Best Headset for Working from Home: 10 Options by Professionals

best headset for working from home

best headset for working from home

Working from home is part of the new normal we’re all so familiar with now. So, it’s only logical to get the best possible equipment for our jobs. We need a smooth keyboard, an ergonomic chair, a heating pad for back pain relief, and the best headset for working from home.

With the right arsenal in place, remote workers can achieve their goals without sacrificing their mental and physical health. For instance, if your home is usually busy and noisy, you’d want to know about the best noise-canceling wireless headset for working from home.

Once you make your choice, those video conferences and calls should go much easier. Let’s check out the top options for making you more productive at home.

How to Pick the Best Headset for Working from Home

When you’re looking around for the best headset for working from home, take a moment to reflect. You probably have your own unique preferences and requirements for the perfect headset. So, think about those first. Here are some features to consider according to priority.

Assess the comfort level

You’d probably be using that headset for several hours at a stretch. If so, be sure to check out the headphone cushions, fitting adjustability, and just the general comfort of any headset model.

Do you wear glasses while working? In that case, the best headset for working from home will be the one that fits well even with the frame on your face.

Check the quality of the microphone

Even if you have a relatively quiet home, there are probably noises coming from the street, the neighboring houses, or a nearby airport. The best headset for working from home usually has some level of noise-canceling or noise-reducing features.

Consider the sound clarity

So, you’ve blocked out the outside noise; now you have to ensure that you can hear your coworkers, boss, or clients. The measurement of any headset will tell you how powerful its speakers are. But you should check the reviews just to be on the safe side.

Some headsets might also have surround sound as an option. However, keep in mind that this feature might require you to download some software.

Know the compatibility level

The best headset for working from home should work with your hardware. Some models might work with PCs but not Macs or certain gaming consoles.

Inquire about other features

The headset you desire might offer wireless connectivity, in-line controls, a foldable design, or a trusted brand name. You can pick and choose at this point, deciding which feature is a must for your remote work needs.

Hunting for the Best Headset for Working from Home: Some Great Options

The search for the best headset for your work needs might be challenging. So, here’s a selection of the top options available now.

1. Anker Soundcore


Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones,...

If you’re looking for headphones that go over the ear and are wireless to boot, the Anker Soundcore set is one of your best options. This model has 40 hours of playtime, hi-resolution audio, memory foam ear cups for comfort, and deep bass sound that’s perfect for both work calls and recreational audio.

You can get this set in both silver and black, whatever you think is best for your aesthetic. There are no less than four built-in ANC microphones here, along with an algorithm for digital active noise cancellation.

This algorithm is powerful enough to detect most of the common noises that plague us when we work from home, like the engines of airplanes and cars. It will then work to cancel out those noises so that we can get on with our job in peace. Once you factor in the comfort from the memory foam ear cups molding around the ears, this might be your best headset for working from home.

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones,...
  • Incredible Sound Loved by 20 Million+ People
  • Hi-Res Audio: Custom oversized 40 mm dynamic drivers produce Hi-Res sound. Life Q20 active noise canceling headphones...
  • Reduce Ambient Noises By Up to 90%: Our team of engineers conducted more than 100,000 tests in real-life scenarios to...



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COWIN E7 is another over-ear, wireless headset option, with a decent 30 hours of playtime when fully charged. The earpads are comfy. Plus, you can choose the set in a variety of colors. The available shades include black, blue, green, purple, and many more.

There’s also active noise canceling technology in this offering which provides a significant amount of noise reduction. Remote workers might not always be working from home; they might find it better to work in a library, a cafe, or even the park. No matter what spot you choose, the COWIN E7 headphones are sure to have your back.

If you’re asking what is the best-noise canceling wired headset for working from home, this particular model might be it. You have the option of wiring this setup and using it that way.

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3. Bose

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 — Over Ear, Wireless Bluetooth...

Bose is a well-known name when it comes to quality headphones. So, their Noise Canceling Headphones are a tempting option. They offer better sound, noise cancellation quality, and call sound as compared to their predecessors. The difference might not be much at first glance but the set is still a great all-rounder when it comes to audio performance.

After fully charging these headphones, you can expect up to 20 hours of easy playtime. You can also get a UC version that pre-pairs with PCs.

Overall, these noise-canceling headphones contain a decent amount of advanced technology. You’d feel like the room was silent, with loud noises muffled enough to help workers maintain a professional environment. Fortunately, the muffling isn’t complete enough to make you completely unaware of your surroundings.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 — Over Ear, Wireless Bluetooth...
  • Powerful noise cancelling headphones: 11 levels of active noise cancelling let you enjoy music, podcasts, videos & calls...
  • Astonishing sound crisp, clear details. Deep, full bass. These wireless headphones produce exciting, lifelike sound...
  • Unrivaled voice pickup: A revolutionary microphone system adapts to noisy and windy environments so your voice always...



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VANKO hybrid noise-canceling headphones give us hi-fi sound, 30 playtime hours, deep bass sound, a CVC 8.0 Mic, and an over-ear design. The latter means that you can wear the headphone over your ears instead of under them. That way, they won’t be tiring out your ears so easily.

There is also a personalized optimizing option here, which allows you to adjust the headset to your glasses, hair shape, and head size. The sound with deep bass provides a lovely, authentic experience. At the same time, dual large-aperture drivers measure 40mm each.

The OSB-C Turbo Charging makes for quick charging. This means that just ten minutes of quick charging can get a whole two hours of use from this set. Finally, the foldable design and carrying bag for the memory-protein earpads help to distribute the pressure and maintain ear pad contact to get a sturdy fit. The carrying bag will easily hold it all when you’re on the go.

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5. PeohZarr

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The PeohZarr headphones come equipped with a handy microphone, an over-ear design, and sound sharing functions. They’re one of the best wired headsets you can find in the market today with a 3.5mm tangle-free cord. The headset itself is foldable. Therefore, you can easily transport them to your workplace when you’re not working from home.

The audio here has premium quality with a well-balanced and powerful sound. There are 40mm drivers that are capable of impressive sound output. At the same time, the sharing functions enable you to connect to other headphones while these are in use.

Such a function is ideal for many remote workers as they can watch presentations, videos, and other forms of media with their team members. This will make it easy to collaborate and discuss when working on a project as a group.

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6. Mpow

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Mpow over-ear wireless headphones can also be used as a wired option. They’re comfortable, with Hi-Fi stereo and a design that’s perfect for use by kids and adults alike. The headphones will plug into a PC, a smartphone, a tablet, and most other devices you might need when working at home.

The Mpow headphones come with professional 40mm drivers for amazing sound clarity. When fully charged, you can get around 18 hours’ worth of use from this headset. Even when the battery threatens to run out, you can simply switch to the wired mode and continue with your work.

The easy control setup here is especially attractive. It comprises three buttons to help you navigate your playlist, audio books, radio, and calls. The Bluetooth will quickly connect wherever required. That way, the user can operate their call and video call functions right from the headphones without having to pull up a menu on a screen.

We especially like the carrying bag that comes in this package. With the ergonomic design, this option promises to be convenient, portable, and powerful enough to be the best headset for working from home.

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7. PowerLocus

PowerLocus Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones, Wireless Stereo Foldable...

PowerLocus wireless stereo headphones have a foldable over-ear design. There’s also a decent Bluetooth function, with an inbuilt mic, FM option, and Micro SD/TF.

The color options are quite interesting as we have a combination of black with many classic colors including yellow, red, blue, and green. There are some unique choices available as well such as violet, white, and rose gold.

Coming back to performance, these stereo headphones come with unique software plus advanced noise reduction technology. The combination serves to take your listening experience to another level. You can get deep bass along with Dynamic Power Sound even when you increase the volume.

The comfort level here is impressive as the headphones are foldable as well as stretchable. No matter what the size and shape of your head is, this option is sure to provide a comfy fit. The material is also smooth and sturdy when touched. That will give an overall positive experience.

PowerLocus Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones, Wireless Stereo Foldable...
  • AMAZING SOUND QUALITY: High Definition Stereo Headphones, specially developed software and noise reduction technology...
  • GREAT COMFORT FOR ALL AGES: The over-ear headphones are foldable and stretchable, so they can fit perfectly almost any...
  • CONNECT QUICKLY via Bluetooth 5.0: We made the bluetooth over ear headphones super easy to use. Just slide the on/off...


8. Yexatel

USB Headset for Microsoft Teams, Zoom Meeting Headset with Noise...

Yexatel is a great USB design that might be your best headset for working from home. It’s suitable for Zoom meetings, video conferencing on all platforms, and team meetings in general. You can also use it as a dictation headset if that’s a job requirement. The mic here comes with a muting option and volume control buttons.

The design of this headset includes large earmuffs and padded headbands. The technology inside can give you a nice noise-canceling experience. If you’re working from home, this headset will serve to block out noise from the television, the kids, pets, ceiling fans, and so on. You can also be assured of clear communication when you’re in your virtual meetings.

All in all, this is a headset model that’s designed to create a professional work environment at home. You can get a lot more done with these features. The acoustic shock protection will also serve to protect your ears.

USB Headset for Microsoft Teams, Zoom Meeting Headset with Noise...
  • WORK FROM HOME HEADSET WITH MICROPHONE NOISE CANCELLING: Yexatel PC Headphones are life saver when Work from Home. With...
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EBODA USB Headset Computer Headphone with Microphone Noise Cancelling,...

EBODA are the wired PC headphones that have all the bases covered. They’re lightweight, noise-canceling, comfortable, and work well with most devices. You’ll get a natural, clear listening experience with this option.

What’s more, the technology in this headset will also protect your hearing. When you have headphones on, a sudden sound from the inside can cause damage or trauma to your ears. That’s why the anti-acoustic shock technology is valuable for those who have to work with headphones for a long time.

You also get a rotatable boom mic here which ensures optimal noise-canceling and accurate positioning. You’d be pretty comfortable with the soft protein ear cushion made from leatherette even when your job requires long calls. Customer service, help desks, telesales, and customer care employees will be on the lookout for such features in their best headset for working from home.

EBODA USB Headset Computer Headphone with Microphone Noise Cancelling,...
  • ★【High Quality Chat Headset】This USB headset with noise cancelling microphone has HD audio sound to ensure easy...
  • ★【Comfort is King】SUPER COMFORTABLE Skype headset with plush soft protein leatherette ear cushion, user-friendly...
  • ★【Ultra Durable Headphone】Precision design, quality ABS material, uni-body headband construction, flexible mic...


10. Infurture

USB Headset with Microphone, INFURTURE Noise Cancelling Computer...

Infurture headphones are lightweight, wired, and equipped with a 3.5 mm cable as well as a USB option. The overall weight is around 158 grams, which isn’t much even if you’re wearing the headset all day long. The leather is protein-like while the earmuffs sit on your ears and protect them in every way.

If you want a versatile and compatible headset no matter what you’re working on, this Infurture choice is among the best ones available. The calling experience is great while there’s even a windproof cover for the microphone. It’s those little details that make this a must for your shortlisted options when it’s about choosing the best headset for working from home.

USB Headset with Microphone, INFURTURE Noise Cancelling Computer...
  • Lightweight: This computer headset weighs about 158g, with on-ear earmuffs design, and protein-like leather, making it...
  • Two connection methods: This PC headset supports 3.5MM and USB modes, and is widely compatible with different devices....
  • Noise reduction microphone: This computer headset uses a noise reduction microphone with a built-in chip to process the...


The Headset That Will Help You Fall in Love With Remote Working

So, which of the above will be the best headset for your remote working needs? While all of them will cater to different job needs, we’re leaning towards the Bose Headphones for sheer quality and sound clarity. However, the perfect option will be different from person to person. Make a list of all you need from your headset and take your time while choosing. You might even be able to select a cool color combination while prioritizing performance above all.

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