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Music mixing is an art and to completely captivate the truest essence of your tunes and sounds, and to do so, you need the right pair of mixing headphones. Not any random pair of headphones will do. We have observed the headphone market become populated with famous brands and the celebrities promoting these products claiming these products to be ‘professional’ or any other word or adjective you can think of that will get the person to buy that product.

Those audiophiles who are completely and truly into music-related equipment are well aware that sound quality, overall design, portability, and other additional features are of the utmost importance when picking the best headphones.

Selecting a pair of headphones for music mixing is likely a more personal decision as compared to opting for a pair of studio monitors. You need to consider ergonomics, the quality of sound, and even the overall appearance of the product.  The best mixing headphones are also often some of the best headphones overall, whether you’re a casual music listener, a gamer, or a movie buff.

The best mixing headphones are also often some of the best headphones overall, whether you’re a casual music listener, a gamer, or a movie buff. What Are The Best Mixing Headphones?

The term when dealing specifically with mastering and mixing is “full sound accuracy”. That is the most important thing that you need in a pair of headphones and you should always keep it as a bottom line:

Open-Back Cans

Open back lets the sound to leave or escape the headphones and fill in the available space around you. What it actually does is that when mixing is in process it prevents the buildup of sound, which usually occurs in lower frequencies of sound. To assure that you have a concise, clear, and accurate sound, you need to ensure to have the least amount of buildup as possible.

Flat Frequency Response

Find a pair of cans with as flat of a frequency response as possible: Now this factor assure that your mixes translate across different multiple playback systems. For instance, many headphones are designed for specific genres of music, for specific reasons, and specific people. Some of them are for rich and hi-fi listening and thus while cutting the treble provides a prominent bump in the bass. While this may sound engaging and fun, it can cause some problems when mixing and mastering as the frequency response produced by headphones can distort or twist your idea of the frequency response of your mix. In simple words, look for a pair of cans that do not produce any result on your own then play back exactly what you are mixing or producing.

Protect Your Ears

When wearing and using headphones, realize that because the drivers are located just next to your ears, there is a greater risk of damaging your hearing skills than there would while using studio monitors. Because wearing headphones continuously can turn out to be rather immersive and mixing is often a time taken process, it is necessary to take periodic breaks to prevent hearing damage. Keep considering track of the amount of time spent mixing and SPL level, so you do not accidentally affect your hearing.

Noise Isolation

Headphones that provide good noise isolation are amazing for checking out the mixes you produced at the FOH station or monitor mixing station. Onstage, in-ear monitors provide performers a perfect and clear picture of what their fellow performers and they are doing.

Thus, mixing headphones provide a better way of producing and mastering sound. It has advantages that you cannot ignore such as:

  • It provides you with the freedom to work in silence.
  • Freedom of Location.
  • Privacy
  • Greater attention to details.

Mixing headphones are ideal for DJs, electronic music producers, and studio recording – anyone who wants to impress the audience by producing new and unique mixes.

1. Sennheiser HD 800 Review

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​Over 60 years of insightful headphone engineering has been experimented with and applied on Sennheiser HD 800 Over-Ear Circum-Aural Dynamic Headphone. Incorporating Sennheiser’s most popular driver technology, these around the ear, open and dynamic stereo headphones re-describe what reference-grade audio is all about. These headphones do an excellent job as far as a recreation of the acoustic experience goes.

The purpose behind Sennheiser HD 800 Over-Ear Circum-Aural Dynamic Headphone is to produce a sound that is as natural as possible and true to every detail. Once you experience these great headphones, you will realize just how well they have achieved that. It has the following features:

  • Reference class wired stereo headphones.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Luxurious, plush ear and headband padding.
  • Inner damping element with a metal headband.
  • Provides you with a natural hearing experience.
  • Open ear cups provide a clear and transparent sound while showcasing industrial design.

The Sennheiser HD 800 Over-Ear Circum-Aural Dynamic Headphone is specially hand-designed in Germany with only the finest of materials. Thus, these are some of the best speakers out there that you will ever come across. And the sound quality it provides is phenomenal.

2. AKG K 701 Review

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​For over 15 years, The AKG’s K1000 series the world of audiophiles. Now, they pass the cape of perfectly accurate acoustic sound reproduction to the innovative K701– the very first headphone to incorporate AKG’s patented Varimotion technology along with cutting edge flat-wire voice coil technology. The prominent features of AKG K 701 Studio Reference Headphones – Open are:

  • Adjustable leather headband.
  • Frequency response varying from 10 Hz to 39.8 kHz.
  • The maximum input power of 200 mW.
  • The impedance of 62 ohms.
  • Replaceable earpads for extended product life.
  • The diaphragm of two layers.
  • Flat wire voice coil tech.3.5 mm gold plated connector.
  • Comes with a 6.3 mm adapter.
  • m cable.
  • Free 2 year product warranty.
  • Astonishing resolution and music detail from close tolerance aluminum coil.
  • Comfortable fit and lightweight.
  • Durably well-built construction.

These are pretty comfortable. The earpads are plushy soft and cover your entire ear. The headband is a nice and adjustable leather make which gives it an all-around positive wearing and carrying experience. Thus, this is one good product available in the market.

3. Beyerdynamic DT-990-Pro-250 Review

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​It is another high-quality product introduced by Beyerdynamic into the market. Beyerdynamic is one of the trusted companies based in Germany, assuring that it is a product of high-quality. Beyerdynamic DT-990-Pro-250 Professional Acoustically Open Headphones are right for most audiophile applications and by demanding professionals.

It has a diffuse and open fielded headphone that includes a cable that is uniquely single coiled. Its drivers are at 250 ohms that help in producing excellent quality sound. Usually, expert-level headphones are quite right and it’s hard to wear them for a long period of time. However, this is not true for every product. This set of headphones have an adjustable headband along with luxurious and plushy ear pads. They are designed specially to fit the user’s ears. Its list of features includes:

  • Designed to be durable.
  • Good for long periods of use with sliding ear pads. The drivers that come equipped with it are of 250 ohms.
  • Bass and treble are perfectly mixed for the best sound quality.
  • Most of the parts are replaceable.
  • The headphone diaphragm is lightweight for an excellent performance.
  • Padded headbands for added comfort.

4. Sennheiser HD 8 Review

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​Take over the club and become the center of attraction with Sennheiser HD 8 DJ Headphones– one of the most suited headphones for DJs. It is designed for the pro environments and demanding professionals and deliver an excellent sound generation, specifically focusing on the rhythm and matching the beats which professional need.

The durable, soft ear cushions assure a comfortable and easy fit even after hours and hours of use and reduce background noise so that nothing comes between you and music. Also, its iconic ring made of metal allows the user to move to swivel up to 210º for convenient one-ear monitoring. The main features of its includes:

Two-year warranty.

  • Comes with a protective case.
  • Designed from high quality, durable metal parts to guarantee long-lasting use.
  • Capable of very high, loud SPL that is quite suitable for loud environments.
  • Swiveling ear cups that allow three wearing positions.
  • The impedance of 95 ohms for ideal compatibility with DJ equipment.
  • A single-sided coiled cable can be attached to either side of the cup.
  • A straight cable of length up to 3m.

Thus, it is a very good choice for people who are quite pro at their jobs.

5. M-Audio HDH-50 Review

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​M-Audio HDH-50 High Definition Professional Studio Monitor Headphone was developed for the professionals and engineers who long for fatigue-free listening and desires maximum possible comfort during long recordings, listening sessions, and mixing. Its closed-back design is perfect for those long and tedious hours spent in the recording studios or clubs and helps eliminate audio signal bleed to neighboring microphones for crystal clear tracking.

Overstuffed, plushy padding on the ear covers and soft headband provide comfort during demanding mixing and mastering sessions, and also the ear cups completely cover the ears for total sound isolation. With an expansive frequency range of 12 Hz to 24 kHz, there is more than enough frequency range available for mixing, creating, or monitoring any sound project. Also, M-Audio HDH-50 High Definition Professional Studio Monitor Headphones create an exact stage wide stereo image for accurate mixing and instrument placement.

Expertly optimized and tuned for audio clarity, these headphones have powerful 50 mm drivers, made of neodymium, for full-range frequency response for music listening and production, the M-Audio HDH-50 High Definition Professional Studio Monitor Headphones deliver high fidelity sound.

6. Sennheiser HD 6 Mix Review

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​Designed to meet the needs of professionals and audiophiles, the Sennheiser HD 6 Mix DJ Headphones are made of lightweight, rugged parts and built to serve for a long period of time in studios. In terms of sound quality, they deliver a balanced, accurate sound generation that is suitable for monitoring and mixing.

Their durable, soft ear tips assure a comfortable fit even over long periods of use while at the same instant eliminating the background noise so that you can solely concentrate on producing a perfect mix. These headphones feel really comfortable when adjusted properly, using the headband and removable ear cushions.

It has an impedance of 150 ohms that is quite right and optimal for use with most of the production and mixing equipment. The headphones have a mostly plastic design but they are durable enough to withstand normal studio use. The Sennheiser HD 6 Mix DJ Headphones comes along with two different cables, two ear cushions, and a hard-cover case to protect itPros:

  • High-quality straight cable and coiled cable included.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Lightweight and comfortable for extended studio mixing sessions.
  • Soft and synthetic ear pads.

7. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Monitor Headphones Review

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Audio-Technica’s popular line of monitor headphones is designed with over 40 years of engineering knowledge to meet all of your monitoring and mixing needs. Of these headphones, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Monitor Headphones are some of the best. With durable construction and replaceable parts, these headphones are a hit among professional mix artists and audiophiles alike.

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Monitor Headphones feature a frequency range from 15 to 28,000 Hz, so even the deepest bass and highest pitch will come out clear. These headphones also offer 99 dB of sensitivity. Its exterior design includes a detachable cable and soft, comfortable ear cushions with 90-degree rotation for one-ear monitoring.

These monitor headphones utilize 45 mm drivers and wire voice coils made with copper-clad aluminum. With the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Monitor Headphones’ contoured ear cups, you can create or review music anywhere you like.

8. Samson SR850 Review 

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​Get full range, clear and personal monitoring with a pair of Samson SR850 Professional Studio Reference Headphones. These headphones feature many of the characteristics found on products costing more than twice as much. The Samson SR850 Professional Studio Reference Headphones provide you rich and deep bass and a clear high along with a frequency response that extends beyond the human hearing range.

Their open ear design gives the critical stereo imaging and realistic low-end diffusion you need to go into the depths or details of the music. The 50 mm drivers feature great sound reproduction and dynamic range that is wide to infuse confidence in your mix or simply provide incredible sound quality to enhance the pleasure of your general listening.

With plushy ear covers and self-adjusting headbands, they provide mere comfort for long and extended sessions at the studio. Also, it includes a gold plated adapter. Whether you want to experience the simpler details of your favorite music or looking for a headphone that is affordable and provides critical listening, the Samson SR850 Professional Studio Reference Headphones is the best choice for you in the market.

9. Shure SRH440 Review

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​The Shure SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones from the brand Shure features comfort and exceptional sound production. Optimized for studio and home recording, the Shure SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones reproduce exact audio across a wide range. Sensitivity, power handling, and impedance are all fine-tuned for professional sound equipment such as DJ mixers, headphones amplifier,s and mixing consoles.

The headphone has a mid-sized closed ears design with full-size sealed ear cushions to deliver amazing isolation in recording audio or mobile listening. The Shure engineered drivers of 40 mm provide focused audio reproduction across the entire frequency range with an articulate, clean, and rightly balanced musical presentation. The nicely even-toned yet highly dynamic signature serves well to the listeners of all stripes looking for top sealed headphone audio performance. It also comes along with a 2-year warranty service.

The Shure SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones provide an assured fabulous return on your headphone investment. Try out this and you will definitely end up saying–Holy smokes! what an affordable and splendid headphone it is. It is a killer deal for very impressive headphones that can produce rich, clear sound, and deep bass to enhance your music listening experience.

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