisp audio and for easy controls.

One of the best features about the Behringer EuroLive B212D speaker system is that it is still light weight that even a single person can carry it and put in on the stand. Deep inside its design, you will also be able to find latest two-way electronic cross-over, 2 class D power amplifiers, graphic EQ, limiter, and mic preamp, but even with all such hardware and the casing, these speakers do not weight that much. Thanks to the class-D amplifier technology used in these speakers, now you are able to listen to incredible sonic performance in a lightweight package. Thanks to its unique shape, you can use these speakers for mounting on standard speaker poles, you can easily lay them down, or you can put them on top of the subwoofers.

#4 Audioengine A5 Review

What makes these speakers different from the others is their unique design, from their outer looks they may look like bookshelf speakers, but unlike classical bookshelf speakers you do not need a separate receiver or amplifier with them. This gives you the freedom to use these powered speakers with any audio source you prefer at any time you like. You will find all the connections at the back of the left speakers, all you need to do it just plug them with the audio source and get the party started anywhere anytime you want. Now let us look at some of the internal features of these speakers.

These speakers come with a massive woofer which is capable of reproducing clear and flat response across the entire frequency range. These speakers offer the best professional sound that can keep the party going for hours with out getting warm or too loud. There is simply no other better 2.1 powered speaker system available in the market than the Audioengine A5. You will simply love the thunderous response from these speakers. These speakers will not falter or fail even at extremely high volumes, so you can take your music listening experience to the extreme levels.

#5 Mackie THUMP12 Thump Series 12-Inch Powered Loudspeaker Review

Two things best describe the Mackie THUMP12 Thump Series 12-Inch Powered Loudspeakers, the deep low-end audio and the light-weight design. Because of the presence of the latest high-tech Class-D amplifiers, these speakers are able to reproduce extremely high frequencies and bass pounding. The latest time-alignment and the precision crossover provide total optimization for better system delivery. On top of that the sleek and versatile design and the extra features, make these speakers the number one choice for most of the audiophiles.

These speakers are more than just powerful speaker cabinets from their external appearance. Internally these are the most advanced speakers available in the market today, with their low-frequency amp drivers, the Mackie Active technology, the 2-way crossover, and active compression, you can find yourself immersed in the music for hours. There are so many safety features included with these speakers that you can play them at full volumes for hours, without worrying about any explosion or short circuit. All the internal component and hardware work together in a systematic way to produce superior quality of sound that you will not be able to find or hear in any powered speaker system for the price offered.

#6 Behringer EuroLive B210D Review

Finally you can hear to the kind of bass and treble that was missing in the earlier versions of speakers by Behringer, the Behringer EuroLive B210D offers great sounding experience at very affordable price. Equipped with the latest Class-D amplifiers and an internal switch board, you now an listen to the dynamic punch that was missing in the earlier versions. What makes the Class-D amplifiers different from the Class AB circuits, is their ability to deliver the power when it is needed. Because of the latest but light-weight hardware, these speakers are easy to carry around and mount on the stands.

The light weight does not mean that they are less lighter in performance, they can keep the part going for the whole night without being tired or without distorting the sound quality. You will be able to listen to the stereo quality music the whole day and whole night with these speakers by your side. The custom designed LF woofer has the potential to crank out tight low end, thereby enabling these speakers to handle low frequency efficiently. Because of the presence of a dynamic processor, you will be able to run the loudspeaker at extreme levels without any distortions.

#7 Yamaha MSR100 8-inch Powered Speaker Review

These are perfect 100 watt loudspeakers by Yamaha – a trusted name in the world. These speakers are made for some serious bass and extra treble. These speakers also come with a sleek and dynamic design. The 8” woofers and 1” titanium high frequency driver make these speakers to be used as main speakers or as onstage monitors. You are able to enjoy an amazing audio output with these speakers and you can easily carry them around because of their light weight.

The built-in 3 input mixer allow better control over the high and low notes, and provide a consistent sound quality regardless of the type of music your play through these speakers. The Yamaha MSR100 8-inch Powered Speakers come with XLR and ¼ “phone jack inputs. Because of its lightweight, powerful mixer and latest crossover, you are able to use these speakers in a small event or in a club with large gatherings, they will perform equally well. You won’t need to purchase a separate amplifier with these speakers as they are already equipped with the latest and light-weight amp. Take you party and music listening experience to the next level by purchasing Yamaha MSR100 8-inch Powered Speakers.

#8 Electro-Voice ZLX-12P Speaker  Review

Whether you are a music enthusiast or a serious games or simple love to enjoy great home theater speakers, the Presonus Ceres C3.5BT 2-Way Powered Speakers with Bluetooth are a perfect match for you. With these speakers in any concert or in any home, you will be able to hear clear and accurate sound quality. Equipped with the Wireless Bluetooth technology and latest hardware configuration, you will be able to connect these speakers with your computer, your TV or your gaming console.

Unlike many other powered speakers, the Presonus Ceres C3.5BT 2-Way Powered Speakers with Bluetooth come with a digital EQ. With the help of this equalizer, you are able to create more accurate and vibrant listening environment for your friends and family members to enjoy a better audio, whether it is coming from the TV or your gaming console. The Presonus Ceres C3.5BT 2-Way Powered Speakers with Bluetooth also feature a 4.5” Kevlar transducers and good quality silk-dome tweeters, which offer crystal clear vocals for any sound track you want to listen. These speakers also come with subsonic protection, RF interference, transient and balance TRS subwoofer out put.

#9 Rockville RPG15 2,000 Watt 2-Way DJ/PA Powered Speakers Review

These speakers are simply amazing in terms of sound quality and the output. The 2000 watt 2 way powered speaker offer the kind of bass you simply cannot handle. Thanks to their ultra-efficient design, the Rockville RPG15 2,000 Watt 2-Way DJ/PA powered speakers can be place anywhere you want. They will perfectly match your home interiors and they will be able to provide the kind of kick you need to keep the party going in a concert or small function.

After years of research, the Rockville Company was able to come up with the kind of speakers which are quite capable to delivering massive amount of bass, highs and lows. These speakers also come with a trapezoidal enclosure design, which allows them to be used on top of a speaker stand or lay down on the floor as a floor monitor. You can also mount these speakers, thus use them the way you want for an incredible sound experience. The Rockville RPG15 2,000 Watt 2-Way DJ/PA powered speakers come with high-power 2-way pro sound reinforcement speakers and 250 watt RMS.

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