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Before we get right down to enumerating the top-rated modem router combos, let’s understand the important details about these devices that should be etched in your mind prior to a purchase.

  • Multiple users are able to use the Wi-Fi network of the combo simultaneously.
  • Consequently, with an increasing number of users connected, connection speed begins to slow down. Technically, this is because of the limited size of the bandwidth that can be shared. To avoid this caveat, it is important to buy a modem router combo gadget that supports substantially more than the number of gadgets you are looking to connect.

Accordingly, while a family may have need of a combo that supports 20 simultaneous device connections, a business may opt for one that supports five times that number (100 simultaneous device connections) or more.

  • The number of devices that can be connected to the combo with cables is limited to the number of Ethernet and USB ports available on the combo. Thus, you should be mindful of the number and type of ports available on the combo to be purchased. You should also educate yourself on the differences between wireless networking standards.

Why You Should Buy A Modem Router Combo

Revolutionary and innovative products are designed to solve an existential problem brilliantly. This leads us to delineating the advantages of modem router combos.

  1. It is compact. The space a device takes is always cause for concern, whether you stay in a mini-flat, a condo, or a large estate. If you can have it compact without sacrificing functionality, why have many devices taking up space that could serve another purpose?
  2. It is cheaper. For systems with similar functionalities, the cost of acquiring a modem router combo is often cheaper when compared to the cost of purchasing the main two separate components.
  3. It reduces clutter. Having too many wires clutters the space of a multi-device setup. With a combo, there is a drastic reduction in the number of wires required for complete connection.
  4. Extensive functionality. Originally, a modem was designed to enable a device to connect to the Internet. The combo device expounds on this functionality, by converting the modem to a router that serves as a connection hub for other users to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

Zoom Telephonics AC1900 Review

Buyers’ Information

The build of the Zoom Telephonics AC1900 modem router combo is as sturdy as it gets. To increase efficiency, in addition to use of premium materials, the housing is equipped with a resourceful ventilation system to protect the device against overheating that often results from extended periods of operation.

Offering versatility in this terrific device is support for Time Warner Cable and Comcast. Complementing the extensive functionality is the ability of users to make substantial monetary savings by owning a modem through the Time Warner and Comcast programs.

Good products are only meant to carry out basic functions. Exciting game changers like this device pushes the boundary further. This device incorporates the Beamforming proprietary technology. This technology enables the gadget to streamline the router signal in a concentrated straight line that increases the strength of the signal, rather than having the signal beamed in all directions lading to weak signals.

Thus, the Zoom Telephonics AC1900 Cable Modem/Router combo emits connection signal that is faster, stronger and have increased stability to any device capable of connecting to the Internet in the vicinity.

Salient Selling Points

  • Supports simultaneous connections of up to 20 devices
  • Is equipped with 4 LAN ports for robust connectivity
  • Elaborate Wi-Fi connectivity range of about 15 feet beyond double wall divisions
  • Innovative Beamforming technology

Netgear CGD24G 54 Review

Buyers’ Information

The design of the Netgear CGD24G 54 Wireless Cable Modem Router Gateway rests is based on three core principles:

  • Should be very easy to use
  • Should be economical
  • Should have the highest levels of security

The result is a stunning gadget that leaves noting to be desired if you are looking for a modem router combo that will be of immense value.

On the ease of installation and use, anyone who can place a match stick in a match box can set up the device. Only a few simple steps and required. Netgear provides a complementary configuration tool that would make the process more seamless.

Being economical is all about delivering the best bang for the lowest buck. The Netgear CGD24G 54 shines through in this segment. Wi-Fi sharing is possible on up to 24 devices concurrently at top speeds, making it a great fit for homes and small businesses.

Security has never been more important than in today’s fast-paced global community. This device packs the full punch with a state-of-the-art firewall system built in, support for dynamic packet filtering, and thorough packet inspection. These security features ensures that port forwarding proceeds effortlessly, so as to guard against denial of service attacks.

Security functionality is extended with a nifty parental control feature that permits users to filter data by shutting access to certain websites. Parameters used for this filtering may be website addresses or keywords.

Salient Selling Points

  • Supports 24 simultaneous connections of up to 24 devices
  • Ease of installation and use
  • Security is a watchword

Zoom ADSL Review

Buyers’ Information

The Zoom ADSL is designed to function as an efficient device that works as intended with marked durability. There are no provisions for gimmicks that have zero or very little real-time use. All features in this device are necessary for a satisfying user experience, which is a pleasure in a marketplace full of alternatives that have several hiccups.

Connections to multiple devices during Wi-Fi sharing are quick and smooth. There is also support for 4 Ethernet ports that provide connectivity for game systems and wired computers.

Configuration is easy using any web browser, thanks to an awesome interface that is very user friendly. With the interface, you can make necessary controls from remote locations in no time.

Distance is less of a concern with the Zoom ADSL as coverage is extended with an inbuilt ‘wireless repeater’. Clearly, the Zoom ADSL is as good as it gets in having a fully-featured one-device solution for your modem and routing needs.

To spice this offering further, an extensive suite of security features is baked in and includes a high-tech security firewall.

The icing for this device is the US based support that is available at all times as well as a one year warranty. Both features provide a sundry piece of mind when purchasing this product, with the conviction that should you run into any issues, there would not be communication gaps and challenges.

Salient Selling Points

  • Is equipped with 4 Ethernet ports for enhanced connectivity
  • Supports all popular ADSL services
  • Excellent Customer Service (US based support)
  • One year warranty

Netgear AC1200 (D6200) Review

Buyers’ Information

The Netgear AC1200 Wi-Fi DSL Modem Router is especially suited for large homes, although it would work well for homes of all sizes. Flawless HD streaming is possible with the built in Dual Band connectivity support. All major DSL service providers are supported.

Ease of use is top-notched, evident with the exciting way to control Wi-Fi connectivity and toggle energy saving with only a push of a button. Being a family-centric modem router combo device, Live Parental Control is built in to offer parents piece of mind by providing web and content filtering capabilities on all connected devices.

The device is also equipped with a very useful feature whereby the combo device is connected to a printer by USB. Following which the use of the printer can be shared wirelessly to other devices.

On the support side of things, Netgear offers 90-day all-round customer support for the Netgear AC1200 (D6200). In addition, the device is covered by one year limited hardware warranty.

Salient Selling Points

  • Wireless and Dual Band connectivity
  • Live Parental Control
  • Wireless Printing capabilities
  • One year limited hardware warranty

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