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Nothing beats the feeling of spending the day on the water in your personalized boat with your beloved friends and family, tanning your skin on the deck and splashing around in the cool water. Adding the touch of refreshing music to this scenario only makes these days happier and better. However, the environment in which boats exists are not ideal for most speakers. The best marine speakers will sound great, and should be weather resistant.

Technically, the sound of speakers at the boat must compete with the sound of engine , the open air, the wind and the water. And physically, the marine speakers must withstand the fog, salt, dust, hours in the sun and water. Getting your marine speakers with the new ones to ensure high fidelity and durability is necessary to assure your favorite tunes in your boat is as fantastic as you want it to be.

There is a wide range of marine speakers available out there on the market. So how can make an ideal choice? How can a person decide which speaker to opt for? Thus, there are many features that a person should take in to an account when buying marine speakers that will meet the expectations of their and their boat’s needs. Below you will find the top-rated marine speakers along with individual product reviews.

​Speaker Size: It is critical to consider where in the boat the speakers will be installed when buying the marine speakers. If you are one of those buyers who are replacing their existing speakers then there may exists already a place where the newly bought speakers can easily fit. If you are buying it for the first time then you should measure the available space where you are going to install the marine speakers to have a clear and precise idea about the dimensions of the area.

Power Handling: To prevent the marine speakers from being damaged when using amplifier along with them, it is ideal to use speakers that have the capability of high power handling than the stereo amplifier does. High power handling speakers will be more capable of control and sustaining this increase in power. The power is generally measured in peak wattage and RMS wattage. The buyers should prefer the speakers with peak and RMS wattage greater than that of the peak and RMS wattage of the amplifier or stereo.

Weather Resistant: Another critical aspect of marine speakers is its ability to resist water and other weather conditions. The open and acoustic environment of marine produces one of the harshest weather conditions for the marine speakers. The will have an hours of exposure to sun, UV rays, humidity, salt and water. Just like acoustics tests, there exists different standards to test the water resistance ability of the speakers to help the buyers to make the decision.

Portable Bluetooth speakers: These are small in size that can easily communicate with a device to play songs of your choice wirelessly. These speakers vary in both quality and size and are designed for wireless use within short range.

The Kicker marine speakers are specially designed for boat audio having weather proof features that meet or exceed the users expectations and industry standards. The Kicker 41KM84LCW 8 inch KM Series Coaxial Marine speakers are stylishly designed and bold coaxial speakers and are packaged with white or easy to match charcoal grille for decent and customized look. These coaxial marine speakers will add colors to any boating ​experience with their multi colored LED lights that can be adjusted to suit your mood and rhythm. 19 dynamic modes and twenty color options are available when operating the Kicker 41KM84LCW 8 inch KM Series Coaxial Marine Speakers.

Midrange tones and spectacular highs coupled with the easiest speaker installations produces exceptional sound quality that perfectly matches the needs of a marine environment. Santoprene surrounds, grilles, baskets and UV treatments on the molded cones of coaxials’ injection greatly help the speakers sustain the marine environment. These durable speakers can withstand any weather conditions, be it worse like sea storm or rain with its splash and spray resisting sealed motor, locking terminal covers and cones. The hardware of the speaker is crafted with the 316L stainless steel that is rustproof. You can also the customize the overall look of your boat to make it more eye catching and attractive with LED remote. The remote can be used to adjust the brightness, speed/strobe, fade and auto save. You can from the 20 available LED light colors.

The Kicker 41KM84LCW 8 inch KM Series Coaxial Marine Speakers has an impedance level of 4 ohms and provides peak power of 300 watts. It is a 2 way marine speaker that will let you enjoy your favorite tunes at its full. It has sensitivity level of 92 dB with a titanium dome tweeter of 1 inch that produce crystal clear and accurate sound. Thus, this is one of the good options available for marine speakers.

The Bose 131 Flush-Mounted Marine Speakers allows you to enjoy the music at its fullest on a boat like you do at your home. All you need to do is to connect these speakers to your stereo components available on-board and bring sound with clarity and accuracy to the water, with amazing and consistent sound than you might ​expect from traditional marine speakers. The Bose 131 Flush-Mounted Marine Speakers includes a full range driver for sound with high fidelity and a ported enclosure for consistent and smooth low frequency response.

These drivers produce a more better and consistent sound field than many other common marine speakers, whereas the unique ported enclosures recompense for the unexpected mounting environments that can greatly affect the performance. With these great Bose 131 Flush-Mounted Marine Speakers, you can enjoy full performance and clarity even afloat. These speakers are thoroughly weather tested to withstand any kind of weather conditions. These are guaranteed to sustain the factors like salt, rain, water, humidity, sun exposure and extreme temperatures. If they can handle worst conditions like these then they will like right at home in your boat. And it also includes three years warranty.

The compact design of Bose 131 Flush-Mounted Marine Speakers greatly simplifies the installation and conveniently fits the precut holes on different boats. It has a Helical voice coil driver of about 4.5 inch that delivers high fidelity, natural sound from a portable size marine speaker. Its hardware is made of rust resistant stainless steel that lets you place these speakers in the severity of marine environment. It also has polymer fiber composite driver cone that guarantees the regeneration of high quality sound that is resistant to the kind of distortions and disturbance often caused by extreme weather conditions. This polymer fiber also makes it an ideal marine speaker for years and years of listening pleasure with a high level of durability. Thus, it is a good choice to go for.

The MX650-CCX-SG-WH – JL Audio 2-Way 6.5″ Marine Cockpit Coaxial MX Series Speakers are crafted and built to meet and greatly exceed the standards of industry for UV, fog and salt exposure. It has been designed using UV resistant and corrosion material. It is acoustically engineered to provide clean and powerful sound in open air environment.

​The silk dome tweeters, of 0.75 inch it has, delivers amazing high frequency and detailed sound. High efficiency, long excursion woofer design provides phenomenal clear mid range and great bass energy. It is designed to take advantage from working with quality amplifiers that provides 175 watts per channel. If necessary, it can also be operated with head unit power. It is available in white color that looks and feel decent. It sensitivity level is around 90.5 dB and impedance of 4 ohms. It is a two way speaker with 2 way crossover for high pass filters and low pass filters. Its frequency response varies from 45 Hz to 25 KHz.

The main features of woofers includes: It has marine grade, synthetic fiber spider with impressive roll design. It has polymer baskets that are UV resistant. It is ideal for cockpit mount. It has polypropylene cone filled injection molded mica having synthetic rubber surrounds, specially designed to provide ideal performance in marine environment. Dust cap design was precisely engineered for consistent and smooth upper end response.

Its tweeter features includes: It has neodymium motor system. It has silk dome diaphragm of 0.75 inch with special features to withstand and survive the saltwater corrosion, spray and UV exposure. Its permanent grilled mounted design guarantees better high frequency performance without any loss of woofer radiating area. It also has Ferrofluid–damped and cooled for enhanced power handling and better response.

Thus, it is a very good choice from every aspect. It will provide you with the amazing and clear sound that is consistent to ears even afloat.

The speakers designed by Infinity has been designed to provide the best performance to those who looking for the options to install or replace the marine speakers on their boat to create a chill environment and party mood. The features it includes like the woofer cones and edge driven dome tweeter have greatly helped Infinity Reference to gain the number one position among its competitors. It will make your marine system shine.

​Infinity Reference 612m 6.5-Inch 225-Watt High-Performance 2-Way Marine Loudspeaker provides you with the clear and superior sound on your boat. It has been designed with the components and material that is strong enough to withstand the weather conditions and guarantees that these marine speakers keep the soul of the party alive for years to come. The Infinity Reference 612m 6.5-Inch 225-Watt High-Performance 2-Way Marine Loudspeaker features a woofer cone made of Polypropylene bonded to a tough rubber surround that is UV resistant. This design provides high bass response, while ensuring complete resistance to sun and spray.

The polymer basket, being corrosion proof, shrugs off any sort of damage caused by moisture, salt, air and UV rays, whereas the trendy and stylish is specially designed to sustain its glossy chrome finish. The tweeter mounted on grille, of 1 inch, provides tremendous high frequency projection. The infinity speakers has covered the front of the woofer cone using the magnet structure for providing extra protection to withstand the moisture. The hardware of the speaker is made of stainless steel. It has sensitivity level of 92 dB. And have frequency response varying from 50 Hz to 20 KHz. It comes with warranty of 1 year. It requires power range of 225 watts peak power. Thus, it is quite a good choice to opt for from every aspect. Thus, if you are looking for marine speakers that will make your boat outshine others, then this the speaker set to opt for.

These speakers provides marine audio at its best. The Pioneer TS-MR2040 Marine 8-Inch 200-Watt Coaxial Speakers are two way speakers designed specially for acoustic or marine use, having a kind of construction that can strongly resist corrosion, water, heat etc. The research conducted by Pioneer shows that the high level of bass is required for marine or more specific to say boating applications and this 8 inch speaker successfully delivers that kind of high bass.

​This makes Pioneer TS-MR2040 Marine 8-Inch 200-Watt Coaxial Speakers to outperform many other renowned brands and products. The maximum power this speaker can handle id 200 watts. The Pioneer TS-MR2040 Marine 8-Inch 200-Watt Coaxial Speakers were crafted from the scratch with the idea in mind that they should be strong enough to withstand the effect of wind, water, salt and moisture and can sustain the wear and tear that can caused by the worst weather conditions.

The main features of it includes: Water resistant IMPP composite cones provides amazing mid bass response and prevents the effect. The horn tweeter made of Poly-Imide delivers tremendous high frequencies and at the same time provides protection to the tweeter from sun and spray. Each speaker uses an elastomer surround that prevents color fading which increases the life time and functional performance of the speakers. The Acrylonitrile-Elastomer Styrene (AES) Glass Fiber Reinforced Basket/Magnet cover provides protection to the magnetic circuit that can greatly affect the performance of the speaker.

The speakers also provides pure white grilles to prevent corrosion and yellowing caused directly by the effect of heat and sunlight. It has sensitivity level of 92 dB and can handle peak power up to 200 watts. The RMS power that it can handle is of 40 watts. Its frequency response range varies from 25 Hz to 30 KHz. Thus, the Pioneer TS-MR2040 Marine 8-Inch 200-Watt Coaxial Speakers meets the expectations of customers and exceeds the industry standards proving to be one of the well known speakers in the market.

Another option that is designed to thrive in the water is the Kicker KM8 8-Inch speakers. This pair is ASTM-certified. Which only means the speakers are protected from the elements so they can last longer.

The built-in grilles (with a whopping 7-color LED system) are corrosion-free and are resistant to the harsh rays of the sun. Both the polymer basket and mounting hardware are rust-resistant thanks to the stainless-steel material they boast. The motor structure is sealed, as is the terminal cover.

You know what that means? You can mount your speakers anywhere, whether it’s on the mast or in the boat’s cabin, without having to worry about the harshness of the outside elements. Just the way you like it!

When it comes to performance, the Kicker KM8 8-Inch speakers are sure to please. Each speaker runs comfortably with 150 watts of continuous power. Plus, you get 300-wattage peak power handling. You can blast music (over the engine noise and any cutting winds) with great clarity.

The frequency response covers a broad spectrum: 30 to 21000 hertz. The 92-decibel sensitivity ensures a terrific power-to-volume conversion. And the impedance (or electrical resistance) sits at 4 ohms.

Among other things, you get a Santoprene-Surround woofer — which is also resistant to the sun’s heat — and an inch of Titanium Tweeter.

These speakers weigh approximately 10 pounds. You can get yourself a pair for $100 to $200. While the Kicker KM8 8-Inch speakers are currently rated 5.0 out of 5 stars on Amazon, they don’t include a wireless remote, according to some users.

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