Best Bug Zapper: Which Zapper Should You Buy For Your Home?

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There are many types of insect control products available. Where do you start? The following information can help guide your decision:

  • How Will I Use my Bug Zapper?
  • How do the insects bug you?
  • Do you need to eliminate a pesky fly or will you hold a social gathering in your backyard?
  • Do you have a large lot or a small yard?
  • What type of power source is available where you want to control the insects?

The answers to these questions can point you to a good solution. We reviewed a variety of products that function in different ways. Electric rackets take out one-off flying bugs better than old-fashioned fly swatters. High voltage models kill large hornets and wasps. Traditional electric-powered light units control flying pests over various sized areas depending on the device power. Some products are solar-powered or act as insect-killing nightlights. One product even turns you into a bug hunter. You may have more fun than you expect.

Bug zapper manufactures build safeguards into their products. Protective cages or screens prevent children or careless adults from touching the electric element. There is no fire hazard from the 110-volt units. Users can place the unit in their house or yard according to product safety instructions. Position commercial grade devices away from people, but less powerful “patio” units are fine in closer proximities. Place devices away from food to avoid contamination from falling dead insects.

You can maximize device effectiveness by using the best bug zapper type for your needs. Hand-operated units control point-specific insect problems. Indoor bug lamps safely eliminate flying pests in specific rooms. The 110-volt models are effective based on their coverage range but are not selective in the type of insects they kill. Some studies show bug zappers kill larger numbers of beneficial insects than biting ones such as mosquitoes. Units with attractants improve the mosquito kill rate. You may consider this during your selection process and use your unit only when and where needed.

Most flying insects are attracted to blue light, so many bug zapper models use ultraviolet bulbs. Some devices incorporate attractants for increased effectiveness. Octenol-based cartridges pull in mosquitoes, while houseflies favor Pheromone. You may want to note what type of cartridge a particular model uses based on the type of insect troubling you. Manufacturers recommend you replace attractant cartridges every 30 days, and this will increase the overall cost of the device.

We reviewed 10 bug zappers​ ​that perform in different ways so you can match the best bug zapper to your specific need. General categories include hand-operated, electric and solar-powered units killing insects within ranges varying from a few feet to farm-sized areas. We highlighted power source considerations as they can play a role in your decision. We gathered data from manufacturers and user reviews.

Overall Price Range

These units are primarily for the home, but we included a larger device for commercial or farm use. The prices range from $12 – $285, with most costing under $40.

Top 10 Best Bug Zappers

The Zap It! Bug Zapper Racket replaces the lowly fly swatter with a fun device. Use your modified tennis swing to knock out insects in flight with 4,000 volts. The triple screen protects you from accidental shocks, and the indicator lights signal it is charged and ready. The manufacturer included a handy LED light to find the nocturnal pests flying around your deck or patio. The USB charging feature works well and lasts for days.

The PreciShock Bug Zapper lacks the triple screen design of the Zap It! Model, but that can be an advantage. You must be more careful with the open electrified grid wires, but it only operates when you press the button. It is easier to kill larger flying insects such as wasps and hornets with the single grid. Simply swipe the critter with the 3,000-volt device and watch it fall. Two AA batteries power the unit, so you do not need to recharge it frequently.

Are you interested in something completely different? The Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Fly Gun is in a class of its own. The unit works best against insects within a three-foot range. Simply cock the gun, release the safety, aim and fire. The shotgun style salt blast takes out the fly with your excellent shooting skills. You can even purchase an add-on laser adapter kit and easily hit anything illuminated by the red dot. The salt gun may not be as versatile as a zapper racket, but you will have fun using it. You may find yourself wishing you have more flies to hunt. Residual salt clean-up is required, but this is a small price to pay for this satisfying experience.

The Hoont Indoor/Outdoor Standing Insect Trap follows the more traditional 110-volt bug zapper design. The high-intensity ultraviolet bulb attracts flying insects, and the electrified element kills them. The plastic housing screen prevents inquisitive fingers from getting shocked. Expired insects collect in a bottom tray for easy removal and clean-up. The unit protects 600 square feet and is ideal for your next cookout on the patio or deck.

Do you need more bug-zapping range? The Flowtron BK-15D delivers one-half acre coverage. The manufacturer does not recommend locating this powerful unit within 25 feet of people, and it should not be attached to a deck, house, barn or similar structure. It incorporates a safe, Octenol-based insect attractant to pull in more mosquitoes. Replace the cartridge monthly for peak performance. Attractants increase the unit’s operating cost but give it the edge over other devices. Flowtron stands behind its product with a strong two-year warranty.

Your flying insect problems can follow you indoors. The Aspectek Upgraded 20 Watt Indoor Bug Zapper protects your indoor home life. Simply hang the unit or place it on the floor to wage war on flying bugs. You can purchase replacement bulbs to extend the life of the device. Consider putting one in your garage if you spend much time there.

Bug zapper models come in all shapes and sizes. The Serene Electronic Insect Killer looks like a combination of a light bulb and bug zapper. The handy unit screws into any standard light bulb socket and protects over 500 square feet. Unlucky bugs collect in a lower tray for periodic removal. It can be used either indoors or outside in available light sockets. The ultraviolet light attracts flying insects and zaps them on the protected electrified element. The model may be the best bug zapper for you if you have a string of 110-volt lights hanging over your entertainment area.

Have you been awakened at night by an annoying, buzzing mosquito? Worse yet, did it bite you? The GLOUE Bug Zapper Night Lamp can keep your dreams sweet. This compact unit plugs into any receptacle and acts as a night light while it protects you from biting insects. You will barely hear it when it does its work. The small size covers approximately 170 square feet so you may need more than one. You can easily clean the unit when needed.

How do you protect your garden walkways when you do not have a power outlet? Check out the Solario Solar Powered LED Zapper. The device has two settings to operate as a standard solar light or bug zapper. The number of sunlight hours determines how long the device runs each night. It typically operates while you are active in your yard and effectively controls flying insects into the night. You can take this unit anywhere such as on picnics, camping excursions and even fishing trips.

We reviewed models for home use, but what if you need something more powerful? The Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device protects up to two acres. It uses a Pheromone-based attractant to lure flies into the trap. The fly lure may be the best bug zapper solution for farms and stables, but the product also works on large residential lots. The manufacturer recommends you position it away from people due to its power and large coverage.

The best bug zapper is the one you choose to meet your specific needs. The Zap It! Bug Zapper Racket and PreciShock Bug Zapper Fly Swatter are great for general home use. You may prefer the Zap It! model’s USB charger or the PreciShock’s wasp and hornet-killing ability. The Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Fly Gun is pure fun when you embark on your bug stalking mission.

Consider the Hoont Indoor/Outdoor Trap or Flowtron BK-15D for your outdoor entertainment needs depending on the area you want to protect. The SereneLife Electronic Insect Killer Light Bulb offers a good solution in a convenient design. The GLOUE Bug Zapper Night Light is a specialized solution to protect your sleep each night. You cannot beat the versatility of the Solario Solar Powered LED Bug Zapper when no outlets are available. The Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device solves large-scale area protection needs.

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PreciShock Bug Zapper Racket, 3,000 Volt, AA BatteriesCoverage: Immediate areaIndoor/Outdoor: BothPower: 3,000 volts, AA batteries

Requires Ongoing Supplies: No

Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Fly GunCoverage: Immediate areaIndoor/Outdoor: BothPower: Salt blast

Requires Ongoing Supplies: Salt

Hoont Indoor / Outdoor Trap, 600 Square Feet CoverageCoverage: 600 square feetIndoor/Outdoor: OutdoorPower: 110 volt socket

Requires Ongoing Supplies: Replaceable bulb

Flowtron BK-15D Electric Insect Killer, Half-Acre CoverageCoverage: One-half acreIndoor/Outdoor: OutdoorPower: 110 volt socket

Requires Ongoing Supplies: Attractant cartridge — replace every 30 days

Aspectek Upgraded 20 Watt Indoor Bug ZapperCoverage: Indoor room areaIndoor/Outdoor: IndoorPower: 110 volt socket

Requires Ongoing Supplies: Replacement bulb

SereneLife Electronic Insect Killer, 110 Volt Light BulbCoverage: 500 square feetIndoor/Outdoor: OutdoorPower: 110 volt light socket

Requires Ongoing Supplies: No

GLOUE Bug Zapper Night LampCoverage: Indoor room areaIndoor/Outdoor: IndoorPower: 110 volt socket

Requires Ongoing Supplies: No

Solario Solar Powered Zapper, LEDCoverage: Immediate areaIndoor/Outdoor: OutdoorPower: Solar with 50,000 hour Nickel-cadmium battery

Requires Ongoing Supplies: No

Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control DeviceCoverage: Two acresIndoor/Outdoor: OutdoorPower: 110 volt socket

Requires Ongoing Supplies: Attractant cartridge — replace every 30 days

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