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Music is to the soul just as words are to the mind – But music has a wide range, and each kind of music requires its own set of equipment and settings to enjoy it to the fullest. One such instance is for DJ music, which includes the sensational rise of electronic music; more specifically dubstep and other electronic genres like techno, hardstyle, electro, drum and bass, and even Daft Punk (they are often referred to as their own genre) by many audiophiles.

We went ahead and rated all our top headphones, and then placed them in an easy-to-read guide of the best DJ headphones. Each of these products has been selected based on numerous criteria that relates specifically to disc jockeys.

You will thank us later.

Our Top 5

A DJ Has Specific Needs

Headphones must be comfortable enough to be worn for hours at a time. They should provide you with high-quality sound, and provide an accurate representation of the sounds being played. This is all a music lover wants, isn’t it?

Well, like studio headphones, this is not always the case when DJing. DJs have other specific needs when it comes to selecting a headphone. There are different characteristics that must be kept in mind when you are shopping for your next pair of headphones. A good DJ headphone should:

Let the person use them on one ear only: The common way to wear DJ headphones, is to listen the incoming track in one ear, and monitor speakers in the other, letting the DJ to match the beat manually with complete accuracy. Go for the headphones that twist or move out of the way so that they can rest comfortably on one ear. This hinge is one feature that makes the best DJ headphones stand apart from the rest.

Be comfortable around your neck as well as on your head: DJ’s don’t usually opt to wear the headphones on their head all the time. They may use them to line up the track, and then whisk them off their heads, wearing them around their necks for an equally long amount time. If your newly acquired headphones scrape or irritate your neck, you will not be happy.

Be portable: Does the pair of headphones come with a decent hand carry bag? Do they fold? In one direction or two? Headphones are an unusual shape, and those that can be folded and stored away quickly and conveniently are ideal for the space-sensitive DJ.

Why DJ Headphones are Different Than Ordinary Headphones?

Sound Quality: DJ headphones are particularly designed to meet the special needs of Disc Jockeys, so they can provide their audience with the best sound quality, as compared to the other average headphones. According to a survey, the most important feature of DJ headphones is the sound quality, because a DJ needs to be able to hear clear and audible sounds in order to create new mix tracks.

Comfort: Comfort is one of the essential features of DJ headphones, because DJ’s tend to wear them for long hours at parties and events. They also need to be the right size and shape for that individual person.

Style: One of the most prominent differences in the design of DJ headphones is they are generally full size, or circumaural headphones, which completely cover the ears. DJ headphones tend to also have a closed cup design, which helps them monitor the music in noisy and loud environments. At times, DJ’s may also gravitate towards using their headphones in one ear only – helping them connect with the crowd and focus on what comes out of the speakers.

DJ headphones take a great deal of responsibility in helping professional DJ’s properly mix and cue tracks. Cueing is basically deciding where to start the new track from – the order is also considered. It is not necessary that all of the songs start from the beginning. Some sound tracks may have interesting instrumentals or beats the DJ may feel good about throwing in to the mix, so they may cue the track at that point. One of the most important tasks for a DJ is the mixing of two or more songs together, along with the selection of songs, all while simultaneously analyzing the crowd for their wants and needs. In order to mix two songs perfectly, they need to be at the same tempo, and their beats must fall simultaneously. The artful transition among the songs in the set is the art of DJing.

1. BeoPlay H6 Headphones Review

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The BeoPlay H6 headphones are one of a kind, crafted in light-weight aluminum and lambskin leather. They are ergonomic, adjustable and quite comfortable enough to be worn all day long.

One of the most talked about features of the BeoPlay H6 headphones is its unique look. The headband is discreet and sleek. Choose the right color, and you have yourself some of the best looking DJ headphones money can buy. These headphones have a subtle, yet strong grip on your head, which ensures maximum comfort while resting on your head. Another design feature is its removable cable, allowing easy replacement if damaged. You are provided with a 3 button in-line remote, for easy control. Also it provides an extra 3.5 mm port on an ear cup that enables you to plug-in another pair of headphones allow you to share your music with another person.

The BeoPlay H6 headphones are full sized, over ear headphones, which completely cover your ears with big, soft, and round ear pads. Overall, they feel very nice when worn and sound great on top of everything else.

2. Monster NCredible NPulse Over-Ear DJ Headphones Review

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The Monster Over-Ear DJ headphones provide an ear cups swivel up design. They promise to provide extravaganza sound quality and performance and also ensure a tangle free cable.

With DJ style swiveling, and pure monster sound, these Monster Over-Ear DJ Headphones makes it easy for you to monitor your next set of tunes. The headphones blocks ambient noise for an immersive sound experience, providing you with complete noise isolation. It also features ControlTalk Universal in-line audio controls, which makes it very easy to manage your music or calls. The standard 3.5 mm connector allows you to connect to multiple devices with a headphone jack.

The ear cups are made up of plush memory foam, which allows for ample room inside around the ear cups – this design allows for your ears to breathe, and prevent any buildup of sweat. Monster allows you to replace your earcups if they are ever damaged or you wont to go for some aftermarket products – a nice touch. The NCredible NPulse’s are pretty light-weight, and have padding on the inside of the headband, which eliminates pressure off the head. Additionally, this foamy layer is advantageous for those that want to wear them around the neck.

3. Sennheiser HD 8 Review

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The Sennheiser HD 8 headphones provide large matte black cups, with soft leather, covering the entire portion that rests around the ear. The headband portion of the headphone is sleek and thin, with a silver lining over it. They are a very flat profile headphones that can easily be slid away in to a bag if need be.

The Sennheiser HD 8 headphones provide very good sound quality. The 40mm drivers results in the delivery of powerful, yet well balanced sound.

The glass fiber reinforced polymer used in the design construction of these headphones makes them quite light-weight, while remaining durable enough for extended use. The cable length is pretty good – above average. We also never found them to tangle, even with movement.

The leather ear cups of the Sennheiser DJ headphones provide pure comfort; rather than compressing the helix it covers the entire ears. Overall, these are some great DJ headphones – they are comfortable, they sound excellent, and hey, they even look cool!


  • High comfort level
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Twisting and swiveling cups
  • Minimalistic design

4. Pioneer Hi-Res Professional DJ Headphones Review

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The Pioneer HDJ-1500-S headphones deliver amazing sound reproduction, in a stylish product, that is comfortable on the ears. Providing unbeatable audio performance, these headphones makes use of the high quality components, huge drivers, quality construction and a technology that isolates sound to achieve tremendous performance in the desired environments.

The incorporation of high quality components in the Pioneer HDJ-1500-S Professional DJ headphones promises to deliver well balanced sound, across the entire spectrum of frequency. Its design greatly focuses on reducing the background noises.

The Pioneer HDJ-1500-S Professional DJ headphones epitomize the feel and look of professional headphones, which are designed with soft leather and large ear cups, that not only feel comfortable and look sleek, but also enhances the DJ performance. The rotating headband and flexible hinges are comprised of rugged, yet feather-weighted magnesium alloy, resulting in the ability to withstand the effects of extended casual or professional use. The Pioneer HDJ-1500’s provides those with a number of characteristics a DJ needs in their headphones.

5. Beats 3 On-Ear Headphone Review

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The Beats 3 On-Ear Headphone claim to be one of the “loudest and lightest headphones ever”, and are specially designed for DJs. Powerful sound, rotating ear cups, and  incredible durability makes it stand out from its counterparts.

The Beats 3 On-Ear Headphone not only focuses on providing a good quality sound, but they are out to provide a sassy and prominent look as well. While other headphones, due to their “sticking out of head” design, makes it seem as if you are carrying an air traffic control tower on your head, these over-ear headphones make you feel as if you are some kind of model strolling along in a music video. The ear cups pivots at multiple points, enabling them to fit your head in a better way.

The main aim of these headphones, is to provide the kind of low end shakes and thrill that you would generally expect from a subwoofer. Hence providing the name to the product—Beats: kick drum beats, electronic dance beats.They provide a good width to the sound, and the treble and rich mids are quite pleasing to hear.

6. Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700MK2 Professional DJ Monitor Headphones Review

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Surround your senses with this technology and experience defined, and clear trebles, along with a rich bass response. The main features of Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700MK2 headphones includes removable cables, massive but controlled bass, and a solid build.

These headphones are designed specially to meet the needs of casual and professional DJ’s alike. The needs of a DJ in a pair of headphones revolves around high power handling, and high durability – these headphones excel in this respect. The folding band, swappable cable, and mobile ear cups provide these DJ headphones with great repair and flexibility options.

These headphones provide a great deal of services, no matter if you are a Pro DJ or belong to the group of people who just really love club music or are bass lovers.

7. Shure SRH750DJ Professional Quality DJ Headphones Review

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These headphones provide an increased frequency response, in order to deliver extended highs with a direct-hit bass. They have a collapsible design for convenient storage in the included carrying bag.

They are specialized to handle the DJ equipment’s high voltage power output. The frequency response of these headphones are automated to generate more extended highs and deliver high output, hard-hitting base. The headphones’ circumaural design, is layered with leather – soft to the touch. Noise isolation is excellent as well.

The cable is long enough to allow freedom of movement, freeing you from the worry that you might accidentally snag the cord or become tangled on stage. The cable is connected to the left ear cup, feels perfectly balanced.

These headphones provide a frequency range of 5Hz to 30 KHz, which maximizes the input power that averages 3000mW. This proves to be quite helpful while maintaining the high voltage from the mixers. Its sensitivity level stands at 160dB, while the weight lies 8 oz (227 grams).

8. AKG K618DJ Premium DJ Headphones Review

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“Power, Clarity and Performance” is the motto of the AKG K618DJ headphones. Its efficient design includes a conveniently single sided cable. They also have the AKG signature sound, which is quite robust. Whether DJing is a profession, or a passion, these headphones provide you with the features you are looking for.

The AKG K618DJ headphones provide tremendous performance, and clarity even at low listening levels, whether you’re into dubstep or classic techno. They provide a frequency range of 16Hz to 24 KHz, along with a high SPL capability for strong and powerful sound. The circumaural ear cups prevent your music from being exposed to the outside world.

These headphones are quite flexible and light weight, are prove to be comfy during long sessions of extended use. These headphones are designed with circumaural ear cups, and disperse the pressure effect around the ears.

The headphones’ 3D Axis ear cup folding allows for easy transportation. Along with the single sided cable cord that helps the user avoid tangling, the cable material prevents excessive double knots – no heavy headsets and no headache.

9. Behringer Hpx6000 Headphones Review

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This product provides maximum output without compromising on the quality of sound. It presents a different folding style with moving ear cups, and a padded shoulder rest, that allows for comfortable DJ monitoring.

The Behringer headphones are designed while keeping mobile DJ and professional touring in mind. Two circumaural ear cups provide  a wide frequency range, high voltage power as an output, and a comfortable closed ear fit with twisting motion hinges, for single ear monitoring. They also provides an on-board mono/stereo switch.

Behringer Hpx6000 Swivel Cup’s are high-quality headphones, which come with a carry bag and allows for the rotation of the ear cups, for flexible positioning and storage. For the purpose of safe storage and portability, it also provides a 3m detachable coiled cord, and a 90 degree easy replacement connector.

Its swivel or rotating ear cup provides comfort at great length for DJ’s. Its closed ear cup design also provides the necessary isolation from external noise.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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